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  1. Love this reaction video on CLOY by Americans of different backgrounds and age with ties to absolutely no ties with Korea. A must watch!
  2. Lol! I remember I used to play back every english and spanish speaking lines of HB while watching MOTA because it’s so dang sexy! Plus during his MetroStyle interview, I still swoon at how perfect his diction was when he said ‘Philippines’ with a perfect ‘ph’ sound. And yes it’s definitely NO BIGGIE! He can talk like Mr. Bean in front of me for all I care and I’d still take my panties off for him in no time. Sorry, another one married woman here thirsty for HB. Lmao
  3. Coming out of lurkville again cause I want to celebrate with you all! I just woke up from my side of the world and I’m usually sleepy when I do but now all my senses are wide awake because OMG Yejin is so friken sexy and cute in her SMART ad. I caaannn’t I’m so proud and impressed that her English has improved a lot too! I had quite a hard time understanding her English speaking lines in CLOY tbh but she surprisingly pulled her Smart ad off flawlessly! She’s most likely taking classes for her upcoming hollywood film and I could tell it is already paying off. I’m super impressed! On HB’s english, I’m pretty sure he’s just probably not as confident as it’s been a while since he had an English speaking project. I used to teach English to Koreans in my younger years and one of the things I noticed about them is they tend to be too overly conscious with their English skills (hence I get why Ye Jin seemed a bit embarrassed when she said ‘thank you very much’ during her Baeksang speech - she was soo cute btw aaahh! Lol) and one of my students mentioned they easily forget it because they don’t get a chance to practice on a daily basis. Back to the SMART ad, I’m soooo kilig! I can’t wait for their joint CF, my poor weak BINJIN heaarrt and anybody’s getting a feeling YJ’s ring is maaaaaaybe a wedding ring? She probably just put it on her index finger during shoots to avoid people talking.
  4. Daaang he’s so frikken HOTTTT it’s almost illegal. Any one else laughing over HB going the wrong way after the temperature check? Lmao. Reminds me of CLOY BTS where he always seemed to be taking the wrong direction when walking out of a scene. Hahahaha
  5. Found this gold on YouTube! For both Friends and CLOY fans, enjoy! Ahhh how I miss the NK squad! Makes me wanna go for another rewatch
  6. You have pretty much laid out why these naysayers are wrong and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes people just hate things because they’re popular. I respect valid opinions and I know no one can please everybody, not even a critically acclaimed and commercially successful series. But elitist comments annoy the heck out of me cause they’re just basically hating and sour grapes for nothin, likely because their favorites didn’t get the same recognition. But I gotta respect their often times half-baked and foolish opinions ‘cause... freedom of speech. Lol In addition to what you have pointed out, I don’t think CLOY will break records in SK if it wasn’t that popular when it was airing, plus HB and SYJ’s popularity and star value soared higher back then. There was that ranking that I saw posted here a couple of hundred pages ago. Lol. And wow you have a good eye! I didn’t notice CLOY’s satisfaction rating is higher than domestic dramas! Japan is still super whipped on CLOY, I keep finding articles almost on a daily basis! Lol. Here’s the latest one. Nothing much new, just saying how CLOY broke barriers by being the most popular show these days despite the deteriorating Japan-SK relationship and the series not being broadcasted on major Japanese networks. Apparently, since the fall-out between the two countries these past few years, there is a deliberate attempt by the gov’t to tone down Korean content and influence so it’s truly phenomenal how CLOY became so popular in spite of all these hurdles. on a completely different topic, this new Soompi look is giving me headaches. Such an eyesore lol. Can this be changed?
  7. this is awesome! But who are these naysayers?? LOL. CLOY broke many records in SK while it was airing and its OST reached the top of the charts when it was simultaneously released at that time. Considering it was aired in SK before the lockdown happened and for it to reach 20++ ratings was a huge deal because TV ratings was on a downward trend over the past few years. CLOY was the talk of the town and was almost always trending back then. Even kpop stars and k-celebrities were talking about it. There was one kpop star (i don’t know who I just watched the video lmao but he’s supposed to be popular) and he was trying to copy the NK accent from the show. Another korean celebrity also referenced the show while she was vacationing in Switzerland and of course there’s that kpop star who covered Here I Am Again, CLOY’s national anthem. Lol On another note, I found this new article about overseas dramas’ “satisfaction rating” in Japan and CLOY ranked number 1. The translation is a bit off but you can still pretty much get the gist of what it’s trying to say. Lol. CLOY is translated as “Love’s Untimely Arrival.” The rankings are as follows: Overseas Drama Satisfaction (Score) Ranking 1st place: "Love's Untimely Arrival" (4.58) 2nd place: "Sex Education Season 2" (4.42) 3rd place: "Paper House Season 4" (4.41) 4th: "Hollywood" (4.28) 5th: "Kingdom Season 2" (4.26) 6th place: "Ritaiin Class" (4.22) 7th: "Knot Okay" (4.07) 8th: "13 Reasons Season 4" (3.903) 9th: "Human Lessons" (3.897) 10th: "Rock & Key" (3.895)
  8. Love this review on CLOY from an LA based filmmaker. and this might be the best rendition of ‘The Song for My Brother’. He is a pianist/teacher in SK, reminds me of Capt Ri. So dreamy. Lol
  9. Awesome! Wow this is impressive...CLOY is truly a phenomenon in Japan right now. I wish there is an English translation but from a hunch I think they featured real life NK defectors who has a similar love story as our main leads. So proud of CLOY. I think one reason it’s so popular worldwide is its universal theme of romeo & juliet-ish love story, the fascination on North Korea... you couple that with a well written script, incredible cast chemistry and you got yourself one unforgettable hard-to-get-over masterpiece.
  10. CLOY in an Australian game show lol. Worldwide domination it is! also sharing this Academic and scholarly article on CLOY. It’s a long but worthy read!
  11. Reddit! I love the discussions there too, a little less hostile and less fan wars lol but it’s not as engaging as this forum as it’s mostly just CLOY related and not really BINJIN shipping centric. you may also browse their kdrama and kdramarecommends community, I’d see some occasional CLOY related stuff there too aside from the link above. Or better yet just write Crash Landing On You in the search bar and enjoy all the goodies. You’re welcome. Lol Re: CLOY casting I read an article before where it says HB was the 1st preference for RJH because of his previous NK role. I’ll post the link when I can find it. Personally, I don’t think it matters who gets offered first. It doesn’t undermine one’s achievement if the other one was offered 1st. Both are perfect for the roles and they frikken aced it to a tee. No arguments needed.
  12. I read the comments on this Reddit discussion and I agree, this needs to be shared everywhere. To the CLOY cast and crew, you are all well-loved and appreciated. Thank you for bringing brightness into our lives in these dark trying times. <3
  13. On point with your observation re: SK glorification. Their sense of nationalism is very high, probably why they can’t really appreciate the beauty and edge of CLOY from an international audience’s perspective. The world has always been curious about world’s most isolated society and seeing it in a new light through a very addictive, heartwarming well-crafted rom-com is revolutionary. If watching it didn’t make you wish and scream for reunification every 5 dang minutes then I don’t know what is. To the world, the show is phenomenal, but probably to South Koreans, the show brought more positive spotlight on its enemy rather than on their own country so it’s quite understandable. Sigh...quoting Seri during one of her farewell conversations with the ducklings in Seoul, “I wish the world will become a beautiful place...” As for Emmy’s, there’s a slight chance as CLOY is a Netflix produced series but I believe there is an International Emmy’s award as well which will probably give them better chances of getting nominations and hopefully much deserving wins. Yes, very true with your observations. It’s sad that some critics just saw it as a mere ‘romanticization’ of NK rather than humanizing its people. And the show is more than just about NK, the show is phenomenal for many reasons a lot of us have been pointing out here and everywhere. CLOY is truly a masterpiece. PERIOD.
  14. OMG y’all just took the words right out of my mouth. I’m feeling so bummed to be quite honest. CLOY was totally robbed. I didn’t expect much about the acting awards cause the competition was stiff but CLOY totally deserved to get the Grand Prize if not Best Drama considering its impact on Hallyu wave. THEY frikken revived it and gave it new audiences from ALL OVER the world! The glowing reviews from various and major international media, the rankings on Netflix from all over the world, the record-breaking tv ratings, the number of viewership and even how CLOY-dominated the comments were during Vlive’s broadcast, I don’t see any dramas with the same feat, not even DOTS or Goblin back in their days. It’s really a bummer how politics could’ve played a role here. CLOY recently headlined the international news about NK being offended with some dialogue used in the series: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8383745/amp/North-Korea-cracks-SARCASM-great-idea.html Nonetheless, I believe CLOY deserves more. It’s a beautiful series literally in every aspect and is loved by audiences everywhere and it’s a shame Korea couldn’t give the credit it is due because Kim Jung Un is having tantrums. I checked out the comments on Naver and although the translations are a bit off I could tell a lot of them are also disappointed CLOY only got the popularity awards. Some even find it preposterous and are suggesting TvN should just get it’s own award giving body since the cable shows were pretty much ignored by Baeksang anyway. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: https://m.tv.naver.com/v/14148221 I’m really hoping the Emmy’s or its international counterpart will recognize CLOY’s greatness. I’ve also lost faith in the Korean awards, for a time it felt like they only used CLOY for clout. I feel stupid for staying up til 7am in the morning to watch it. I’m in the US east coast. Lol. I watched the whole red carpet thing but fell asleep during the long a$$ commercial break so I missed the part when our OTPs went up the stage for the popularity award, woke up right after it only to be disappointed cause they didn’t get any awards anyway. I’m so mad I couldn’t sleep. I should’ve just went to bed early LOL
  15. it doesn’t have a literal english equivalent unfortunately, the closest translation is ‘giddy’ added with lots of pink heart bubbles, heart meltin feeling and butterflies in your tummy. LOL I don’t know how to insert a gif here to capture how it’s like but it looks like this lol: https://giphy.com/gifs/happy-personal-kilig-ctOyzPGZ7lxm https://reactiongifs.me/marshall-eriksen-aww-gif/
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