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  1. On 5/18/2020 at 8:22 PM, NVKN said:

    So, how many haters are there to actually boycott his endorsements or tv shows? Comparing to the number of his supporting fans? In fact, on weibo, his name is still on number 1 of trending topic. I heard he got many brands cancelled on him as their embassador because of the incident. Really???!!!! Hello, I know this guy thanks to ao3!!! LoL (sorry but yes! So, which brands cancelled him? They are out of my list now!!! :joy:) From then on, im interested because of his talents. And the fact that he was used as a scapegoat appeals me even more to support him. The important point here is that he himself did not do any bad deed. So, i feel like the more they condemn him, the further his name is spread! 


    @taekwang yes!!!gimme gimme gimme, their performance is so cool :w00t:


    so, i love this song :heart:




    From what I see, he has 25M fans (about half of them are active, very vocal on Weibo) while there are some 200K haters on 227 forums. 

    Though he has way alot more supporters than haters, it's still bad news. As soon as he touches something, haters will spam these companies weibo, threatening to boycott the products and throws like lousy reviews so understandably, XZ is no longer a good brand ambassador (regardless of his followers), it's safer to bank on someone like Wang Yibo (lesser fans but doesn't come with emotional baggage).

    All the dramas he was in was rated like 1* by haters on Douban (China's IMDB), pulling down the average scores for these shows. 

    Poor thing. He still has alot of support just no job :(



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  2. Welllll, it's no longer just an Ao3 incident. Apparently many of these "haters" are paid by some professional agencies in China with the sole purpose of bringing down a star. If you can see, none of these haters are on Twitter or Youtube but on Weibo. Xiao Zhan's popularity is unprecedented in China. His lawyers are in the process of suing these black PR agencies.

    Reason: Him alone had taken a chunk load of major endorsements/broadcast space in China and this has caused a lot of jealousy and unnecessary conflict within the industry. On top of that, his management company is relatively inexperienced in handling crisis as such which has caused this whole thing to be blown out of proportion.

    These schemers will usually target a celebrity's past but because this boy has such a clean record, they target his fans' behaviours. Out of 25million young fans, there's ought to be a handful of crazy fanatics which serves as the perfect weapon against XZ.


    Then there's also random passerby who are mostly neutral but can't help to be annoyed by this whole entertainment world frenzy.

    On top of that, XZ's news generate clicks so the media are more than happy to be writing about him, be it good or bad hence his unusual approach now (appealing for fans to calm down and stop being so obsessed) with the hope that it will cool things off. This is the first time hearing a celebrity begging fans not to over indulged in his life, purchase in consideration and not to engage in voting activity. 


    XZ is kind of in a pickle right now. Haters are condemning every single brand he endorses and every single TV show he's involved in. Nobody in the industry dare to stand up for him in order to protect their own self interest. If he is a normal tier 2 celebrity, his career would be over in an instant, thankfully, he is a good soul which garnered him a strong, passionate and loyal fan base - which would be the core of his survival (or revival) in the entertainment industry. 


    In the end of the day, the fans care about him and the media cares about $$$. As long as XZ can prove himself to be worthy of their investment, his comeback is sure. If you love him and like to see him more, please show your support and let these Chinese media know that he still has a huge international fan base. It could be a simple comment on CCTV, Mango TV,  Hunan TV, SMG Shanghai TV official YouTube channels on some of the shows XZ has been active on so they know we would like to see more of him. 


    This is one of my fave duet by Xiao Zhan and Na Ying on Our Song! 



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