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  1. I watched that too!!! Happy Together's 500th episode celebration when Se Ho heard that the other guy would be calling Yoo In Na, he suddenly said let's call another guys (instead of LDW coz) and excused that Jo In Sung is already there (Actor) excuses . Seho was also seen beside YIN in IU's concert in Gwangju. Aigooooooo. 3 years waiting whether our ship will sail or sink XDDDDDDDDDDD. But i believe in our pichi couple, LDW's gestures/body language with YIN is undeniably the most heart fluttering of all.
  2. I think all the people around them are shippers. Oh my God you two!!! you will make me crazy.. please marry each other!!! In this BTS of Hotel King: LDW's feelings towards LDH can really be felt, it made my heart flutter. Maybe he really did date LDH before. I do not get this vibe from JRW ( Bubblegum), Song Ji Hyo and Nana. Also, He never admitted his past relationships except with Suzy (Tbh, I don't believe they dated each other. Haha). (So, if YIN and LDW are really dating, i think they will not admit it in public) He also said in Taxi Interview shortest relationship was about 1 year. I do hope they get featured together in a magazine shoot this year. That would be so dreamy :)) I pray to God every night they marry each other. XDDDD
  3. LDW seems working non stop (Not in order) After Goblin -> Liivmate CF,Radio Apart, Equire Shoot, Elle Shoot, Vogue Shoot, Arena Shoot, 4 My Dear Asia Tour, Marie Claire Shoot, Highcut Shoot, Life, Leon Shoot, After Touch your heart -> Produce 101,Cosmopolitan Shoot,Channel CF, Volkswagen CF, Nylon Shoot, Because I want to talk show, Bazaar Shoot, Indeed Shoot, Strangers From Hell, Coffebay CF, Wkorea Shoot, Tale of Gumiho Is he working so hard for the future wedding?
  4. I watched LDW's Vlive - Radio Apart, LDW reads the letter sent by a fan. The girl's story is when she was a middle school student. She got close to her boy classmate, sitting behind her. They had a "some" relationship (flirted/flirting) back then but they went to different schools during high school. Every now and then, she still contacts the guy and wondered if she can confess her feelings. LDW said, as for flings, to a certain extent both sides will feel it, i think it's not just part of your imagination, have some courage and try confessing to him. -> Funny his advise is applicable to him and YIN (So they both felt it huh )and the radio live session was on March 31, 2019 (Touch your heart period) He also quoted a line from the song he that chose for the day: If there's no way for me to live in this world. I'll choose love. I think our boy is in love
  5. I saw this in Twitter, for TYH wrap up party please open spoiler comments
  6. Currently,I am watching Life drama. Hmm. The story line is interesting and well written but i think generally, korea is not yet ready to accept that kind of genre. Strangers from Hell/Life is heavy,dark and depressing, I've read that Korean viewers gets stress from watching which resulted to an average rating. 5.5% (wiki) However, for me as an international fan. The drama is refreshing and a new concept because to be honest.. i'm so tired of the too much romance scenerio in Kdrama. (Out of topic, like for me Itaewon class has better story line than Crash landing on you, In Crash Landing on You the loveline is clearly evident and more exposed that's why it gained much popularity than Itaewon Class) Back to Life, LDW's character is weak and i didn't feel that he is the the main lead of the drama. Well, I can't blame him, his character is moody, awkward and quiet. LDW did well in portraying that character though. The character and the scenes got into his system and got him depressed after the drama, which leads him to accept the role of Kwon Jung Rok in Touch your heart because the director said accepting the role will heal him as an actor. (Thank God! I can't imagine another actor playing KJR)
  7. Exactly!!! The BTS with lots of kisses . I am imagining LDW and YIN kissing like that in real life hahaha . and In the TYH press con, LDW said he is not romantic and caring type of person, but the way he cares for YIN in the Kakaotalk TYH drama chat tells us differently. Oh my god, i hope they end up together in real life.
  8. The venue is still the same with goblin conference, just KGE changed her clothes. You may try to search in IG #pichidramatalk for the video clips :)) and tell me what you think about LDW giving too much attention to YIN. i have a different IG account name
  9. Also, I can't seem to find the Goblin Cast Drama Talk anymore (This was after the Goblin Press Conference, the goblin press conference is still in youtube). I've been searching in Kakaotalk,Vlive, Naver..... Nada... No full video. I can only see clips in IG. (Were LDW is always teasing/flirting with YIN, to the point Gong Yoo is being asked by the MC, while LDW kept butting in and interviews YIN. Haha) Pretty fishy... and kept me thinking that their respective agencies took down those videos from sites. wae wae wae?
  10. Do you know where can i find full video of Goblin Cast Drama Talk? I cannot find it in V live and apparently.. videos in youtube are all gone. .Presscon videos are still uploaded though. I wonder why.
  11. I've been comparing LDW staring at YIN vs LDW staring at Song Ji Hyo. Since many long time LDW fans says' he is the same with other female co-stars. I admit that LDW is really playful and funny man. haha But LDW's stares at YIN seemed more soft and caring. (Hahaha) Maybe I'm just biased and delusional. XDDD Can you also judge? His stares are also different in Goblin vs Touch your heart XDDD
  12. Let us just wait for the BTS of Tale of Gumiho. If LDW will treat his co star the way he treats YIN :)) He is actually a natural flirt. Hahaha and you can't blame him if the girls fall for him . Who doesn't right? If LDW pays attention to you.
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