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  1. Man is usually a person to break down his ego to say sorry to woman first when their relationship is getting worse and he doesn't want to end it with the woman he loves even not his fault. This is a serious situation for SH & SB. It's a year, not a week or a month. But I doubt SH could do it because his self esteem is too high and everything he does is right.
  2. Fact, SH was suspended a year because his wrong doing. From SB's perspective, he made a mistake. From SH's perspective, he did nothing wrong. So, they don't have the same view point. It is a big hole in their relationship. JB is a psychopath who urged a person to kill SH, but SH was never shot in head (near death) by JB. And I know a lot of women don't want to get married or have a relationship to guys never say sorry.
  3. @innrukia: SH needed to say he made a mistake and felt bad for a year to SB at that proper moment, and she didn't get the right answer she expected to hear, so she turned her back on him. That's her perspective I see. SH & SB have different view points on life and personalities. This is a big problem in a relationship. SB is a kind of person very friendly, tolerant, and willing to forgive people's sins and she made some stupid mistakes.
  4. SB said to SH : "You don't regret the fact you shot a person". SH then answered as you wrote. Based on his reply, I do think SH doesn't regret he shot JB. That's why SB turned around and said "I have nothing to talk". There is no scene SH regrets for his wrong doing so far. If SH said I regret I made a mistake to shot JB at that moment, we would been have a different story.
  5. Sorry I had edited my post to put in the timeline before I saw your post. I believe 1/25/1988, the snow scene and HE, JC survived, I'm not sure about HB. And I think later on they will find Ha Eun's voice recorder, and it will reveal many things in the past.
  6. I read dates on her diary because I was confused the timeline in the past, so the day Sa Bin's father first met Ji Chul was on Feb 15th 1988 instead of 6/15 on the subtitle. On 5/31/1988, Ji Chul was executed, HE died, and Sa Bin was born right after that. If no soul swap, I expect Ji Chul was still alive after execution day, he should have died before 2/14/1998- Jong Beom' birthday on Valentine's Day. He wanted to be born on the love day lol....I have feeling Ji Chul was caught on 2/14/1988 and very important something happened on that day. The timeline I have: 1983: Should be the year JC, HB met HE. JC met HE first. 3/4/1983: The date on the ring found from the corpse. 12/14/1987: Hairdresser's death in Love Salon. 1/25/1988: the snow scene, JC & HE would have survived. 2/15/1988: Sa Bin's dad met Ji Chul in prison. 5/31/1988: Sa Bin was born 2/14/1998: JB's birthday.
  7. I think so. In last episode 5, we know Baek In Seo is president behind Seo Tae Ha-leader of gang "Kennedy". According to the chart above, he is Hye Mi's husband and SH's father in law. The writer is still hiding him. He is very mysterious character so far, so i guess he will be the last boss. Is he Ji Chul, Ji Chul's dad or the fourth person in the white car in episode 1 when they were leaving Korea??? My theory is so strong atm lol. Any thought?
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