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  1. I thought I have misheard it at first. She did! I am suspicious of the previews though, I hope they are not trying to mislead us
  2. Any longer and he will begin to look like Ji Chul from Born Again If I had to make a guess I'd say it's for a part in a drama
  3. The only reason I can think of is to show that he is trying? Not sure whether it's a good enough reason to have her there though. He might end up with her or he might realise that nothing works... I am seriously doubting that he can ever develop proper romantic feelings for Amber, it has been 7 years, long enough to know one's heart. I'd hate for him to end up with her, because I could never believe he will be happy in those relationships. He should either find another girl, stay alone or try it with Ye Ji if she agreed to it. Ye Ji is another lost one, but in a different way
  4. Some gossips going around that Hyeri was seen shooting around Seoul National University. Would be good if they released something official related to the drama or at least fan made pictures. I mean we don't even know who the rest of the cast are...
  5. Can it be? Will Ye Ji stay with Jin in the end? I mean it looks like she is going to break up with him in the next episode. Usually when it happens at this stage in a kdrama, a couple gets back together by the end. I can understand many things, but him staying away for the whole of 7 years and with his ex no less tells me he doesn't love Ye Ji, plus he is trying to keep her away from her mother now, which makes me dislike him to the extreme.
  6. Calling the dibs is a bit pointless, not to mention selfish in my personal opinion if the person you are calling the dibs on is not interested. However if it appears like the person in question could potentially develop those feelings then the selfish person is the one to chose to pursue his brother's love interest. I am not defending Jin here, in fact the opposite. I think when he first arrived he saw that the relationship between Hwan and Ye Ji was tender, it might not have been romantic from her side, but he couldn't have known it, yet he tried to pursue her anyway. Ok lets assume
  7. Hmmm it does very much look like she is attracted to Hwan too. Are they showing this to us for no reason? I am quite curious what is going to happen next. We are halfway though and I still have no clue who she is going to end up with, which is exciting. I do begin to think that it might be neither of the brothers though. If I was to predict what is going to happen next I'd say Ye Ji will initially be angry and happy at the same time, then extremely guilty and confused about her feelings, because as I have said earlier they showed us her being attracted to Hwan for a reason. If I
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