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  1. May I add that she said “with my family” - who if her parents live in daegu hehehe - she could mean her msteam family but deep down I wish it was her and *ahem* oppa ICBM
  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if it is data plan, given she is promoting for SMART after all! But I am dying to find out who “oppa” is!!! Though I did realise that “yejinhand”’s profile pic in the commercial was her BTS as Seri, hence I Hope oppa is Hyun Bin oppa not Ri Jeong Hyeok oppa hehe... but regardless... so thankful for yet another glimpse of our queen
  3. Omg ❤️❤️❤️ Delulu me feels that they will only show the joint cf when HB is back from Jordan, because... if they announce anything via the cf the vast/msteam phone lines will break and HB will most likely want to be around to protect his beloved!
  4. I’ve been a binjin shipper ever since I watched CLOY. But yes. It was that smile after she glanced at him that reaffirmed it all for me!
  5. I totally agree with that! His face looks... soft again, like just taking a leisurely stroll with the one he loves
  6. Yup that will be what I do first for myself if I were a Super accurate fortune teller
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