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  1. This is bad. I am waiting for my Skype call meeting to start and yet I am alternating between this thread and the shipper's thread. I am better multi task well.. Lol
  2. You ladies are insane. Let's hope somehow.. Some magical thingy happens and the drama is extended for another 4 episodes or something. Really makes my day when I read or try to keep up with the 10 pages that I missed out while working or eating. Next week preview shows LG sending JTE back to ROK and him staying.. Hopefully in the same room as she is. JTE saying something like she could have found LL bamboo forest, which I think it's a code for the portal. But I also think next week episodes will be full of tears cos that episode will sets LG off to time travel in order to save his younger self and perhaps change history. I love how you ladies are.
  3. In one of the stills, did LG send JTE back to ROK after all that had happened. No doubt JTE would insist to go back.. Cos the scene looks like the front of her house and the front of The Alley
  4. He declared it. He said it. Protect her! She is the future Queen of Kingdom of Corea. And boy can she fight And Gravity is like their song. I just love it
  5. My question and I am sure yours too... How the hell did JTE get to KoC. Did LL kidnap her... Or was she trick... And maybe there was a big war between LG & LL that's why the scene.. And is this the current time line or previous time line or parallel timeline
  6. I'm thinking, maybe he was so close to losing her (the preview we saw at the end of Ep10) that he decided to wear the navy uniform and cook her a meal (Ep09 where she asked if he ever cooked for PM in his navy uniform). Since he very nearly lost her her, he decided to propose to her in his navy uniform (Ep06 where he said Royal wore their uniform to war when they know they will win) My 2 cents worth... Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic who wants no more sad episode as it usually is with the very typical kdrama where from ep11-13 you have those sad scenes of separation and longing and just want them to get hitch and be happy
  7. Omg.. You ladies are insane. In a good way. I love how you guys theorise, analyse and dissect the drama. A lot of Easter eggs in the drama. Don't you ladies stop to drink coffde I do hope when he propose the second time she accepts. No doubt she has to moved to KoC but love conquers all. Not sure how reliable the spoiler is, there are pics of LG wearing the black outfit and something about them filming at a hospital expecting the birth of their firstborn. Those familiar with the writer's work, think this might be possible?
  8. Good morning ladies. Yesterday, the ending, was truly and awfully heart breaking. The opening sequence where she was just waiting at the bamboo forest and he happened to appears, they are so synced with each other. Their hearts subconsciously know that the other will be there. Just to touch and hold each other. My views, its a giveaway when instead of running towards LG like how JTE usually does, she took a step back, my take is, her heart knew this wasn't her LG. Its LG but not hers in the sense her timeline LG. Something must be wrong especially with how he was dressed. Other than the first episode, whenever he came over, it would be in casual attire but this time it was different. She took a step back and he took the step towards her. The attire he wore, was the same one in one of the trailer where he had the sword by his side and he was about ready to jump into the portal as if ready for some big battle. To me, it seems as if he comes to tell her what he didn't managed to tell her and that is he loves her very much. (bear with me, I know it's a lot of rambling but my thoughts are coming ) If you recalled, in the 2022 05 27 cctv footage, JTE was wearing a gray hoodie and jeans, and the preview for next week's episode she was bloodied and was wearing the same hoodie, (perhaps?). It could be the battle between LG and LR took place in 2022 and JTE was one of the casualty. Either she went to KoC on her own accord or was taken there by LR. She managed to escape and tried to make it to LG. She died in his arms. He maybe by then figure out about time lines and decided to travel back to prevent or change something, so that at least he won't lose her. The LG that came to JTE in Ep10, could be visiting bcos before the mission where he could fail or succeed, he just wanted to see her 1 last time, to tell her he loves her very much and to give her flowers, something which he never had the chance too. I am banking on the hope that the preview we saw was what will happened in the future. I totally shipped these guys. This coupled is not your typical kdrama couple. It shows equal power between two and how rather than change, they adapt, complement, complete and sincerely love each other without falling into the typical stereotype kdrama couple. KSJ will not turn rouge. It was JTE who is his light. She was there to keep him on the straight path and he turns to her whenever it gets difficult. In a way, she was his angel. So, nope imo, he will not turn rogue. LR said something just as he was about to murder Prince Uncle. He wanted LG to crumble and be despair. So badly that when he launched his attack, LG would be defenceless. The move he didn't make was JTE and he will use that as his pawn. As @Sweetbutters mentioned about Alice in Wonderland, JTE being the Alice is being used as a pawn so the next person to be 'attack' would be JTE. So the attire LG was wearing could be the one where he would enter the and between 1 and 0, confront the Uncle and end it all. Even if JTE dies, just like how in Goblin, JET came back for KS, JTE will come back to LG. And this time, it would be different, she would know him and their love story would have a beautiful solution and answer. Sorry for the long rambling. Its just my take. I love you ladies and all the theories, summaries and analysis you guys do. You ladies rock.
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