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  1. Hi friends ~ dropping by again because JKY & LSH will be in a cameo together :) https://www.soompi.com/article/1454387wpp/jang-ki-yong-and-lee-soo-hyuk-confirmed-to-make-cameo-appearances-in-hello-me
  2. hello everyone, popping by and i see some familiar people currently putting myself on pause after Ep 13 so that i can binge (and end my misery once and for all) once the finale airs this week. Just some of my two cents on the drama after watchin up to Ep 13 (just my personal opinions, there is no right or wrong answers! might be biased but i will try to be objective, dont intend to offend anyone here :)) I have watched all of PHR's work since Dream High and i think my favourite one is I Hear Your Voice? She has a knack for writing strong female and male leads, but i
  3. Probably my last time posting here because this series has came to an end. Honestly felt disappointed because i anticipated this drama since it was Joowon's comeback drama! :| I think the series started out with a very fresh concept, but probably messed up in the hands of the writers? I felt the whole series was more on dimension shifting than time travel? The main story revolved around the murder in 2010 and the shift between 1992, 2010, 2020 and 2050? There's still no explanation why JG has his powers and ability to close the door or time? I guess the writers also got confused w
  4. back here to comment because the series is finally ending! I thought i understood everything, but i am totally lost right now?? But eitherways, Ep 15 was so hard to watchhh especially when Min-Hyuk died?? and when he flashes back to the past, and imagined an alternate ending if he chose to stay with Tae-Yi for the child Poor Tae-yi has to sacrifice all the time.... I understand its because she wants to keep Jin-gyeom's existence, but i am confused how Jin-gyeom's existence affects time travel?? Someone enlighten me please... But aside, i seriously hope Jin-gyeom can save both his
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