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  1. Screaming!!!!!!! Swooning over BINJIN’s Smart ad. They’re so precious and look so good together! And they really made Yejin say “I DO”, well played Smart, well played! LOL
  2. Listening to KKT’s speech makes me think he loves and adores HB more than his own wife. Lmao. I love a good bromance and it’s so heartwarming to see his past pics hanging out with HB and SYJ. I could imagine the future family gatherings they’ll be having. I’m honestly a little concerned about HB looking tired look. It’s either they’re doing a lot of Netflix and chillin lol or he might be preparing for a role. He did look a little leaner in the first CA film so he probably is trying to get back to that look before filming starts. He always seems to be serious and quiet unless he’s wi
  3. CLOY world domination continues! I believe that time line is correct. Seri started going to Switzerland a year after Capt Ri went back to NK (after he told her so through his pre-made text msgs.) She failed to see him the 1st and 2nd time. Mr. Hong’s comments insinuate Seri has been going to Switzerland very often. The timeline is not very clear but it is most likely a few years after the 1st reunion since the Queen’s Group music program is an annual thing in Switzerland, assuming they meet every year prior to that holding hands scene. I’d like
  4. I found this gem on Instagram. Teenage Hyun Bin is so precious. And oh he was rappin’. Eminem is shookt. Lmao. I wonder if Jinnie had a crush on him in their younger years lol https://www.instagram.com/tv/CJzoOs0J_ql/?igshid=j6o7vsvw18un
  5. Y’all this past 24 hours have been absolutely enthralling and overwhelming for me. I’m still feeling high and trying to process that this is all real and I’m not dreaming. Lol. I barely slept last night from celebrating the New Year’s to coming home at 2AM to news that BINJIN is 100% LEGIT. I had to go to work a few hours later looking like a zombie that it made me wish they could’ve at least made the confirmation a day later when I didn’t have to work the next day. LMAO. I’m still on zombie mode as we speak but OMG what a lovely way to start the New Year! I was screaming and dancing albeit wi
  6. Okay hold on!! I’m shaking what’s going on lmao. I just got home from celebrating the New Year’s and I’m overwhelmed. Is BINJIN confirmed???!!! LIKE 100%?!
  7. HB and SYJ are both mature and smart individuals and I like the way they are handling their personal and professional life. As much as the guessing game is killing me, I understand why they’d rather keep mum on the current status of their relationship. CLOY just ended this year and it still pretty much very hot off the press. People are still talking and raving about it. It was a surprise international hit. If they’d announce it’d take the limelight off the show and I don’t think they like that. I think they are the type of people who prefer to be talked about for their works rather than their
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