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  1. Now I can't help but imagine him coming home to her after a day's work. Then they wrap the day up by sitting on the couch, him drinking beer (and her - coffee), while watching a movie. Since they love their quality time so much. Seriously though, they are a part of my evening prayers. I hope their relationship grows stronger every day.
  2. Friends and family were hurt by the rumor with ex, but not with the rumor with Yejin (which has been going strong despite the half hearted denials). I wonder why.
  3. Everyday we are so blessed by RECENT candies, this should be enough for us to emulate our unbothered couple. Let's look forward to tomorrow's CF with a grateful heart. Happy shipping and let's be excited for our ship docking soon!! <3 P.S. I hope there are moderators on twitter and IG, as diligent as our beloved moderators here.
  4. I am here, desperately praying, that the next time SYJ goes on a liking spree, she will like those with the tags “BinJin Married”. But what will we do then? Can we handle it? also, welcome to all the ajhummas in this forum.
  5. Lol I do get this impression too. Haha docking suddenly, like the most important ship coming to the harbour unannounced with the cargo everyone’s waiting for. I’m so excited!!! Also, Dispatch are you just trolling us? Cause this is not funny at all.
  6. First off, SYJ made me realize that my vote for the most beautiful woman award was truly justified. Even if I wasn't a shipper, she is truly very beautiful. And that dress!! I am glad she flaunted what she had. Second, the picture where the director looks like he's cheering on them, there's a zoomed out version of this, where we can also see Pyo Chi Su going wild in the background. Now, they are the luckiest shippers cause they've seen the real deal. Third, unfortunately, I don't think they came from the same vehicle. HB came from a black SUV and SYJ came from a black van. You can see it in these videos of their arrivals: Edited: In the post immediately before this one, we can see HB leaving in his SUV. The car that follows SUV is a black Van. Hmmmm. Of course it could be anyone, but we sure hope it is the "one" riding that black Van. COULD mean they left at the same time.
  7. I think we will palpitate a lot tomorrow. Please take your maintenance medications, shippers!!!
  8. I agree with what was said earlier, I don't think Smart will be able to enlist SYJ in their campaign. While I would love for that to happen, I don't think they can offer anything to SYJ that will make her (hint) a confirmation about them. And for a non-Korean brand, at that. I don't think it's possible. I think Smart might be toying with shipper our feelings. Like I said before, while I would love for SYJ to join HB in this campaign, let's net get our hopes up. Maybe they will get other people from CLOY, like all or one of his comrades.
  9. I am sure they are talking about what just happened in the interview, in the comfort of their home. P.S. I have a sneaking feeling that HB is not trying to hold things in anymore because we'll have our revelation soon. Also, forgive me for even mentioning it here, but would he SMILE LIKE THAT and talk about SYJ like THAT if the other rumor is true? OF COURSE NOT!!! In your face, people-we-should-be-ignoring!!!
  10. How about.... What's your favorite part of a woman's face? And why Son Ye Jin's eyes? P.S. I have been campaigning for BinJin on Baeksang Tiktok, among my fellow ahjummas. Fighting!!!
  11. Aigoo, I deleted TikTok because my ex keeps sending me Tiktok videos. Now I will have to download it again for BinJin! The things I do for them!!!!
  12. Let's focus on our BinJin couple please. As said by the Mod above ^ DO NOT engage if there are disturbances. Let's just ignore them. Or answer tactfully andrespectfully. I was anxious for other reasons last night (has to do with my frontliner career), then suddenly one thought came to my head. What will happen to this forum when we get our BinJin confirmation? I do want to get the confirmation (but that's up to them of course), but at the same time I will miss this forum dearly. What usually happens to a shipping forum when a ship reaches its destination? Aye, I am getting ahead of myself.
  13. Let's think like Director-nim of CLOY. Take their silence positively, it means they are unbothered by the rumors and they are living their best private lives. I think V is not commenting on the rumors because they are too busy giggling over the FakeSubs videos. If I didn't know better, they are shippers and lurking here, too! I mean, did you see the photo of SYJ with the V team on her Instagram, it's evident that they adore her too!!! P.S. I hope they would stop with the rumors already, I feel embarrassed for these purveyors of fake news
  14. Same, I was rooting for them to at least go on one date in The Negotiation, but alas, those politicians destroyed our happy ending. Regarding the kisses, I did watch some of HB's BTS scenes, and right after kissing other actresses they would break apart quickly or walk off in different directions. In the CLOY behind the scenes, after "cut" they were either softly looking at each other or laughing their heads off. I interpret this as intimacy, that only the two of them know about.
  15. Aigoo this forum is moving too fast. Let's keep the energy positive, friends. I'm praying that we'll receive the good news before we reach page 1000. Summoning the law of attraction!!!
  16. I also tried researching about his family. Nothing. In one of the interviews from a few years back, he said the public knows only about 5-10% of his personal life. Regarding the question about tongue action during the reshoot (where SYJ's hair is straighter), I would not be surprised if there was no tongue action at that time. I read a few hundred pages back, that he was sick during the last day of filming. There is a video on YT where his staff greeted him (in his dressing room) after the shooting the last scene of CLOY (complete with Tarpaulin and cake). He thanked his staff and indeed, he looked ill. If he was, indeed sick, he would not put his tongue inside SYJ's mouth, cause of course, he doesn't want her to catch whatever he has.
  17. I think your timeline is possible, @jinjin! Plus I've noticed way before, that they are a lot darker than Gu Seung Jun and Seo Dan in the script reading. They both look glowing and in love! Does anyone know if HB had appearances/activities around the month of July? If they were in Maldives together, my gosh, they would make such a lovely couple! Anyway, I am fervently praying to see them together in Baeksang, after all, they are nominated for the same Drama. It's just normal for the leads to walk together. I think they would be more suspicious if one of them didn't attend the ceremony. Just my two cents.
  18. Omo omo omo!!! I know this is fan-made but why did my heart flutter?! They are both so cute as a couple! Although I don't know if HB will be stiff just like in the CLOY press conference or shy like that in Daesang 2019. Anyway I am just praying that both of them will be in their most gorgeous looks, arms linked posing for the cameras. A bonus would be if SYJ will be wearing a sparkler on her left ring finger. Aigoo!!! I will do cartwheels even when I don't know how!!!
  19. Did anyone else notice, in this compliment video, at 4:15, SYJ reads a fan's comment on HB: "100 percent my type!" And then HB says, "Why was your voice different when you read this one? She's acting like she didn't write it." Then SYJ laughs. She didn't write that particular comment but HB thought she did. Because he's her type. I don't know about you, but I'd feel weirded out if a normal friend told me I am his type. But of course they already know they are each other's type.
  20. Hello everyone! I have been lurking for the past 2 1/2 months, and this is my first post here. I have watched a few kdramas before and I only really shipped 2 couples, because my gut feeling was so strong. I followed the other couple, and they eventually got married (but I won't go into their status now). My point is, when it comes to shipping, I only ship hard when the gut feeling is really strong. Like I can't get over BinJin! I've watched CLOY, BTS, TN & CLOY promos several times now and I still giggle when my heart flutters! P.S. I was brokenhearted when this forum got locked back in March. This is my sanctuary amid what is happening right now. I hope newbies like me will be more mindful of what they post in this forum. At one point I didn't even put the effort into reading content with reactions. And trolls, anti-grocery shippers, please find your own forum if you're not a shipper.
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