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  1. please forgive me in advance for this long, confusing post. i have a lot of thoughts at the moment, and my brain might explode if i don’t at least share my opinions somewhere. first off, i liked ep 14 and my initial reaction when he time-travelled was “I GOT FOOLED BY A PAIR OF SHOES. why did they have to focus on two different sets?” that aside, i’m one of the minority who can’t appreciate how time travel was used in the drama. (maybe bc i’m still confused) based on what i understand, in the current timeline, future LG MUST already exist alongside present LG and present TE, and the events we witnessed are the effects of his interventions. Point 1: this is true, in the case of him talking w/ lady noh and assigning a task to JY. Point 2: but what i don’t get is when he talked with TE in 1994 and 2016, and SUDDENLY new memories formed. Point 3: then we are shown of their first meeting scene in the park and JTE has a completely different approach to LG. point 1 hints that we’re dealing with a single dynamic timeline where future events depend heavily on savior LG’s actions. however points 2 & 3 imply that another timeline must’ve resulted from the time travel. time travel is still a hard concept for me to grasp. what happened here is really similar to Prisoner of Azkaban. however PoA resulted in a clean loop, future Harry & Hermione were able to affect the events AS HOW THEY WERE PRESENTED to the readers. in TKEM, however, the time travel seemed to have resulted in major changes. i’d understand this if the timeline will split (and we’ll be dealing w/ two different sets of characters) one like this: SET A (the current): maybe it will end tragically for them? maybe TE here will die? maybe LG will indirectly guide SET B LG to defeat LL? SET B (the resulting chars from the time travel): this time, bc of the events in SET A, they’ll get to live in the fate they chose? also, if LL remembered savior LG, why didn’t he remember his future self warning him?? idk anymore. i’m so confused. i feel so dumb right now.
  2. I finally decided not to theorise and just let the show take me to where it’s going. Until I opened this forum and stumbled upon other’s theories. Man, this drama! Haha. I guess the KES deliberately wanted us to rack our brains out connecting two and two together. @Hikki @SweetButters I also wondered if the balloons are markers for something (note that they also look like the pin emoji and the location symbol). The first thing that confused me in ep 10 was LG saying he had five hours before he can come back on time in KOC, which is ten days at minimum. Then, of course, I quickly realised he was planning to take some time in the in-between to search for LL’s obelisks. At first, I thought maybe he marked all the spaces where he didn’t find the obelisks, so as not to confuse himself. But what if he found something else? Like what you both suggested, portals leading to different times? This is a bit of a stretch so I dare not say it in this forum. But I was glad there were two minds that also came up with this idea. For now, though, I’m brushing off this theory aside. It’s just cool to think that the in-between may not only hold portals to different spaces but also to different times. And who knows, maybe you can only access the time portals when the Manpasikjeok is in your hands. This would also back up @Heretorant’s idea of LG walking through frozen moments. It makes me think of Interstellar’s tesseract scene when the lead saw different moments of time simultaneously in a single space. A sample clip: My heart would really sink though, if that ending scene turned out to be just another fast-forwarded portion that was placed there to confuse us But my gut feeling says that LG from that scene is a different version. Damn it, I wasn’t planning to post here until the next episode but this drama really is chasing my thoughts. Never in my whole life did i theorise this much over a KDRAMA. Haha. TKEM, daebak!
  3. It’s been hours since I watched ep 10, but I’m still thinking about the drama lol. I suddenly remembered all the complaints when LG’s answer to JTE’s ‘I love you’ was ‘me too’ or ‘ditto’. It was a dry moment and it also frustrated me quite a bit. But re-watching the ending scene of this episode and hearing him say, “I realised I never told you I love you” added to the bittersweetness of that moment. I realised the writer had to write the script that way before so that we would be blessed with this impactful line. This is why I love this drama so much. It’s like we’re watching parts of a unified whole and each part doesn’t mean anything by itself. But later on, as the plot unfolds, we will see everything on a different light. It might even motivate us to do a re-watch and we will realise why particular scenes have to be filmed that way. Also, @AgentQuake, your take on the balloons is very insightful. That scene confused the hell out of me. And about the flowers, I also think they’re from the in-between world. Which is what led me to believe that the other version of LG must be staying (willingly or unwillingly) in the in-between. And for me, those flowers are a symbol of hope.
  4. I just finished watching episode 10 and it’s really heavy, adding to the fact that it succeeds a somewhat lighter 9th episode. FOREBODING TRAGEDY All the scenes are implicating a foreboding storm. Although we know that tragedy is inevitable and is bound to happen, this is the first time the drama straight out told us, “This is only the beginning. From this point on, nothing should be taken lightly.” • LG’s helplessness with his encounter with LR. • ES being shot. • Prince Buyeong’s death. • JTE in the preview ENDING SCENE OF LG AND TE @Heretorant I really love your take on this. I also believe that: • LG from the ending scene was his future self. TE realised this when she took a step back. The LG in front of her is not the one from this current time. • The flowers may have been the seeds JTE planted, as the camera focused on the empty pot after LG vanished. • He may be travelling through frozen moments. If this is the case, then I think we all know where we are heading. JTE will most probably die. For now, let’s call this the SINGLE TIMELINE THEORY which is the most likely event to happen based on that single, powerful scene. Future LG is only re-visiting memories. Sort of like the Pensieve in Harry Potter, which is an object that allows the person using it to re-live moments long gone. Still though, a stubborn part in me wants to believe in the MULTIPLE TIMELINE THEORY. It gives me hope that this drama will end on a happy note. If this theory is correct, then we can assume that LG from that ending scene is LG from a timeline preceding this (probably the one who left the ID). That would also be consistent with his comment “I crossed the universe for you.” And maybe he’s also been hanging out somewhere at the place in-between so that when JTE from the next timeline ages, he’ll be able to meet this version at the very least. I know that this is a bit farfetched, but it’s one thing that leads towards a happy ending, so I keep holding on to it lol. The LG from this timeline will finally be able to save TE although the other LG failed. (This theory reminds me of Orange, a Japanese manga where the female lead receives a letter from her future self on random days instructing her of what she needs to do in order to save the male lead on that timeline. In the timeline of her future self (the one who sends the letters) the male lead died. But in her timeline, thankfully, bc of the letters, she was able to save the male lead.) I keep fantasizing about this kind of ending. It’s bittersweet. One version of LG lost JTE forever, but another version was able to save her because they chose to change their fate. I’m sorry I keep emphasizing this theory lol. Just read it and let it rest somewhere away from your minds, and let’s go back to it when something from the plot leads somewhere near. For now, it’s leading us to the SINGLE TIMELINE PAST vs. FUTURE THEORY. LR AND FATE BOY’S ENCOUNTER This is the one thing in this episode that gave me hope. Their dialogues imply on one, subtle, important thing: Fate isn’t with LR. No matter how calculated his plans are, no matter how he carefully shapes his own Fate (not believing in coincidences leading him to kill Prince Buyeong), in the end, Fate is what will bring him down. STELLAR ACTING OF LMH AND KGE Guys. I cried at the end!! I didn’t expect to cry so early on the drama. I felt a tinge of bittersweetness with that encounter. Although I haven’t fully internalised what had happened while watching, my brain being bombarded with confusing events... I felt LG’s longing for TE, I heard TE desperately wishing for LG. I felt time slipping away for the both of them. It was so beautifully tragic. The acting was sooo good, especially LMH’s. This isn’t the kiss scene we were asking for, but that kiss really tugged my heart. Also, ES’s little sister was so cute! Haha. The only light part of this episode so far lol. I still can’t see the significance of the PM’s role though. I can’t comment about the preview, there’s too little information but KGE’s acting surprised me. Again, sorry for the long post lol. I hope by next week, we’ll finally gain more clues now that everything has been established.
  5. @koreaboooo @madmad min Oh, I was thinking too much about that scene. Thank you for correcting that part. Maybe it was because the subtitles from dramacool were phrased a bit differenly. Still, though, it was an amazing episode.
  6. Wow. Episode 9 is such a masterpiece in itself. Everything was well-balanced: the fantasy, romance, comedy, and drama aspects. There’s even suspense included (Who else here was shocked at the yo-yo boy looking straight at the camera? That part gave me chills.) EDITING The editing was top-notch, the transitions were finally seamless, and the use of background music blended well with the atmosphere that a scene is trying to portray. I particularly loved his conversation with Prince Buyeong about Fate. Their dialogue was quite obvious but it gives off that melancholic vibe as Fate plays a crucial role in this drama. This fact, along with the OST Maze as a background music made the scene dramatically beautiful. ROMANCE // LEE-EUL FEELS I can’t believe this kind of heavy drama would make me ship so hard, though. The romance really picked up (maybe the editing helped) and even though the kiss scene was a simple peck, their love for each other stood out most compared to the previous episodes. Finally, I can feel the LeeEul feels!! Hehe. LG and LR FACE-OFF This is the drama’s turning point. LG and LL finally faced each other. They’re standing on the same battlefield now that LG is finally aware of LL’s plans. Again, this drama broke another kdrama trope. LG realised three things at once: 1) LL’s location 2) LL’s plan to be immortal and the switching of parallel counterparts 3) LL didn’t age. I’m glad they didn’t drag this unfolding process further. LMH’s acting is so good. That 2G phone snap... I was like daaamn when that scene happened. And his anger at the last minute... I was like daaamn again. Lol. ES posing as JY The ES scenes in KOC were my favorites. I was either smiling or laughing the whole time he was there. Starting from the red balloon, to the “Winter is Coming” and “Yes, your Majesty” lines, and even the PPL scenes made it better lol (the first time PPL didn’t bother me, even the PPL reached KOC! lol) His expressions and internal dialogue b/w the PM and LG’s exchange was so hilarious. “People here are so aggressive.” Hahaha. SJ LL’s comment on SJ as being his wrong move and TE as a move he didn’t make may hint that these two or either one will play a crucial role in the time travel part that will put an end to his plans. THE FIRST SCENE AND THE 2022 DATE IN THE CCTV (Adding this to the Time Loop / Multiple Timeline theory) The first scene of LG and TE was out of context and at first, I assumed it might be from the future. But these actions of TE told me otherwise: a) Her question towards LG, “How do you go back and forth between the two worlds?” Obviously the TE we know is fully aware of that, as she crossed the portal with LG on episode 2. This scene is implying that the TE from this scene didn’t know. Thus, we can conclude that this is from another timeline or from a recurring loop. b) The way she casually mentioned the PM’s name as if both of them talked about her frequently. In the recent episodes, they never talked about her at all. c) I believe that this first scene and TE’s video with the yo-yo boy are from the same timeline. Again, I’m sorry for the long post. This recent episode just gave me all the FEELS and CHILLS lol. This is how it should’ve been from the start, but every moment of this episode makes up for the stiffness of the previous ones. So much happened but it was very light to watch. Looking forward to episode 10!
  7. I’m really glad I posted my thoughts on this forum. Your insights, as well as @Heretorant’s help me gain more insight and reshape my line of thinking regarding time loops. Previously, I had a hard time accepting a time loop and my brain insisted on this logic: if there is a loop, there must be a branching timeline to cancel out a paradox. Which is what made the 998 cycles harder for me to accept. Infinite loops = Infinite timelines. But then, upon reading your comment, everything clicked into place. Last night, I read the synopsis of Back To The Future. To cap out what I’ve read, the plot was basically about the lead going back to the past to change something from his present. A minor change in his past caused a major impact in the future, but it didn’t result on a new timeline. Rather, everything was set on reset. If we applied this in TKEM, then that would explain why LG doesn’t remember anything despite doing it over and over again. It would also explain the ‘Eternal’ part on the drama’s title. Now, I completely agree on your theory about Luna being a wrinkle in this, and she herself is not aware. If she was aware, she would’ve recognised the boy with the yo-yo as Fate, but she only approached him as a normal child. The boy, however, appeared to have known her more than he let on and in episode 9 we see him around TE too. This is a subtle, yet sure hint that TE and Luna are related in some ways (I now understand how you theorised Luna being a remnant of TE from another loop). This would also give the “TE being LG’s zero” comment much more meaningful. She might be the beginning (the reason why a loop was set into motion) and also the ending (I think Luna will play a crucial part in this one). Also, I’m not sure if this is the right time to bring back this topic, but the legend of the jade rabbit mentioned on episode 6 really caught my attention. I believe it is a direct reference for Luna. If what we theorised is true (that Luna is a remnant of TE), then TE must have sacrificed herself from a previous loop. This will mirror back the part in the legend where the rabbit sacrificed itself and gained immortality. Using this as an analogy: - TE from previous loop = Rabbit - Luna = the effect of TE’s sacrifice @syntyche I re-watched episode 1 and paid attention to the built of Savior #1. I agree that it’s impossible for TE to be the savior. Both are obviously men. Now, we’re left with SJ and JY. Sorry for the long post, I just realised several things at once, it made me excited. @KeikokokoThank you for explaining a complex topic in simpler terms. It made me understand the theory better. Guys, I really love this forum so much. I learned alot from this drama.
  8. We deserve a reward! All our theories are a result of team effort One idea evolving into a brand new theory... I remember racking my brains when the pictures of the shoes weren’t posted here yet. If noone pointed those out, we wouldn’t be able to arrive at the 2 saviors theory this fast.
  9. I was randomly scrolling through soompi forums and found this! Huhu. I hope Season 2 will really air this year, this time around. If not, I atleast hope it airs with the same cast. Signal is my all-time favorite kdrama and this is such a big news for me!
  10. I agree. Every detail, every conversation, and every interaction are important in this drama. Things seem loosely tied right now because the plot is leading us towards the ends of several threads (the POV of multiple characters) that will soon weave together intricately into a solid knot. And only then would we understand the significance of every scene that feels out-of-place in the moment. This is why I love time travel so much. Nothing makes sense until all the hidden meanings are revealed, and then you’ll be left marvelling at how interconnected every event was. I hope we will all get the chills from this amazing masterpiece once the drama ends.
  11. Wah! I’ve also been visiting that page and the blog’s owner (packmule3) is so on point when discussing her theories. So far I liked what they speculated about the yo-yo kid being Fate waaay before it was even brought up in this forum. I also got the idea of the three timelines from her post when she explained why the relationship of LG and TE is moving at such a fast pace (backing up the time loop theory). Theories aside though, I wish for more JY and ES interactions. The first time I discovered Woo Do Hwan was in Tempted. That drama isn’t as complex as this one, and it didn’t allow him to fully showcase his acting ability. So far, his acting is what stands out the most in TKEM.
  12. A time travel will most likely lead to a paradox if there is only one timeline. This is also part of the reason why I think there are at least two timelines (the first one is where LG first met TE) and the one we’re watching is another one that branched from the original timeline. Still unsure how TKEM will handle this time travel though.
  13. I’m glad we stopped bickering over whether it’s SJ or JY I felt like we were taking alot of space in the forum haha. It was a nice banter though with you and @Heilo I believe you’re both JY fans haha. As for the time loop, that’s why I think it’s complicated. The only way for a paradox to not exist is to have branching timelines. And this is too complicated to handle in a 16-episode drama. These branching timelines would also prevent the Grandfather Paradox from happening. But @Keikokoko’s comment caught my eye when she/he commented about his/her theory that they are in an endless loop and this timeline is all about looking for a wrinkle that would break that loop.
  14. What I mean is the drama didn’t directly mention it yet, so I think there’s still alot of character building that will happen before that reveal. And by then, we will have enough clues on whoever the saviors really are. As I’ve mentioned in the previous comments, there is time travel involved (but indirect proofs led us to that, and sometime in the upcoming eps, it will be directly mentioned). And the loop is still a theory. In both ways, I’ll stick to my theory for now. We all have our opinions and I hope we both give the drama more time to fill in the gaps that will solidify the plot more
  15. I think LL would’ve managed to cross the parallel world in that timeline too and would’ve still crossed paths with TE. As for SJ, if there is no timeline A, he is likely to be the savior. We both have our points laid out and there are no further events in the current episodes to back both our theories up. Even the time travel hasn’t been introduced yet. Hopefully, more clues will be given in this week’s episodes.
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