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  1. Fellow shippers, remember that one time when Ye Jin said, while denying dating rumors with others, that she would rather be in a TRUE ROMANTIC RUMOR? Well, look no further, we have BINJIN! And so far no out front denial from either especially Ye Jin who is pretty much known for being straightforward when it comes to dating rumors. Just wait patiently and pray desperately. Our ship is sailing smoothly.
  2. The cliched “busy schedule” has been a major reason for relationships to not work out, at least in K ent. Isn’t it cool how our OTP take their turn with being a “cow?” When one is busy, the other is off the limelight. After HB cfs pre-Baeksang, we’ve been blessed with SYJ’s IG and cfs the past few days. I just love how they seamlessly work things out to ensure they’re always available for each other. BINJIN fighting! I am so desperate but patiently waiting for the announcement.
  3. We have been warned. We are barely surviving from euphoria with SYJ liking fans’ posts. I am really scared of what’s gonna happen to our fragile hearts when the BIG ONE comes.
  4. It is not a matter of IF they are in a relationship between BINJIN. It’s a matter of WHEN they are going to let us know to a reasonable extent about their love for each other. The least and best we can do to make this happen is to give them that space to further deepen that relationship. In the meantime, let us just continue to enjoy the sweet breeze our ship is generating from its smooth sailing. Let us all take care of ourselves and stay healthy so when that wonderful time comes, we would actually all survive to enjoy it
  5. @Hyeongki_Cow SYJ’ car was an Explorer and HB’s was a Navigator. It’d be nice though if it’s the same car. @ednamode101 What do you think are SYJ’s shoes?
  6. If you have an issue with someone, pls just DM that person. For the rest of us, just ignore those who bring up negative vibes. This is after all a happy place for a lot of us. We got this! Fighting!
  7. @ElectricHearts I tried to DM you msge you but apparently you don’t accept any.
  8. I just thought of something... so at the next Baeksang Popularity Award, will BinJin be presenting then? Just curious...
  9. @superspace Tiktok for red carpet VLive JTBC plus channel for live streaming of the event
  10. @BinJin2020 That’s Chen Bolin, his costar in Bad Guys Always Die. He’s a Taiwanese actor.
  11. The floral dress with a purple sweater was meant to be part of the original ending but didn’t happen because of the controversy between the SK and NK. Hence, we got 2 weeks/year meet in Switzerland instead of being together forever. Both were shot in Switzerland. The ending scene that was shot in the studio was part of the close up paragliding kissing scene. Hope that helps.
  12. Be patient, just keep pressing. It may take a few minutes. It will work as long as you have not voted for the day on that account.
  13. Once you’ve found the Baeksang Official account in Tik tok, open it, follow the account and click on the website link just bellow that says https://url.kr/LEbast. It will bring you to a site then choose English ( instead of Korean). Vote for HB up to 3x and SYJ up to 3x. It will tell you once you have reached your limit for the day. You can also share to other media platforms including cell/mobile numbers. Hope this helps. I had a little struggle too before figuring it out.
  14. Well, his role in Late Autumn was that of a gigolo. French kissing was a given. However, in CLOY, he’s supposed to exude someone who was pure and innocent and yet we got more than a PG-14 albeit only on close up from dedicated fans who took the effort to dissect and produce clearer images than what was presented in the show.
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