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  1. YJ always has female antis long before BinJin, she normally had much more male fans than female fans (90% of YJ's fans were males in one of her fans meeting) Men want to protect YJ due to her feminin, innocent and alluring image in AMTR, Summer Scent, The Classic, The Art Of Seduction... which may threaten some women. Some male celebrities choose YJ as their ideal type. She has more international fans after CLOY and won international polls most beautiful woman, Smart Ad, Chinese Ad which give her even more antis. Who are antis? They are HB's posessive fans, other stans,
  2. YJ mentioned her favorite song (realeased 1994) in a Q & A sessions in 2016 (The Last Princess promotion) before she met HB. YKW prepared and sang her favorite song as a present for YJ. I brough KNG rumour up because some posters keep repeating that HB is YJ's 1 dating rumour, this is not truth. Korean media stop talking about BinJin dating rumour after Cloy is finished. I agree with opinion that just let them be. It's time to give YJ the privacy that she always needs.
  3. Smart chose some BinJin/YJ Philippine fans to share YJ's Smart interview with before they sent to MSTeam for approval, so I saw that interview. YJ did not choose to answer any question about HB at all while HB talked about YJ half of the interview time. We have not yet seen a join BinJin CF yet, so if there is one or just seperate CFs of HB and YJ. This is not the first time YJ has a dating rumour with her costar. If you search YJ and KNG in Korean, there are many photos and articles about their dating rumour. YJ's letter to her fans in 2011 is amazing.
  4. There were more than 50k people watching YJ's fan meeting today. We can see on the live screen: 50,318 people icon and 18,546 comments YJ's Japanese fans sent gifts to her. YJ is trending in Japan and Singapore.
  5. YJ did not mention HB in her Smart interview and her fan meeting, not in the intro video make me wonder if YJ really read the caption of that BinJin Baeksang photo which read "Are you dating?" like we thought before she liked it? She liked many of her photos on that day too, so did she read every caption of every single photo? I myself only see and like photos but rarely read captions on IG. I also use a latest iPhone and this how I see the photo on my screen. The big text: HB and YJ at Baeksang. The small caption at bottom: "Please tell me that it is right
  6. YJ is a considerate person. She prepared so much food for MITH cast. LSY: YJ is perfect in every way LSG: from all the people I've known. YJ is the best at preparing things. Pefect
  7. Chinese BinJin fans are rich. Hermes and big billboard. Did anyone here expect YJ to post on her IG today to celebrate HB's birthday? A few BinJin shippers on Twitter were a little bit dissapointed that YJ did not post BinJin photo on her IG today. We can buy tickets for YJ's fan meeting in Japan online.
  8. Happy Birthday to handsome HB, the man who think SYJ is the most beautiful/wonderful/perfect woman in the world! An old super big crumb from VA. Extra proof that HB visited YJ's parents at Daegu. They also sat in a car together on that day. Translations of the photo caption. Mother-in-law~ your son-in-law, Tae Gu is here to #Negotiate #Mother-in-law #Taegu's Chuseok Holiday #Binnie's Stage Greeting Day3 #FirstMeeting'sFreePass
  9. We know that Cinderella 7 has been protecting YJ's privacy since the LA trip. This is the very first time one of YJ's best friends likes a BinJin photo, supports BinJin's relationship. I think the good news that we are all waiting for is coming VERY SOON! Tighten your seat belts, guys! P.S.: please focus on positivity and BinJin only. Thanks
  10. Let's do maths HB: "SYJ is 100% similar to YSR" HB: "YSR is the most beautiful/wonderful/ perfect woman in the world" In conclusion HB: SYJ is the most beautiful/ wonderful/ perfect woman in the world HB: "I'm a man of a fews words" But you always give so many nice compliments for SYJ. HB: "I'm a quiet person" But you always laugh, joke around and are lively when you are with SYJ
  11. Happy 2nd anniversary. BinJin - a beautiful love story which has inspired millions of people around the world. Metro Poll: YJ is leading with a 12k gap
  12. Crumbs from HB after CLOY era from my point of view 1/ HB was moving to stand near YJ in the group photo. He knew the camera was in front of him (he sighed), but he kept moving closer to her. He used "We" in the acceptance speech. 2/ He chose a question about YJ, talked about her in almost half of the time and could not hide his happiness when recalling his memory about her 3/ He wore the same LA cap which he wore from LA trip with YJ at Smart interview filming. 4/ He sent a letter to Japanese fans through YJ's connection with the host.
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