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  1. Sorry with my bad English. Welcoming...Our lovely Queen of Troll...Yejinssi!!! sbs interview/the negotiations / 2018 Mc : what is your first impression to him? Bin : ( expectation....my acting, my personality) YJ : He has a smooth skin. The hair is also soft. That skin, that hair is too good for a man. It is really desired by a lot of actresses! Bin :...Hahahaha... Tvn ClOY interview, 2019 Bin : In particular, what aspect am i similar to Lee Jung Hyuk? YJ : ...org... Bin : What nickname would you give me? YJ : I dont w
  2. Sorry with my bad English. Congratulations to BinJin couple and Binjin shippers!!!! We got the newest BinJin rules which are really pretty!!!! Haha, Horray!! No need to apologize when we fall in love. I really admire the maturity of their relationship. In Korea entertainment, dating is called a scandal, so when artists announce their relationship they always apologize to fans. And...we got Yejin said it sincerely.. " Yes, that's how it turned out. I am thankful to have been able to meet a good person. I'll work hard to tend the relationship with
  3. It's me again!!! hahaha Sorry with my bad english. Just want to say, " just ignore the antis" If they make trouble, remember they ever acted the dumbest, hating Yejin just because...Sunflower!!! A telecomunications company (2.628 km from Korea), gave Yejin a project name Sunflower, and they hate Yejin so much bec of that, make a fan war everywhere, Bcs according to them, sunflower only belonged to their bias. God created sunflowers for 7.8 billion people and they were against it!!! and top of that there is Son Yejin name?? noooooo, in their dictionary, tha
  4. Is there anyone here who denies that Bin finished school? no one seems to think that here. If someone provides more correct information about something with a solid basic, for example, about the year etc, wouldn't it be great to be thankful for being better informed? Isn't such things more beautiful than arguing over and over? so...HappY shipping Binjin shippers!!! sorry with my bad English. muuaaahh
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