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  1. There were several posts after that award ceremony confirming that V was not waving to her. He waved to someone else. V actually looked concerned when he saw R because she looked bored or unhappy.
  2. The first set pictures with heavy jackets were taken when rehearsing the shot and the last 2 pics were taken when they were on the actual shot. Nothing else. Nothing special. I don't know why we are talking about them in this forum.
  3. Thanks for the insight. I think 6969 in Chinese may also mean a very long time. So my interpretation is 2(love)-116(Gao Wei Huang)-6969(very long time)-88(Reba).
  4. I feel the same way too. R may be unhappy with the arrangement that she was isolated at the corner in the back seat. When V turned around and saw that, he looked worry and concerned immediately. My heart hurts seeing this screen. They were so close yet so far. If they were just casual friends, at least they could have chatted with each other. My dilulu mind hope that V comforted her at the back stage after the award.
  5. You can tell from his eyes that he is caring and longing to be with her. His facial expression has changed instantly from friendly greeting to caring or a bit of worrying once he turned his face to her. After the long drought, we finally receive the sugar from our lovely couple. May the flowers bloom sooner.
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