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  1. I am always at it I did watch it, thank you. It's hilarious :-) I'm slowly moving through all the non drama stuff he is in. I guess with his birthday coming up we are going to be hearing more news, either about the enlistment or that gumiho drama.. So whatever may come we'll hopefully find out soon.
  2. @mademoisellesia I have only recently discovered this talented guy and while I've been binge watching all of the dramas where he plays the ML, I'd still would have loved to have an upcoming drama I could look forward to with him in it before he enlists. I know there is a movie and now a photoshoot too, but they don't last as long as dramas do Guess I am being greedy here
  3. @whiteclover Hello Hello Helpful as ever, thank you :-) Sounds like there is going to be some kind of blackmailing/ threatening of BHS on purpose involved and he won't be too happy about it . Or is it just me? I am really hoping this is on NETFLIX, it would make life so much easier, but haven't seen it advertised as one of their shows yet :-(
  4. I cannot understand much of what they are saying, but the images are quite telling Not sure why he is trying to strangle that guy though... OMG is it 29th yet??!
  5. It seems like it's taking a while for him to make that decision or they haven't released the news yet? Or perhaps he is going to enlist After reading the first few chapters of the webtoon I think it'd suit him well. Look wise it's an absolute match and the character seems like a cool character to play.
  6. Well she could be talking to anybody, they are not showing who she is addressing.Will they start with suspicions early on in the drama I wonder, surely they'd need to establish a "happy family" first. Edgy! What is he afraid of? Losing his family or is it his cover? Or both? Also "I will not stop until the very end" sounds dangerous and desperate, just how far will he go? They definitely know how to keep us excited!
  7. Some actors just want to act and don't really want all the fame. Their passion is acting, becoming somebody else for a certain period of time. Look at Daniel Day Lewis, he is considered one of the best actors out there and is very well respected, but he has always lead a quiet life, the thing that promoted him was his talent. Him retiring is a great loss to the movie industry . I agree about promoting the shows though, an unfortunate thing that the movie actors that don't want all the limelight have to face is that this is a must.
  8. Is it just me or is it getting hot in here? Somebody give me some iced water!! Seriously their passionate and at the same time dangerous look makes my heart race!
  9. Really? That's interesting, for me it's the opposite and I'm desperate to watch any drama with any of the actors from the main trio. Despite everything I miss their faces
  10. You mean SIG and LSH movie? I have just checked and I didn't know, thank you for letting me know. I was furious with the ML in that, arhhhh. And yes Nam-gil was perfect in every way, can we all have a Nam-gil each please?
  11. JSY - Bridal Mask JKY - Go Back Couple ( my worst second lead syndrome ever!) LSH - High School King of Savvy (Can I take Seo In Guk and put him in my pocket?)
  12. Ah it's a tough one. I want it to have good ratings, but if it is at 11pm it might lose some of the views, but at the same time I want it to air sooner
  13. Thank you, episode 10 is indeed when it felt like the direction changed.
  14. This made me wonder. Is this something to do with the translation or perhaps the culture? I'd love to hear how the Korean audience understood it and how indeed they would answer this question.
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