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  1. An interview back in 2009. Can see binnie had a good sense of humor. He and the reporter were so fun lol
  2. CLOY bts. Still cant get over it! Anyone is like me?
  3. An short clip of Confidential Assignment interview. The chemistry between yoohaejin and hyun bin is so funny
  4. Footages of hb in japan fan meeting 2009. He was playing baseball on the stage XD
  5. Hyun Bin new commercial film!! Love his sexy voice https://youtu.be/qgEzB9w0HJU
  6. See how well Binnie treats his fans. I am so proud to be one of his fans!!
  7. A hilarious interview footage of binnie. He is so cool and fun
  8. Hyun Bin really has a good voice. See how he recited a poem
  9. Wow the north korean comrafes F4 reunited in a latest photo shooting event and interview. Love them esp pyo chisoo. Eng sub!
  10. Latest shower head CF by Hyun Bin. Eng sub
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