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  1. I didn't see the actual twitter posts, but heard from others that the ex team shippers posted really nasty things about YJ. I feel that's what brought about the denial by vast.. even if it's not the main reason, I am sure it is one of the reasons why they felt the need to issue a denial Yes please, we need a marriage announcement ASAP
  2. I am not one to name names and bring shipping wars here, but I think vast's very fast and clear denial today is because of what apparently happened on twitter yesterday. As always Binnie standing up for Jinnie and 'protecting' her, do you see a pattern Or is it just me? Everytime there's something to be said to the world our guy speaks up straight and clear. P.S - not claiming our Jinnie is a damsel in distress needing protection, we all know she's quite capable herself, but hey we all like to lean on Pacific Ocean wide shoulders now and then, don't we
  3. Oh gosh, I just died laughing, too funny Binjin shippers are truly some of the most creative people in the world What a day this has been!
  4. It's the same with Indian movies too, and we have so many different language movies made in India. 90% of the movies are about gangster and police wars, I mean seriously, are we sitting and fighting gangsters everyday? Is that the only story left to tell? It irritates me to no end. This is exactly the reason I am drawn to K dramas, they take everyday characters, everyday issues and make relatable stories. Agree CLOY wasn't an everyday story, but every character and his/her struggle was very relatable. That's why it was such a heartwarming story. While it looks like the rest of the world forgot that romance exists, K dramas seem to thrive on them.. Sadly rom coms and simple stories seem to be flopping in local market in South Korea these days. I hope K dramas don't change, it is like a breath of fresh air. Give me all the cheese
  5. Omg you guys, it's back I missed you all so so so much I can't explain..
  6. This made me lol.. My husband told me that just because I watch Korean dramas, listen to Korean songs, think and talk about Korean actors all day long, even do home workouts following some Korean home workout videos, I will NOT become Korean You mean the airport he flew into? I think his first flight was from Incheon international airport, Seoul to Doha international airport, Qatar and then another one from Doha to Amman. So he landed in Amman in Jordan So wonderful to have shippers from all parts of the world, of all ages, across all walks of life here. It is definitely a validation of how love needs no language. I love these words above by you that I've quoted. After watching their interviews this is exactly how I feel, there is an innocence and sincerity in them which they've managed to maintain even after being in this cut throat industry for decades which makes them perfect for each other. I hope (and think) they see this in each other and also how perfect they are for each other. Also ladies, I was waiting for this date, it is officially 23rd in my part of the world, which means it is one month, one whole month since the white dress getting ready video of Jinnie on IG and we still have no news about it. 1) What was she getting ready for? 2) Does that white dress look like a dress that people wear on the most important day of their lives? 3) Why was she so happy? Gah, so many questions and we still don't have answers. We were initially going to wait for 1 week, but it's been a month and is still very silent
  7. Are you my twin? I am almost 40 and I hide in the bathroom to escape kids and quietly catch up on what's happening on the forum too
  8. With Jinnie's new update our theories are proven true, 1) Someone has extra time in her hands because 'close friend' is away 2) The same person is feeling extra carefree about IG posts because it is easier to click selfies and post now (instead of wefies and she also doesn't have to worry about accidentally posting something she shouldn't be) 3) Their updates are still very much synchronized, even if a few of them were/are coincidences, I still think it is destiny and not coincidence 4) Jinnie really does like white
  9. Hahaha this is so true.. 100% this is what is happening.. remember that friends scene about Chadler and Monica? This reminds me of that question in the CLOY press con asking them if they discussed taking up the project and YJ said no.. I felt it was like a direct challenge by her. She was almost like "I am going to lie on your face, it is what you get and you'll have to take it at face value because you can't challenge my answer". Interviewer did try a snarky comment saying they have telepathy, but queen YJ won that round YJ - 1, Interviewer - 0 YJ also mentioned once in an interview that she likes to troll interviewers by not giving the answer they expect. YJ is the biggest troll on earth and we love her for that. So the announcement isn't going to happen easily, we'll be trolled for months and the process began long back. We're in the thick of it
  10. Totally! Binjin and this forum has been the reason for many of my smiles and laughs too in the past few months. When the world is at one of it's lowest points this ship and our OTP give us a reason to celebrate and come together irrespective of language or location
  11. I am not a Filipino and I don't understand Tagalog but those words spoken by Binnie in a language I don't understand makes my heart flutter Dead here! Total kilig! (Yes, I picked it up from you all my fellow grocery shippers, I love that word 'kilig')
  12. It is not what he said in words that's the receipt It is what he showed on his face.. That crinkled eye smile and the shyness.. gosh, no one can pay someone to do that. I don't think even Binnie can act that well, especially when the heroine wasn't around So the words might be a lie, his eye smile wasn't
  13. Not meaning to be a party pooper, I am all for fun delulu but I hope this doesn't bring about another denial from their agencies, a strong one at that. M word trending makes me really nervous, especially at this time considering Binnie is away. Hope BinJin shippers are extra careful with sensitive things
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