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  1. Now it's Hyun Bin turn on making headline. This one is from dispatch. I know Google translate is not accurate but the way it translated the headline makes me so delulu again! "The real thing, this feeling?" Hyun Bin, who knew how to make a marriage announcement as soon as the drama was over" Here's the link: https://www.dispatch.co.kr/2087839#_DYAD **I just read the article, first: the headline is weird, second: they ended the article by saying "I am looking forward to hearing the news." ** Why is dispatch being like this?!?!
  2. Yup! Yup! Yup! Yejin just being a queen! Not sure if it has been posted here but our mom also made a headline on dispatch. https://www.dispatch.co.kr/2087679#_DYAD
  3. @Channel20 I think this is the article related to that video about CLOY. Korean Wave Resurges in Japan By Lee Ha-won | June 23, 2020 13:12 Big letters Small letters Diplomatic relations between Seoul and Tokyo are at an all-time low, but the Korean Wave is seeing a resurgence in Japan. Leading the trend most recently is the TV series "Crash Landing on You," which wrapped up here in February. The Asahi Shimbun recently focused on the hype in Japan about the Korean melodrama available on Netflix, reporting that Japanese fans are posting messages on social media saying they watched "Crash Landing on You" five times and that the soap was "the only source of happiness during lockdown." The latest edition of the weekly Shukan Asahi featured "Crash Landing on You" star Hyun Bin on its cover. The magazine said there has been a surge in Japanese women who are mesmerized by the heartthrob, who plays a North Korean soldier in the drama co-starring Son Ye-jin. The weekly also showcased the 20 must-see Korean dramas in a 10-page feature story including a color photo section. One Japanese journalist said, "The drama vividly describes the daily lives of ordinary North Koreans," which is the secret for its popularity. Yoji Komi, a former Seoul correspondent and presently an editorial writer for Tokyo Shimbun, wrote on Facebook, "I started learning the North Korean dialect" by watching "Crash Landing on You." In other genres, Bong Joon-ho's Academy Award-winning movie "Parasite" also drew huge interest early this year in the island country, becoming highest-grossing Korean film ever there. On Monday BTS topped the Oricon album sales chart for the first half of the year with their latest album "Map of the Soul: 7." They are the first foreign singers to achieve the feat since Michael Jackson's iconic album "Thriller" in 1984. The Asahi Shimbun assessed the latest developments as being the result of the Korean government's initiative of treating dramas and movies as key exports. There have been some distinct changes. Hideki Okuzono, a professor of international relations at the University of Shizuoka who focuses on Korean studies and also appeared in the 1990s Korean movie "General's Son" said, "One recent development is the fact that Japanese viewers no longer put Korea-Japan relations into perspective when watching Korean shows or films. They just want to see globally acclaimed work." And Soichi Tsukamoto at J. F. Oberlin University said that the Korean Wave is not limited to sugary pop culture any more. "An increasing number of Korean literary works are being translated and read in Japan, including the feminist novel 'Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982.' This is a meaningful development." credit: ChosunIlbo
  4. I know SYJ will be the hair brand exclusive model of Jenny house so I googled it, checked their history and this is what I found lol! Not speculating anything but I smiled when I read the history http://jennyhouse.co.kr/en/about/history/index.jsp
  5. Finally!!! The type of recognition I've been waiting for from a korean article CLOY is the only drama that proved simplicity can be a masterpiece.
  6. The van theory is not true. Apparently the van/s was also used by other actors as shown below, same make and model, seems like it has same sticker on the side and wheels as well so it might be provided by Baeksang for the event. But there's nothing to be disappointed about, I believe as well we don't need further receipts to confirm their relationship. Let's stop overanalyzing things to avoid toxicity. Now that they are aware of us, I hope more shippers will be responsible and sensible. Let's not get into their nerves and just be contented with the candies that they are giving to us. Let's support them and respect their privacy.
  7. I just want to say I love their stylist. Thank you for being synced and making our BinJin freakin gorgeous last night! CTTO!
  8. I'm still sad, I even cried. This 56th Baeksang is so important to many fans, since it is their first together. We waited for this for so long, gone crazy over voting so we can secure the popularity awards for them. It's just that as a fan, we want them to be recognized as well for their hardwork for the drama CLOY. It makes me even sadder knowing that we might not get this chance again in the future But their message to their fans somehow ease my disappointment. I'll just focus on new binjin contents, at least we got pifan version 2.0!
  9. With this pace at red carpet, I'm not gonna expect anything at all Hoping we will get some crumbs later.
  10. @TotoroSY it's the headline, when I check the link it originally says "Crash Landing on You Hyun Bin + Son Ye Jin Confirmed for Popularity Awards at Baeksang Arts Awards" ( it was posted as well on page 736) but it has been changed.
  11. OMG! They said confirmed??? Can we now assume that they are the sure winners of the popularity award? Lol https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/144/0000674534 *It has been edited, but it still says HB and SYJ are the winners*
  12. We're having a good start for the month of June. Later we will have more candies! Let's continue the good vibes and check Yejinssi being effortlessly witty and funny! Binssi you really found a gem! CTTO
  13. This! It's really interesting how our dear Binjin is pretty synchronized with all the news and CFs that are coming out. I suddenly remember when HB mentioned on an interview wherein he was asked something related to the future then his answer is he's looking forward to people's reaction by the end of the drama CLOY. I can't help but think that it might be a deciding factor on how they will address rumors about them the next time around. So now that the drama is over and with its massive success not just in korea but all over the world, are they now testing the waters? Coz things are well coordinated lately lol. Is this like a PR strategy to get a feel of the public response about them (as a couple)? Forgive me, this smart interview made me so delulu..If they decided to loosen up a bit and hold hands at Baeksang, I'm done!
  14. CTTO! I literally cracked up seeing this edit! They are the cutest! Mom and Dad are so talented. Finally it's June 1st! Can't wait for new HB contents later and just 4 days to go for the moment we've been waiting for! After all the drought, I'm willing to die on June 5th with all of the overwhelming BinJin contents. Please make it happen mom and dad, your children all over the world have been patiently waiting and praying for quite some time now
  15. I'm also confused about this "verify your tiktok account" thing. I keep seeing this on ig and Twitter but no one confirmed if it is true/really necessary. Kinda bothered with all that multiple IDs we created lol but I'm pretty sure other fandoms did the same thing. But how does it work for Baeksang? Do they really clear up unconfirmed votes prior to the event? Did it happen in the past? (I'm wondering if this is just a tactic for us to stop voting using those dummy accounts)
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