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  1. I swear Idk why I'm doing rn but here I am posting this. Sorry if this sounds too random. But I just had the most legit dream about binjin getting married. They were like in the middle of, you know, walking down the aisle. Hyun bin was standing there and everyone's dying to see who the bride is. Gotta wait until she made such a slowmo entrance just to finally turn around to everyone. Lo and behold, it was Son Yejin in her wedding dress. As I dramatically passed her by and screaming like crazy and so did the whole world I guess. Idk what I was doing but uh huh sure. Hyun Bin was like having smirk on his face and self-talk thoughts that I wonder why I could even heard in the first place. He was like "Dang, here yall been waiting and I'm so down for it." And I was just hella screaming still cos that was too legit for just a dream and pls pls pls be real. 'till I abruptly woke up myself and having cardiac arrest thx to me. Feeling the urge to questioning Hyun Bin and Son Yejin rn. Is it just me being me or they're indeed up to something. Ok bye world byee.
  2. Yep, couldn't ask for more. Bin Jin always got their own way to send the shipping signals for us to keep sailing. The small yet still adorable interactions, thanking fans together with sharing trophy, couple matching Ralph Lauren things, ye jin's flower theory, Ye Jin and Lee Jae Wook got off the same vehicle for Baeksang red carpet theory. LJW came first, then should we guess where was the van picked up SYJ from? I'd stop right here, they're being implicit just too kyod I can't.
  3. I wish brand new day would bring another energetic bin jin energy to all my fellow shippers So here's the disappointment went yesterday, some of us might be expected so much CLOY would bring more winning awards and that's very understandable. But further more to expect Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin be sharing all candies and butterflies at Baeksang awards (cos we normally see such behaviours in the past occasions), might seem lil bit too much to ask for. I'm sorry. Yesterday was awards event with full of formality which is ridiculuous enough if they did so in certain situation. Well, we've all been witnessing other drama would do so to their co-star and the rest of the drama team at the awards events. Thanking and sharing all the adorable togetherness without any feelings of them trying draw the lines. But remember our Bin Jin had through numerous rumours involving them both that might be uncomfortable enough for their privacy. So my point is, let's just trying to understand that they tried their best yesterday to be as professional and yet respectful to each other as possible. I personally respect Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin put such an efforts to protect each other. And hopefully we all do so Let's cut these doubtful thoughts on this ship. because who knows Bin Jin could be really just laugh it off rn. Let's keep supporting them as how great they're as an actor and actress for their next projects❤️❤️❤️ Well, I don't mind if they'd share some thrilling news in the future tho
  4. Cheer up yorobun❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank God, we've all tried our best to fully support both of them for Popularity awards tho. But the thing is, I could not get rid of the thoughts that Hyun Bin was holding back too much, being awkward the whole dang time, but still off cam he stole glances and so did Son Ye Jin sshi. Lol, i'm trying to lift my own mood here, and hopefully yall too. Fighting!❤️ Still wishing them best in the future AND STILL THEY'RE TOP TRENDING ON NAVER RN, instead of the rest of major winners. What a twist
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