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  1. I think KW is the grandson. Why? Because so far, there isn't much remarkable in his role other than he was abandoned by his mom and he can see dead people. He is the lead actor remember? but so far, his role can be considered as the same as pan seok who is looking for his daughter and can also see dead people. it would be safe to say that as the lead, he deserves to be the heir/grandson and in the center of it all.
  2. oh yes! I forgot that scene how MSA saying they have properties in Canada in Corea. Now it's clear to me.thank you for these details that I have overlooked. yes, now it's clear to me that the other countries are parallel worlds too. I've been wondering and thinking about that since i watched ep. 6 and I wanted to confirm if my thoughts were right or is it just me who's confused. it makes sense to me now. thanks.
  3. thanks for answering, somewhat clarifies my confusion. so, it's safe to say that the kingdom of corea is dealing with the parallel universe of their neighboring countries. hope this gets clarified in the story.
  4. hi, guys, i've been reading this thread from the beginning and I love to read all your comments and point of views about the drama. This is my first time commenting coz I've been curious about the Japan-Kingdom of Corea feud in ep. 6. Does this mean that Japan has also parralel universe that deals with the Kingdom of Corea for how can they deal with two Koreas, and if you include North Korea, that would be 3 Koreas. Not only Japan, but all the rest of the world, how can they deal with both Kingdom of Corea and Republic of Korea? or does this mean that in the story, the world knows about this 2 countries but the 2 countries don't know that each other exists? I'm really confuse. What's your opinion about this?
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