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  1. As a half chinese, I’m now regretful I didn’t learn how to read or write in mandarin. My late mother used to tell my sisters and I that if our ancestors are the same characters in mulan, she doesn’t know how to hide us
  2. LOL.. I remember most of her interviews Yes, she mentioned in an interview few years back she visits Yoo inna all the time because they lived in same building. No idea where though
  3. Some are clays of the king’s character. As of the expensive gifts, sometimes, those brands itself send gifts to celebrities (its marketing). And yes, fans gifted their idols branded stuffs too.
  4. I think this is October last year when she went to Paris for Chanel photoshoot. She did one last week though, but no idea for what mag.
  5. I honestly think that last episode ending was not the original script. The story arc seems wrong and was not tight. If I remember correctly, almost all the second half epi 16 was shot on the last week of the shooting. Seems rushed. Not the 1940’s scene though. The props was good and well thought.
  6. Old news. Most argenias knows about it. Our girl and bhent owner invested on kakao long ago (can’t recall the exact date) and by june last year they makes tonnes of dough out of it. It seems our pyeha is investing on it too last sept after our girl (the way she is implying here lol). No biggie lol
  7. Who would want to be sued? They were protected by their agency. GE’s agency already made an announcement they will sue anybody who start baseless rumours on their artists. This came out right before TKEM aired.
  8. Agree with what you said but our girl is “The Queen” right? So, she win p/s sorry I can’t help myself
  9. The poster said she apologised for deleting the post, she just want our pyeha to confirm it first. It’s not right for her to do it before him. She only post 100% legit story Rough translations. My indo is limited.
  10. I’m a lurker since early of this year. I cannot believe that my first time posting something here just to admit that, I am a loser. Geesssh!!
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