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  1. Thank you for this hihi I am actually a newbie here and kinda having a hard time on where and how to start hahaha lol but now that I have the reference, let the sleepless nights begin lol HAHAHA.
  2. I promise myself to keep quiet as much as I should and to stay as a lowkey lurker. But dang, the intensity and power this paragraph possessed, Louder pls . it's really fulfilling to read such words. It's like the inner voice within me had finally spoken, loudly and clear. It's an eye-opening not just for this fandom, but also for the other fans in this fangirling/fanboying world 'cause she's/he's right, they don't owe us anything, it is our decision, our wholesome choice to follow and look upon them, but still it's their life, their choice, and we, as their fans, need to respect it. Doesn't mean that we're their fans, we have the rights to dictate what they have or need to do in their life, 'cause at the end of the sheet of the paper, it's their life not ours. Thank you so much for this! And for the whole thread you made, whoever you are I just want to say thank you for voicing out what we— silent lurkers —wanted to say. God bles you and our ship! Let's just continue sailing this ship on smooth waves with our captains leading the way. Let's just make love not war, love y'all ^^ xo =*
  3. I hope she will do action dramas again, I think action drama fits on her really well too just like her characters Chae Young shin and Kim Na na.
  4. OMOOO It's seems like the bag on the table contains a camera, uwuuuu Are they going to have a collab? It's either on PMY's channel or PJJ's channel?
  5. Hahahaha so pmy is just excited that's it hahaha but hopefully it's really the release date of her yt channel hihi can't wait.
  6. Therefore, 6.10 might not be the release date of her vlog? Since most of the comments were about the release date of her vlog? : (
  7. Omo hahahaha it's just now when I noticed that she's not using her index finger when using chopsticks hahaha thank you for this! I actually tried using chopsticks just now without using my index finger and I found it hard. I wonder why she's using chopsticks that way hahah such a cutie.
  8. Ahmmm just a random thought, what if those two are lowkey lurkers here, I mean it's not impossible right? Since this is an open access page and soompi is a korean entertainment website. I wonder what will be their reactions while lurking around here hihe.
  9. Ahmmm just wanna ask :< I really want to watch the full dvd documentary of wwwsk :< it is too much to ask for it but Is there any source I can visit or check so I/we can watch it? Thank you so much and I am sorry for burdening y'all : (
  10. Is there anyone here have any idea when will PMY have her own YouTube Channel just like Record Park's? : (
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