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  1. That happens to me as well, I usually find the secundary female characters more interesting than the "pure" female lead, since they usually are more flawed and controversial, and that's appealing to me. That's one of the reasons why I'm curious about TWOTM, to see how the Korean version has handled the female lead, because in the Brit original, she's a pretty controversial character that even uses sex in a very questionable way to get her goals. But alas, I will have to wait to see it, because I've been so lazy and I've procrastinated so much during the lockdown, that right now I'd need to have my own private Pil Joo to solve everything for me No more Kdramas for me for a while!
  2. But that's the ultimate proof that they are really genuine "pure girls" You know, their hearts are so so pure that nothing troubles their dreams so they can sleep like a log and be carried around by the hero. Everything is connected!! I don't know about MH either. IMO it was the character writing more than the actress. 99% of her role in the drama was her being there looking ethereal for a) Pil Joo to stare longingly at her b) B-chan to stare longingly at her c) PJ and BC to confront each other about her. It was utterly frustrating She was Un-nyun 2.0.
  3. In fact, I don't think we desagree. I think I didn't express myself well (sometimes writing in English is very frustating to me), because I also agree with all you wrote. He was a brat, and spoiled, and lazy, and weak, and he did a lot of despicable things knowing what he did, and he needed to suffer and I'm glad he lost his privilege. It was necessary for him to grow. But at the same time, it still think he was sabotaging himself. When you hate yourself, you don't even try. And I always had that feeling with BC, that under all his "happy-go-lucky spoiled brat bravado", he deeply hated himself, and that he would given anything to get out of his (fake) life. But at the same time, he was too weak and a coward to do anything about it. He had to learn it the hard way. But once he learnt it, I'm glad he did the right choices. I loved him in the last chapter. For me, his character arch was the more interesting, even more than Pil Joo's. But I have to admit I had a soft spot for my B-chan from the first episode, and with him, I am like MH with PJ, I'm willing to forgive him everything no matter what I don't know, maybe it was the actor's ears, there isn't any other rational explanation
  4. Thank you to everybody about the dialect explanations, it has been really interesting. It's a pity he's lost his accent, but I suppose it's understandable, him being an actor and having lived in Seoul for a long time. And thank you for the WinWin clip, I'm not able to notice the accent at all, but seeing him singing Creep has been a, how can I put it, charming experience He has a very good taste in music, I can see Musings about Money Flower in spoiler: Now, and more after reading @Biology Lesson post, I feel like watching Empire of Lust, but I'm not able to find the film BTW, my mother has started to watch Fated To Love You. She likes romantic dramas, so she’s going to give it a try. And according to her, JH looks really handsome in it and she’s loving the hairstyle. I think she’s a greater JH fan than me. I feel ashamed
  5. The outfit is truly hideous, but at least it looks comfy You girls, that have been following JH for a long time and know a lot about him, do you know if he speaks with an accent? I suppose people from Busan have their own regional accent, and although I suppose that for him, being an actor, it's necessary to speak and act in standard Korean language; maybe in interviews, when he is more relaxed, you still can notice his original accent. Or maybe he has completely lost it, but IMO it would be a pity. I really love when people speak with an accent
  6. Reading past entries. I’ve read some of you are thinking about watching Kingdom. I love Kingdom, I really love it, so I'd like to give my two cents. Because it was my first kdrama, and it’s still the kdrama I enjoyed the most among the (very few) ones I’ve seen. But now that I’m a little more familiarised with kdramas, I’d say that Kingdom doesn’t really feel like a kdrama. It’s simply a classic zombie film that happens to be set in the Joseon era. A very well done horror film, but with all the topics and tropes of that kind of fiction (and some of the tropes of kdramas, as well), including the power-hungry, cunning and evil-beyond-redemption beautiful young queen. If you like horror films, you are going to like it, because it’s very well made. For me, it was the perfect “comfort” television for times I don’t want to think too much: intrigue and tension, some political scheming, lots of blood and gore, no romance at all, and people in beautiful oriental robes fighting with even more beautiful long swords. And of course, Prince Chang, who I think it’s the only man I’ve ever found attractive wearing a “gat”. I loved every piece of it. But there’s nothing more in Kingdom. Well, you always could do the political metalecture of the corruption of power and zombies being symbols of whatever; but it isn’t even worth it. Kingdom is for watching it with lots of popcorn and enjoying the gorey trip. But if you don’t like that kind of gorey trips, maybe you are going to feel disappointed with it. Finished Money Flower yesterday. Thoughts later, when I have the time. Only one thing: I was waiting for that scene you said that cleared up that Pil Joo and Mal Ran never slept together, but I didn’t see it. On the contrary, the scenes in episode 20 and 21 confirmed it to me. I suppose it’s all open to one's own interpretation. I talked about it with my mum and she had the same conclusion. Well, actually, she was even more harcore than me in this issue. According to my mum, Pil Joo was also sleeping with Secretary Ahn, she was all: “Why is she helping him with his revenge? It makes no sense at all. Is he sleeping with her as well?”. And I was all: "Mum, please, you're embarrassing me" Definitely, we are not made for understanding the Korean celibacy
  7. They didn't have sex, really? I'm shocked. So, what did they do? Cuddled all night along as well? Did he sing her a lullaby? Did they watch Mean Girls together? Hahahahahaha!! Kdramas never cease to amaze me From now on, I'm going to stop assuming anything sexual in Kdramas, it's been proven that everything is only in my dirty pervert mind That video is so cute. Thank you very much! My little lovely B-Chan boy. He's adorkable. *Sigh* Now I'm even more convinced that my perfect happy ending for MF would be PJ and BC leaving everything Cheong related behind and driving together towards the sunset Dreaming is free!!
  8. Yes, I think it’s the episode 8, after B-chan and Birdgirl got married. It’s true nothing is actually shown, but IMO it’s heavily, heavily hinted that they had sex. And something in the way the scene is played made me assume that it wasn’t the first time. And it makes sense for both of the characters: she is the kind of woman that uses sex to manipulate the men around her (as in the case of Secretary Oh); and he is willing to do everything and anything to destroy her, and sex can be another tool to use against her. In fact, now all those weird, almost creepy intimate scenes of them make more sense to me in the show. But I don’t know, maybe everything is in my dirty imagination. Because that’s another problem I have with relationships in Kdramas: I never know what to expect or assume regarding the sex innuendos (or the sex aspect in general). I never know if I’m reading too much into it due to my Western mind-set, and korean people are really that asexual. It happened to me as well in Chuno, in that scene in which Daegil is drunk and sad and broken and sleeps with Seol-hwa because “life is shitty and she’s warm”. In my mind, I would perfectly assume that some despair sex happened that night, but since it’s a korean drama, I suppose they only cuddled all along. Or all those established couples that have been dating for years but never touch each other, I'm always wondering if they are sleeping together or not, maybe they are waiting until they get married. I don’t know what to think anymore. About TWOTM, I don't know if we are talking about the same scene. I really watched very little of it, only a pair of minutes. I want to rewatch Dr Foster before watching TWOTM (I saw it when was released back in the day, 2015 maybe? and I don't remember many details), but right now I don't have the time to do it. But I'm looking forward to seeing it
  9. I'm late to the party, but OMG! What a terrible haircut. I agree with all of you that it gives VOICE vibes (oh, l'horreur! I now wonder how I wasn't put off my JH obsession by watching it, since it was my first JH show after the Bangwon experience), I really loved his long hair (his looks in TMWYS are top notch for me) Going on my MF journey: Ok, so it’s been shown that all that UST between Pil-Joo and Mal-Ran wasn’t indeed UST, but very resolved sexual tension. It’s been a nice surprise. Well, maybe “nice” is not the right word to put it, since the relationship is so wrong in too many levels (she’s his evil stepmother who had his brother killed, and he wants to rip her apart painfully); but it’s refreshing to see people having actual sex in a Korean drama that it’s not a) (off screen) marriage sex b) extramarital sex that ends up in pregnancy for the sake of plot c) rape/prostitution that defiles the secondary female character forever and makes her unworthy of true love and/or a happy ending. TBH, I find very unrealistic how sex is handled in Korean dramas, and how usually the main characters are portrayed as completely asexual. Am I supposed to believe that a healthy man (or woman) in his/her 20/30s is happily living in completely celibacy waiting for his/her One True Kindergarten Love to (re)appear? Really? At the beginning I found it somewhat amusing in a kind of surreal way, but right now I find it utterly tiresome, and it puts me off the story. So I’m liking the fact that in MF there is so much sex going on behind closed doors. It’s funny because I went to watch - out of curiosity - the first five minutes of TWOTM, because I remembered that, at the beginning of Dr Foster, the way to show that she had a fulfilling marriage was showing the couple having very hot and passionate sex. In TWOTW, the way of expressing the same concept was her looking smuglyly to her wedding pictures. I found it very illustrative of the differences between the two cultures. But then, you go and watch Park Chan-Wook’s films and they are almost pornographic. So I suppose it’s something related to TV dramas and their target and some censorship code of theirs. @Biology Lesson I second the Parasite recommendation. But if you are looking for character depth, I don't think characterisation is the strength of that movie. It's a social satire, so all the characters are sort of parodic. But it's very worth a try. Really.
  10. Up tho the seventh episode of MF, and there were some interesting plot twists I really didn’t expect. I’m somewhat glad that PJ discovered that so I can go on happily crackshipping them without feeling too much of a pervert I’m loving this, I’m really loving this. I’m surprised about how the PJ character has unfolded. At the beginning I supposed he was more merciless, but in these episodes it’s shown that he can care (and that in fact he does care) deeply as well. So now I’m very worried about him. Because he has chosen revenge over happiness, and to get the kind of revenge he wishes for, he must be absolutely ruthless if he doesn’t want to get himself destroyed along the way. But, rather than that, he is so vulnerable sometimes that my heart aches so much for him. So my bet now - I’m trying not to get spoiled with this one - is that he is going to get his revenge - he’s is clever and determined enough to do it - but he is going to get damaged beyond repair (or dead) at the end. Not expecting a happy ending here. And, well, JH is nailing it. He can express so much without uttering a single word that it’s astonishing. And I loved the scene of “crying while eating” at the temple, so subtle and touching; so different but at the same time so alike to the one of Daegil with the eggs in Chuno. On the other hand, I’m still hating his looks and his wardrobe in this. Those hideous coats he sometimes wears are giving me nightmares. If I could, I’d burn all his clothes in this without a second thought. And have him walking around naked all the time
  11. Hahahahahaha!! I'm the opposite: the skinnier, the better In fact, if I ever watch FTLY it will be because in the clips I've watched in YT, I find him uber handsome in it. Poor JH, if it was up to me, he would live permanently undernourished
  12. @dramafan33 @azureblue7 Now I’ve seen the second and part of the third episode, where it’s hinted that BC and PJ are related (from the flashback it seems like they both have the same father), it has become weirder for me; because I still feel the UST strongly, but now it’s even creepier. Now I feel like a real pervert for somewhat shipping them together And I agree that there’s some UST with JMR too. It’s like Pil-Joo is soooo menacing around them, that he gives some “sexual predator” vibes around B-chan and his mother. There are moments that I feel like yelling: “B-chan, my darling stupid boy, how can you not see he’s looking at you like a cat about to eat a canary? Are you really that dumb? Run for your life!”. But, yes, he’s really that dumb. About B-chan, I’m conflicted, because he’s like the epitome of the banality of evil: he hasn’t got bad intentions, but it’s the type of individual who is so shallow, stupid and self-centered that he ends hurting those around him only due to his abysmal idiocy. But at the same time I can’t help feeling sorry for him, and wanting him to mature, become a better person and, well, survive Pil-Joo. About Birdgirl, for now I find her just blah, the perfect girl next door. I’m not happy they played the card of the “teenager crush” and I really hope that her character will end being something more than a mere device for making Pil-Joo to be angsty torn between his desire of revenge and his love for her. However, right now, I’m a lot more interested in the dynamics among Pil-Joo, B-chan and JMR than in the (canon) romance storyline. But for now, I’m enjoying MF a lot. I’m all for a good soap-opera, and for now, MF hasn’t disappointed me. The flashbacks about the death of PJ’s mum were so beautiful and so disturbing at the same time, that you can perfectly understand why he is so ruthless and cold-blooded about destroying the Cheong family. And I find JH’s eyes as Pil-Joo mesmeric. As you said before, he’s almost as sexy as Bangwon (minus the fan and the fabulous robes, of course)
  13. Oh, the last video was awesome. Thank you a lot Recounting on my JH odyssey: I’ve put TMWYS on hiatus. Yesterday I started viewing MF with my mother, and I don’t have the time to watch the two at the same time. Regarding TMWYS, I watched until the 3rd episode, and it was like looking at a somewhat improved version of Voice. JH playing again a character ridden with guilt over the death of his wife/girlfriend; and a police officer guiding another one through an earphone (only this time JH’s character was the one giving the instructions). The characters seemed more compelling here than in Voice, though, and JH hairstyle is definitely a lot better. The frivolous verdict: JH looks really sexy as hell as Hyun Jae. The hair, the scars, the black clothes, the soft voice, the whisky glass. The character is a pile of clichés, but in the looks department, I can’t complain. About MF, I’ve only watched the first episode, but I think I’m going to like this one. It gives me Succession vibes. JH as Pil-Joo is enigmatic, intense and creepy, so I’m rooting for him. I’m also intrigued by his weird relationship with Boo-chan. I know it’s my dirty mind, but sometimes I feel a lot of unresolved sexual tension between them, at least on Pil-Joo’s side. If it weren’t a korean drama, I could swear that Pil-Joo is in love -in a twisted and unhealthy way- with Boo-chan. And to be honest, I would prefer it to unfold this way, it’d be interesting and refreshing for once to see a not-heterosexual romance in a kdrama. But I know it’s impossible to expect that, so Pil-Joo is going to fall hard for the Birdgirl, of course, and we are going to have the customary love triangle. I only can hope that Pil-Joo isn’t the Birdgirl’s childhood crush that she is so fond of; because I’m really fed up with the “childhood/teenager crush” trope, it’s been played in every kdrama I’ve watched so far (except for Kingdom). I don’t know if I could stand it once more, it’s becoming very tiresome for me. On the frivolous side: I don't know if it's the hairstyle, but I find him a little ugly here, even a little chubby. I find him sexy because the PIl-Joo character is sexy as hell, but I'm not loving his looks in MF. Not yet.
  14. Well, truth is that I don't like romance very much, so I'm afraid I'm not going to like FTLY. I'm avoiding it a little bit And I'm looking forward to see MF, but I'm planning to see it with my mother, so I'll probably start viewing it next week.
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