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  1. This show is so loosely written and boring 

    None of the cast is suited to their roles 

    The leads hv ZERO chemistry 

    Given now a days the script is becoming crisper and epis of less Duration but here the same RickRoll'D is going on in circles 

    This can't be even called story development 

    Epis 1 and 2 were still okay 

    But 3 and 4 were such a drag 

    This is really unfortunate to see such a big budget show being wasted of poor screenplay and pathetic casting 


    I give up


    I can't even call it my guilty pleasure 


    Sweet home and lovestruck in the city were way less budgeted but the script and cast and the chemistry between the characters were so good.. It's unbelievable 


    Compared to that this show is a snooze fest 



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  2. I still can't get over the rooftop scene and the rolling down scene GOD THE LEVEL OF CHEMISTRY IS SCORCHING HOT ... This writer is a GEM... The show has an a. Amzing mixture of humor seriousness and romance which I haven't seen in any kdrama before 

    And JCW and KJW are equally good in all 3 genres just shows how INCREDIBLY talented these 2 are 

    I m SO SO SO HAPPY it will hv 17 epis 

    The more the merrier 

    Also I m so glad finally finally the show is getting recognition the way it deserves 

    @jichangwook @geewonii



    Copy paste the above comments of urs and tag them on insta and share the feedbk plz 

    They need to know how much we r loving them 

    The above 3 ids are official 

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  3. Today's epsiode belonged to JCW and KJW only..the chemistry is electrifying.. . God his frustration desperation heartbreak was beyond magical.... I cant believe the drunk scene whereas I hv seen like a zillion drunk scenes in movies and dramas 

    The dialogues were also very good 

    I m so glad this show is there on Netflix for the world to see... 


    Guys PLZ write to JCW and KJW on their insta acct wall that how good they both were in today's epi 

    Just copy paste ur comment here and write there 

    They both need to know how much we r loving them and also the show 

    Tag them and also kakaotv 

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  4. To be very honest 


    After CLOY they should milk the global fame 

    Inspite of the pandemic drama shoots are going on and every other actor has a good drama coming up in 2021 except BINJIN 

    I know ye Jin has cross but Hyun bin should take up a good project asap 

    Really want to see him on screen 

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  5. I can't stop watching episode 4 

    The chemistry is to DIE for 

    I loved JCW with park min young only in healer 

    I didn't like his pairing in suspicious partner or k2 or melting me softly 

    But he was kickass in Backstreet rookie with Kim yoo Jung 

    They were a fun and cute couple 


    But GOOD LORD THE CHEMISTRY WITH KIM JI WON IS JUST OIT OF THE WORLD.... no wonder the director said he thought they were dating 

    I hv seen like a zillion romance scenes in kdramas by now but this is just so refreshing scintillating 

    The sexual tension is all over the place but it doesn't look forced unnecessary or vulgar at all 


    I never imagined JCW and KJW can play such amazing lovers with such unbelievable chemistry with so much ease 


    This is INSANE 

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  6. New fan of Ji sung after watching the defendant



    What a performer 

    Now I need to watch doctor john and the familiar wife 

    I started watching KMHM but it was taken off Netflix this 25th Dec 2020 

    Damn it 

    Netflix should show warnings a month before the shows r taken off so that we can watch them before they vanish 

    I really wanted a better cast for the devil judge 

    I don't like the other male lead neither do I like any of the female leads 

    I so want to see park min young or son ye Jin or Kim OK bin or Kim ji won with him 

    I don't know why is he always unlucky when it comes to being paired with a good actress 

    And I guess I m the only one who doesn't like his pairing with the KMHM actress and they hv like 2 shows together back to back 

    Secret love and this 

    I mean 

    Like what the hell 

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