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  1. Crumbs from HB after CLOY era from my point of view 1/ HB was moving to stand near YJ in the group photo. He knew the camera was in front of him (he sighed), but he kept moving closer to her. He used "We" in the acceptance speech. 2/ He chose a question about YJ, talked about her in almost half of the time and could not hide his happiness when recalling his memory about her 3/ He wore the same LA cap which he wore from LA trip with YJ at Smart interview filming. 4/ He sent a letter to Japanese fans through YJ's connection with the host. 5/ Rumour denial after 10 minutes 6/ A photo of him buying woman's clothes was shared online. His manager did not allow fans to take his photos in Jordan except for this time.
  2. SYJ fan meeting in Japan will be held at 27/9 as planned. I think, it would be wise to be away from social media before the fan meeting as this makes fans look forward more to seeing her at the meeting. Too much media appearance may cause a saturation and reduce effect of the fan meeting. A good strategy I guess.
  3. cloyfan: it's up to you to not believe in what YJ said, but I found no reason for her to lie their public meeting at Pifan award show if she remembered it as there is nothing to hide. So, I believe YJ is honest with her answer as she normally does. S/t we just forget thing. YJ is never afraid of eye contact or skinship with her costars (she does some skinship - touch/lean on shouders/fix hair/holdt cloths... with her costars behind the scenes). She also holdt her costar hands/ hugging at an award show without any problem. I meant she is an open minded woman on set/ on stage. However she was caught/ did groccery shopping with HB only. BinJin stare at each other.
  4. 2014: YJ actually did not remember their first meeting at Pifan (I don't count AMTR premier) as she answered in an interview that their first meeting was at TN scripts reading 2018
  5. YJ is everywhere today. Her exclusive interview with STYLE. She is more open with her stylist, no wonder why she is so beautiful now. Given the luxury collaborations, how has Son’s personal style evolved? “Style was important because it showed how Se-ri succeeded as a designer and entrepreneur,” she says. “After the show I tried to experiment with different styles. I became more open with my stylist. Now, I choose my outfits more carefully.” https://amp.scmp.com/magazines/style/celebrity/article/3099825/son-ye-jin-how-crash-landing-you-changed-her-fashion?__twitter_impression=true Forbes How many selfies BinJin has taken, YJ always like taking selfies. She also studying English for Cross movie She said “Your support gives me so much strength, and I always thank you,” said Son. “Thank you for sending me so many letters, flowers, cakes, gifts, and many more and I will surely repay you with a good project!” "I use the camera app a lot,” said Son. “Also, I am using apps when I drive to listen to music, and study English.”
  6. More flowers were sent to YJ from Japanese and Thai fans. Saselomo is big in China. YJ's JennyHouse Advertising on a bus.
  7. YJ filmed Vanav CF a few days ago. Flowers were sent to her from the brand. There are more news about YJ on Twitter and IG than in Soompi. Fans have got YJ's photograph few times in Aug (on a photo, a golf ball, a piece of paper).
  8. Just wonder if Smart has paid copyright for YJ as they used her idea/words "It means to be" in the Smart CF
  9. One of the most liked photo of BinJin. YJ is HB's biggest trophy. She looks so young in jenny House CF.
  10. HB is rumoured to be back in Seoul around 7th Sep. YJ may not join a new movie in the last quarter as planned as there are some actors are positive with Coronavirus and some movies/dramas filming are canceled now. If the new wave of virus affects BinJin's wedding plan at a hotel, I'm happy with their private wedding at a church with their families and close friends. Stay safe and healthy everyone!
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