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  1. Can it be? Will Ye Ji stay with Jin in the end? I mean it looks like she is going to break up with him in the next episode. Usually when it happens at this stage in a kdrama, a couple gets back together by the end. I can understand many things, but him staying away for the whole of 7 years and with his ex no less tells me he doesn't love Ye Ji, plus he is trying to keep her away from her mother now, which makes me dislike him to the extreme.
  2. Calling the dibs is a bit pointless, not to mention selfish in my personal opinion if the person you are calling the dibs on is not interested. However if it appears like the person in question could potentially develop those feelings then the selfish person is the one to chose to pursue his brother's love interest. I am not defending Jin here, in fact the opposite. I think when he first arrived he saw that the relationship between Hwan and Ye Ji was tender, it might not have been romantic from her side, but he couldn't have known it, yet he tried to pursue her anyway. Ok lets assume he convinced himself that Ye Ji simply cannot have feelings for an under aged guy. Even then though he taunted Hwan with his feelings instead of trying to be gentle. I might have understood that if Jin looked like he was desparately in love with Ye Ji, but as somebody mentioned before to me it looked like Jin chose Ye Ji just because Hwan was interested in her. It could have been a fault in writing and not meant this way, but that's the way I read the situation. I think had he not arrived Ye Ji might have developed feelings for Hwan at some stage later when he got a bit older, there was a huge potential there.
  3. Hmmm it does very much look like she is attracted to Hwan too. Are they showing this to us for no reason? I am quite curious what is going to happen next. We are halfway though and I still have no clue who she is going to end up with, which is exciting. I do begin to think that it might be neither of the brothers though. If I was to predict what is going to happen next I'd say Ye Ji will initially be angry and happy at the same time, then extremely guilty and confused about her feelings, because as I have said earlier they showed us her being attracted to Hwan for a reason. If I was looking at the narration alone and it wasn't a kdrama I'd say absolutely any ending is possible, but it is one so I'm beginning to think Ye Ji and Hwan might not be a possibility. I am shipping her with Hwan, but in the end I want her to pick the person she really loves, I'd hate it if she just settled.
  4. Thank you for clarifying I'm tagging @partyon too It's true that so much is going on in the episodes that I haven't even paid much attention to it, but I've just watched ep 3( will not spoil anything) and I cannot unhear all the background music after all the talk It's my 6th time watching this drama, but my first time noticing just how much of it is in the drama. Btw I still like it, but I get what you are saying, IT'S THERE! Wow I love that sound and the video that comes with it looks pretty cool. Thank you
  5. To be honest I am not an expert in Korean traditional instruments, so I am not sure... I know much of it sounds like typical Epic music that is played in historical movies from all over the world. There are fusion of styles too, like this: Pretty sure I hear waltz in this, but also some more traditional notes? As I said however I know next to nothing when it comes to traditional music stuff. Can anybody else shed some light?
  6. I love how quickly everything moves in this drama. Glad we weren't stuck in the childhood stage for 10000000000000 episodes Ji Chang Wook's character appears so weak and I like it, not one of your typical male leads. Actually it's interesting how different the 2 male leads are to each other, their personalities are almost the opposite. Wang Yu - strong, brave, masculine, reliable. Ta Hwan - weak, cowardly, childish. Don't get me wrong I like both of them so far, but for different reasons. Wang Yu is already accomplished, he is the type of guy you'd want in the real life. While Ta Hwan is very interesting within the fiction world, because it looks like there is plenty of room for growth. One wonders will it or will it not happen? Btw am I the only one who actually likes the background music?
  7. Judging from the 1st episode Ji Soo is the male lead, but is he the romantic ML? That remains to be seen. I'm am seemingly in the minority and I really enjoy 2 guys 1 girl love triangles, so I like that it isn't clear from the start who is going to end up with who( if anybody), very much looking forward to the rest of the show.
  8. Considering how fast paced this drama is, her punishing him herself would add tension and make a lot of sense . I can't believe she found out the truth so early, at this stage I am beginning to wonder what next and we aren't even halfway through.
  9. My memory can be a little off, but didn't she say something about different types of punishments one official and the other personal? I understand the official bit, but the personal one? Is she thinking of leaving him once she discovers the whole truth or perhaps I am reading too much into it.
  10. Empress Ki sticks to the basic outlines, but isn't accurate, they have changed a lot. I normally prefer it this way as long as it's very clear that they are taking artistic liberties. I do like dramas that are very historically accurate too, but need to be in the mood for all the darkness. Wouldn't want to live during those times. Wouldn't mind a short time travelling trip though
  11. OMG they should have at least let YDJ finish the current project. Thank you for clarifying. Well JKY himself said he'd be enlisting soon, so I don't think he has any medical conditions that would exempt him, at least not that he is aware of. As you have said there could be some info that they are aware of, but we might not know related to enlistment delays. I suppose the only thing we can do is wait...
  12. I'm going to be honest, I have zero clue how the whole enlistment thing works in Korea. However, surely the casting agents must be aware of the process. I am surprised they have made an offer if there is no way for him to postpone his army service
  13. Very possible I suppose. With regards to that drama 간 떨어지는 동거 the role in which he's be offered. I've become quite a fan of that webtoon and I am checking the news on it everyday, but heard nothing. I mean not just about JKY, but also about Lee Hye Ri or any other potential casting. So I think the lack of news on that could be related to delays connected to that particular project rather than JKY. Of course my Korean is pretty basic and most of the news I am reading are in English, so it could be that something has been said, but I don't know about it.
  14. He seems to take 'making a wish' business very seriously It's endearing
  15. I think he is better than what many of us originally imagined he'd be. I do agree he isn't a nice guy either, his desire to keep his family despite everything is selfish, but there is more to it than just him needing JW to keep his father away. That early days scene when he was standing like a fool in the rain just looking at her smiling, he seemed fascinated and transfixed, plenty of emotions on the face of a person that isn't supposed to feel any.
  16. Perhaps they have been together for 14 years and married only a few years ago?
  17. I am always at it I did watch it, thank you. It's hilarious :-) I'm slowly moving through all the non drama stuff he is in. I guess with his birthday coming up we are going to be hearing more news, either about the enlistment or that gumiho drama.. So whatever may come we'll hopefully find out soon.
  18. @mademoisellesia I have only recently discovered this talented guy and while I've been binge watching all of the dramas where he plays the ML, I'd still would have loved to have an upcoming drama I could look forward to with him in it before he enlists. I know there is a movie and now a photoshoot too, but they don't last as long as dramas do Guess I am being greedy here
  19. @whiteclover Hello Hello Helpful as ever, thank you :-) Sounds like there is going to be some kind of blackmailing/ threatening of BHS on purpose involved and he won't be too happy about it . Or is it just me? I am really hoping this is on NETFLIX, it would make life so much easier, but haven't seen it advertised as one of their shows yet :-(
  20. I cannot understand much of what they are saying, but the images are quite telling Not sure why he is trying to strangle that guy though... OMG is it 29th yet??!
  21. It seems like it's taking a while for him to make that decision or they haven't released the news yet? Or perhaps he is going to enlist After reading the first few chapters of the webtoon I think it'd suit him well. Look wise it's an absolute match and the character seems like a cool character to play.
  22. Well she could be talking to anybody, they are not showing who she is addressing.Will they start with suspicions early on in the drama I wonder, surely they'd need to establish a "happy family" first. Edgy! What is he afraid of? Losing his family or is it his cover? Or both? Also "I will not stop until the very end" sounds dangerous and desperate, just how far will he go? They definitely know how to keep us excited!
  23. Some actors just want to act and don't really want all the fame. Their passion is acting, becoming somebody else for a certain period of time. Look at Daniel Day Lewis, he is considered one of the best actors out there and is very well respected, but he has always lead a quiet life, the thing that promoted him was his talent. Him retiring is a great loss to the movie industry . I agree about promoting the shows though, an unfortunate thing that the movie actors that don't want all the limelight have to face is that this is a must.
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