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  1. This show is so loosely written and boring None of the cast is suited to their roles The leads hv ZERO chemistry Given now a days the script is becoming crisper and epis of less Duration but here the same RickRoll'D is going on in circles This can't be even called story development Epis 1 and 2 were still okay But 3 and 4 were such a drag This is really unfortunate to see such a big budget show being wasted of poor screenplay and pathetic casting I give up I can't even call it my guilty pleasure Sweet home and love
  2. The photos hoot with the phones are so hot sexy classy elegant lovely at the same time I m running out of adjectives BINJIN looks so fresh so content so at peace... Uffffff... May the Almighty protect them
  3. Insta has a lot of wookwon shippers and they are now excited about the fact how both JCW and jowom agencies updated together today just like the way BINJIN updates used to come on the same day from their respective agencies
  4. Insta is trending with the fact that in the CF Jin playfully hitting Bin on the chest was NOT IN THE SCRIPT... Someone from smart authority confirmed it on Twitter ... it was an improvisation by Jin and that 1 extra second broke the internet on v day
  5. THE CHEMISTRY OMGGGGGG I LOVE HOW JCW keeps dropping hints which really makes it very hard for me to not ship them in real life I hv watched all shows of JCW but this looks so real
  6. Loved the surfboard scene KJW killed that scene And the surf board is indeed so gorgeous Loving seeing the gals side of the feelings now The writer of this show is a GEM and way underrated I m so glad this work is on Netflix and getting the recognition it so deserves
  7. Hyun bin is SUCH A GENTLEMAN.... so dignified... So classy... Yet so genuine... Hats off
  8. I blushed while Ji won said she would be thinking about the fans only 24x7 Then JCW said what will I do then Then she laughed shyly Issshhhh Dream couple
  9. The chemistry Omgggg God why are they so perfect It's getting harder for me day to day not to ship them https://youtu.be/9tdnG-lbFUI
  10. I still can't get over the rooftop scene and the rolling down scene GOD THE LEVEL OF CHEMISTRY IS SCORCHING HOT ... This writer is a GEM... The show has an a. Amzing mixture of humor seriousness and romance which I haven't seen in any kdrama before And JCW and KJW are equally good in all 3 genres just shows how INCREDIBLY talented these 2 are I m SO SO SO HAPPY it will hv 17 epis The more the merrier Also I m so glad finally finally the show is getting recognition the way it deserves @jichangwook @geewonii @kakaotv.official Copy paste the above com
  11. Today's epi 9 was BOMB I m soooooo excited to read everyone's comments I just can't believe the height of chemistry between JCW and KJW It's driving me nuts.. Like literally
  12. Today's epsiode belonged to JCW and KJW only..the chemistry is electrifying.. . God his frustration desperation heartbreak was beyond magical.... I cant believe the drunk scene whereas I hv seen like a zillion drunk scenes in movies and dramas The dialogues were also very good I m so glad this show is there on Netflix for the world to see...
  13. To be very honest I WOULD REALLY LIKE HYUN BIN and SON YE JIN TO DO A GOOD DRAMA now After CLOY they should milk the global fame Inspite of the pandemic drama shoots are going on and every other actor has a good drama coming up in 2021 except BINJIN I know ye Jin has cross but Hyun bin should take up a good project asap Really want to see him on screen
  14. I don't like Park shin Hye She can't act and she looks very mediocre as well I wonder why she ends up getting all the good films and popular ddramas I wud have loved it if the female lead was someone else here as I m a crazy fan of the male lead Even in memories of the Alhambra... There was zero chemistry with Hyun bin and her acting was so below average
  15. Today's surfboard paint scenes.... The surfing scenes and the post surfing scene Omgggg Omgggg Omgggg Omgggg THIS REEL LIFE COUPLE AND BINJIN REAL LIFE COUPLE HAS INDEED BEEN THE MOST PRECIOUS UNEXPECTED NEW YEAR GIFTS I GOT Geez JCW AND KJW CHEMISTRY IS TO DIE FOR
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