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  1. @Thirtysvn37 Yeah probably lmao . Bcoz MGY is kind a bookworm girl and cancer girl , so i just feeling that her post had a meaning and cryptic message. I thought just a picture of sky --> blue and line of light --> yellow , but when i browsed about photography since i have a hobby in that field, and then read about Blue Hour event , i remember the IG story MGY. If its true that he was there just to "visit" MGY , i don't what to say , that he's very care for her . I wish we can get more this spoiled content again in next time
  2. Now i know why MGY deleted this story at 18 Sept 2020. You know , photographer called it as "Blue Hour" , The blue hour (from French l'heure bleue) is the period of twilight (in the morning or evening, around the nautical stage) when the Sun is at a significant depth below the horizon and residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade, which differs from the one visible during most of a clear day, which is caused by Rayleigh scattering. Many artists value this period for the quality of the soft light. Although the blue hour does not have an official definition, the blue color spectrum is most prominent when the Sun is between 4° and 8° below the horizon. Photographers cherish blue hour for the tranquil mood it sets.
  3. Is it will be kind live IG or only QnA session in IG comment ?? I kind excited to see MGY interaction with CEW n HIY if there will IG live, i want to compare it with KDW oppa lol
  4. I really happy , this is the best day ever. DC FMIYM is the best This is the first time i've ever seeing that one of DC drama fans support their actor/actress who starred another drama. They are indeed loved by many people esp MC Shipper. No wonder the caption of MGY don't make me her cry ath her work. She is touched. I thought she is only posted at YHJ account , but she posted also in her personal account, wow she is indeed overwhelmed with the supported that she get. Can we got KDW project confirmation , i can not wait he will get the same CT supported by DC FMIYM fans
  5. One of Kim Dong Wook best friends Ryu Deok Hwan whose starred also at Special Labor Inspector Mr Jo will getting married with his 7 years Girlfriend. He 'll preparing for the ceremony in October, but due to the new coronavirus situation, It will be postponed to next year. He's 33 years old. Source : http://www.wowkorea.jp/news/enter/2020/0826/10268713.html Wish we can get that kind news from KDW
  6. MBC will make a content documentary of Coffee Prince MBC Drama after 13 years. The type documentary will be like interviewed with actors/actress and the staff. It'll be broadcast in September. Finally we'll see KDW content source : https://kt.wowkorea.jp/album/354004.html https://moneys.mt.co.kr/news/mwView.php?no=2020082110578089082
  7. Your theory is the first thought when i saw that other shipper account post matchy matched post. and seeing her deleted it . Wow MGY is so bold But when i saw the timeline those two account shipper post , that theory shattered Even though deeply i still hope the first theory which is happened
  8. Yeah but those other shipper account posted late than kdw_mgy shipper acc. Our main shipper posted about 8-9 hours ago when i saw it , but the other shipper just posted 2 hours as u see the screen cap . I kind doubted she deleted it bcoz other shipper, which the timeline when she deleted it's not matched. But correct me if i'm wrong you can check the timeline those two account posted and what time MGY deleted it. I kind like this situation , we can be private investigator
  9. Obviously she stalked this shipper account, and she knows what this user posted, and she deleted it . She is smart . But more funny that other shipper is also posted matched theory
  10. Yup you are right , from i saw our most competitive rival for MBC Couple Awards is Dinner Mate Seo Ji-Hye and Song Seung Heon. Each of them had big dedicated fan base esp SSH. #crossfinger for MCP
  11. Hahahaha that's my first thought when i saw it. #prayhard our Memory couple win Best Couple MBC Award. And pray corona will go away in the end of year, because if this still happened, i'm scare we will not seeing moment our MCP in MBC drama awards
  12. Hi i'm back , since the PM is seems can not be access so , i'll share this astrologer said about KDW n MGY. Please do not take this seriously, take this kind a game play. I just used this app recently. This app using kind a interactive chat with the astrologer.(1st Question free n for next question we have to pay). They kind need specific name, time, date, year, place of birth. Since i don't know what time of KDW n MGY birth so i just guess it lmao .
  13. count me in... Sorry for not posted in this thread , been busy for in this months , but i read all post , and i'm so happy this thread become more acknowledge and MCP Shipper more stronger than before
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