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  1. This thread is super exciting!! Ladies..you guys are just super amazing! Obviously TKEM has successfully produced many 'specialist' in here Just enjoying myself..grinning frm ear to ear reading you guys posts. ..keep them coming ladies! Seems we are still stucked deep in that fatal kiss craziness huh *BTS just be up soon pls..the torture is real-counting to Fri/Sat never felt this long!
  2. Read about the twitter issue- kudos ladies as we moved on from that at light speed! We will tend to bump into this kind of 'sick' netzs..sadly its unavoidable..jelousy is a form of sickness. Am actually proud of our peaceful n respecful thread that we all want the best of happiness for our precious couple! I've read couples of forum before where 1 or 2 will troll perposely to stir discomfort among shippers. But i believed deity is on our side as our journey seem to be enjoyable so far untill it reach final destination where we all will celeberate the union of our couple to the world of happily ever after-Trust your heart ladies! You know theres miracle when you believe.... For that fact-let's stand behind our king as he said last night (i posted his convos with PM) he will support his lady love no matter what. **For now..will get back to replay the sensual kiss scene in the royal chamber for another thousand of times! wonder how did GE manage to handle 1 wild hungry cheetah that is ready to devour her at any given chance her heart must feel like explode! **ok..get to run..im ranting unnecessarily too much now
  3. The scene between LG& PM.. LG : Everything in the news is true.She is the woman I love. I support her every step and every moment. PM : You are always honest, Your Majesty. **Help me out here ladies..why do I think their lines has meaning in disguised?? Its like LMH is approving what we shippers been crazily speculating**- is that word even appropriate here..Read his line- yes of coz its drama script- but..but why does it feel like he is publicly declaring about KGE-that he loves her and will support her no matter what? PM answer somehow triggered the thought..as some of you ladies(LMH fans) stated he is an honest person. Is that why he post pics of them on his IG? Dropping hints.Testing water...Paving the way-untill the right time to publicly announce their relationship? Or is it just me reading way too much into it.. Arghhh! I better sleep..the fatal kiss put me into crazier mode!
  4. Ep.12-sealed it for me. Loveeee is in the air! I can even feel them from my universe Really love them this entire ep. It really is watching LMH&KGE-not LG/TE.So naturally sensual between them.
  5. Ep.11- just wow! Brilliant! Especially the part LG saving the FUTURE QUEEN OF COREA! ahemmm...MH future queen of heart! ..wishfull thinking here. Felt like watching LMH protecting his lady love GE . Their scripts always seemed to amaze me somehow. Does KES throwing hint to us? The delulu me would like to think so.
  6. Hello all! I have been silently following this *special* thread now and again. But lately reading all you guys superb essays & novels become quite addictive! It has become such a happy pills-Do please keep them coming. Last time I found myself gone all locco over drama couple was during DOTS-obviously that time I strangely sensed something was going on between songsong couple. Was super excited and happy they end up in marriage but unfortunately it didnt work out. Goblin has brought my way to know KGE as a super talented actress. Then i checked on her other movies/drama. Personally, i really admire her confidence and great personality. And she is so freakin beautiful!! I only watched 2 LMH dramas previously- City Hunter & LDBS. I enjoyed both dramas and find him to be very talented and of cause so damn HENSOME! Then come TKEM- I actually look forward to the drama because of these two very talented people. BAM! Their bts hit me so hard- and i find myself in that *strange* feeling like how it was during DOTS. It got me interested to find more and surely want/hope something good to happen between them. I admit i am a crazy person watching their bts/videos smiling,giggling myself with lots of butterflies! Their bts interactions somehow fluttered me in many ways.And that beautiful sunset picture of them on LMH insta- thats 1 breathtaking romantic picture! This is my second time in my kdrama history asking-Dear God, you created these 2 beautiful talented people..so let them be real and live happily ever after! And this is my first time ever posting in a public shipping forum only because of the lovely KGE&LMH. Thats how powerful they are! We never know what is the real deal but we do hope they are happy..of cause for them to end up together. ********* On the other note- i bumped into koala.p* blog. Just read her review on TKEM out of curiousity.Oh boy-many commenters on there are just..u know i am out of words! If you have nothing good to say then better say nothing. Why are some human beings like to degrade others? 1 particular comment even says why does LMH willing to be pairing with KGE in this drama? Why NOT? They are both doing superbly in the drama. Anyway..put this aside-i didnt mean to pull down happy mood in here.I just want to let it out my chest! Now..back to our gorgeous couple- LMH-KGE- fighting!
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