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  1. umm. if i my ask why do you keep dragging JBA/LDW relations in this thread? Why do you always insist they have something going on. Why must you point it out. They look sweet, romantic etc. These JBA/LDW related posts make me uncomfortable. Coz its giving me a vibe that you are low key shipping them instead of YIN/LDW. Maybe I should leave this thread for the better. Ciao.
  2. First of all I am sorry to say. I don't want any more JBA/LDW related posts to cloud my mind. If you seriously want to discuss JBA/LDW relationship. I think you are clearly in a wrong thread and If you really believe they are together please post it in JBA/LDW thread instead. I don't mean to be offensive and try to be as polite as I can. I know we don't see much/any interaction between YIN/LDW causing our shipping heart to weaken. Discussing LDW/JBA adds fuel to the fire and might cause others to really give up on this ship. Please think of other readers on this thread
  3. hyunbin and son yejin never sent food truck to each other . He even sent actress. stephanie a food truck. Its similiar to our pichi couple not sending each other food trucks. Plus! never forget his management manages his instagram account. He clearly said it he doesnt do sns.
  4. Yeah. This had happened also. Joint food truck. What i don't get is why wouldn't he send YIN. . Maybe he likes Gong Yoo more. hahahaha just kidding. I don't really see JBA as a threat to our ship. XD I mean his body language is really different towards her. Hyun bins stares at SYJ. is the same as to how LDW looks at YIN. Eyes never lie.
  5. No. Suzy and IU only. IU is super friendly XD But... I think Yoo Inna is her bestest friend. They live in same apartment building.
  6. umm. if you don't know YIN, she is always on ninja mode. YIN was asked about LDW on Mirae event in Taiwan but skipped the question. They are acting really weird. either they are in a relationship or have broken up. I wouldn't wish for the latter though Still wishing for them to be together. If ever Ldw send JBA food truck in her future dramas, then why is he skipping YIN.
  7. why he didn't send food truck to YIN? or is it not reported by media. hahahaha
  8. really???? last time i checked her account in ages its only up to 3 eps. omg. ill check it out. thank youuuuu ♡♡♡
  9. mintandpeach : YIN in an interview with MBC select said this " I hope you congratulate me on my wedding in 3 years time", the interview was around the same time as of touch your heart, so everyone thought she is dating, but i guess she meant it as a joke, she is a playful person and was actually joking a lot in that interview. in less than a year she appeared for 7.7 billion and probably said this there. (i have not watched the show because no eng subs till now). She straight up denied it, just like song song couple denied everything hahahaaha -> There is an english subbed ver in viu.
  10. my delusional mind thinks they planned their activities this year then they will announce their wedding next year
  11. yes thats the video clip..haha sorry i overlooked. because it was just a really short screen time. thank you. hahaha LDW looked really pissed hahahaha
  12. I think the BTS that i'm talking about has been set to private already. :/ The scene that they were in is when OJS and KJR got together again. The long kiss scene..
  13. Other Drama Cast Reunions post photos publicly but Goblin Casts are always on ninja mode. The TYH wrap up party didn't even have a photo of YIN and LDW together, hahahaha. There was a video before for TYH interview. LDW said they meet in private. Sadly, I cannot see it in their YG Stage IG anymore.
  14. To be honest, In my eyes, JB and LD doesn't have great chemistry. Doesn't have any impact to me at all (I am not bashing JB or LD) I just I don't feel giddy during their couple screen time. Storyline is amazing though. I'm more interested on how will the story goes and the future Big Boss (Imoogi) Fight. I also don't trust BTS that much because it can also be scripted. -> However in TYH there was BTS from YG Stage. YIN and LD were talking , then LD got annoyed/sulky because he saw that they are being filmed. YIN also has an upcoming movie called New Year's Blues. hahaha I hope
  15. I saw some post in Twitter. That mbcdrama deleted the BTS of SWLM, where there was an interview of YIN showing her hands (wearing same ring with LDW). Then they reuploaded it again but the YIN interview part was cut/edited. I know what you did there MBC huh.
  16. I saw the news few days ago LDW sends a food truck to his fellow Stranger from Hell co-star Im Si Wan. If LDW and YIN doesn't have something going on sending a food truck to her during filming or vice versa would be so simple right? It's like an act of respect or support to your fellow co stars. I bet the cost of that food truck is just a penny to LDW/YIN Off topic. In TONT, I ship the Vet Shin Ju and Kim Yuri more. Hahaha. I am always looking forward to their scenes. (Second Couple Syndrome)
  17. i saw in Dispatch YIN dress with safety pin is from brand versace. Not sure about LDW Both their dramas are in IQIYI.. together side by side in Homepage of App ♡♡♡ Their rings are also similar. I hope YIN drama gets high rating consistently.. LDW drama is consistent at 4 to 5%. Seems like destiny airing on a same day just different time slot hahaha.
  18. He is caught by his own mouth LDW mentions mint chocolate in his new drama numerous times ♡♡♡ Flavorn of Macaron picked by OJS in TYH
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