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  1. Hi guys. I’m just wondering. Is it really hard to spot all these Korean celebrities in Seoul. It’s amazing how paparazzi isnt as crazy in South Korea compare to Hollywood . And I love it how not even one information shared online about them.
  2. Yeh so true. A bit suspicious of them having the same manager. Considering both can have seperate managers. Is this normal sharing same managers? However we see mr ryu with yea ji more than with so hyun..
  3. I think some people here are expecting too much and wanting to see a lot of SYj and KSH close physical interaction in public. Too obsessed with them being together. You should know by now that PDA or whatever relationship they are in are something that is kept very private for these celebrities. What we see is what we get. We can only assume that they are together based on their current agency, same managers... but other than that who knows. and did anyone notice kSH looks more nervous than syj. In my opinion kSH would probably want syj to walk with him but because of the protocol they can’
  4. I love how seo ye ji dedicated her award to Kim so hyun opps “moon gangtae I mean.’ her best artist awards. For teaching her what warmth is, what emotion is and especially what love is....yea ji you so cheeky.! Hehhehe... Kim so hyun always look so dashing
  5. Some people are so conservative about yea ji wearing the dress. I think she wore it well, she would not have worn it if she didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. Unless there is no other choice for her but to wear it :/, otherwise she looks great on it. She carried the dress with grace.!!!
  6. Hi guys. I’m a big fan of the show. Hope we get more news and update from seo yeji and soo hyun. By the way. Does ye ji live near Kim so hyun.?
  7. Looks like Rachel has multiple houses. From the back ground from one of her YouTube pic. Hehhhehehe with the marble tiles.
  8. Hi guys. Is compagna and ziozia owned by same company. Probs right? Looks like both had the pictorial at the same time and at the same place. Just a random thought. Hehehe
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