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  1. 14 hours ago, syl47c said:



    Thanks for great observations! About this particular point of Gyeol-Ul possibly being well-off piqued my interest and made me re-watch Episode 3 and the dialogue. 


    In that scene, what Chu Min-ha said to Seok-hyung was, [Ob-Gyn team] would like to have a meal with him; [GS team] often gets treated to beef. 

    She didn't actually mention Gyeol-Ul's name. However, Netflix subs mentioned "Dr Jang" treats them to beef. I don't think Netflix's translation here is correct. (Anyone/ Everyone please correct me if I'm wrong; my Korean is basic at best)


    I would think that it's the GS professors treating their "only child of GS" , 3rd year resident to beef instead - not the other way round.

    Hence there would need to be more evidence to support suspicions that Gyeol-Ul is well-off/ from a rich background. 


    TBH, there have been a number of instances where the Netflix subs have been inaccurate, skewing nuances and ruins viewer's understanding of the scenes. I would take their translations with a pinch of salt. 

    While I'm elated to be able to watch Hospital Playlist on Netflix an hour after it broadcasts in S.Korea (in my region anyway), the translations can certainly be improved. 


    Just my 2 cents' worth! :)

    Omg thank you for this!!!!!!

    I immediately jumped to conclusions from the subs even though something did seem off about it haha

    Hope they improve the subs in the future because the inaccuracies were often mentioned by posters earlier

    And you're right, it makes sense for the GS professors to treat her instead of the other way around hehe

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  2. Random observations I found after rewatching the series (they're mostly Gyeoul centered because um, I love her yeah :D)


    • In one of her scenes with Jeongwon (in the ICU with the baby with the liver problem???), she already clarified that she explained the procedure and the baby's condition to the parents carefully and with more tact. Just wanted to highlight this to show at the time, she was already trying to correct herself and be better!!!!!!! 
    • Revival of Dr. Bong Salon in season 2!! Looking back it was random (a bunch of residents dining with the ER head?) but so entertaining too??? Did the Lacking Five ever find out that Dr. Bong was randomly dishing on them to the residents for a cup of coffee lmaooo. Also note that the flashbacks earlier on in the episode came with Dr.Bong Salon scenes, so I'm hopeful!!!
    • Gyeoul and Minha's funny banter. They were constantly taking the richard simmons at each other, we need more of that in Season 2!
    • Apparently Gyeoul was the one who invited Chihong to Dr. Bong Salon which begs the question how did they know each other other than the fact they both started being residents around the same time (both are currently 3rd year residents)?? When they were talking about Chihong's abrupt leave from the army, she actually got it right, saying he was in an accident? Idk if that was a lucky guess or they were friendly enough for him to tell her BUT I GUESS I need more of this sort of friendship???? Idk just them randomly hanging out and complaining about chief resident stuff later?
    • Twitter fans and some posters here are also probably right with Gyeoul coming from a wealthy/affluent background. To add on, there was this scene where Seokhyeong was eating alone at the cafe only to be joined by Minha, Gyeoul and the rest of the obgyn team. Minha went on to comment on how Gyeoul would always buy them (not sure who them referred to in the subs but anyways) beef, and from my limited knowledge in Korean culture, like buying people meals, beef especially is like pretty pricey isn't it? 
    • The previous point also made me realize that Gyeoul is sort of everywhere? She's seen with different residents from different departments maybe she's an inssa after all heheh


    OMG after jotting this down here, I kind of wanna do this with other characters too and see if I missed out on anything else hahaha.


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  3. Ah at last, it's been a lovely few weeks reading all your posts and predictions and just feelings in general, what am I gonna do until next year?!?! From my viewing experience, I did get caught up in the romance aspect of the series (didn't we all? :phew:) but Episode 12 pulled me back and reminded me that at the end of the day, it's a story of doctors and patients, their triumphs and struggles and the little bits of their life in between. I don't watch a lot of medical dramas but the ones I familiarized myself with don't put much emphasis on the patient's POV which made me appreciate this series so much more  :tears:


    Most if not all of the patient's stories had me ugly crying at 1am! The liver patient from PP? The wailing mother????? The mother who brought the patient's baby clothes AHH And I initially thought the twins knew of Songhwa since it was highlighted in Episode 1 only and never mentioned again, so when Songhwa started talking about the twins' mom, boy did the waterworks set in. Jeon Mi Do DID SUCH A GOOD JOB IN THAT SCENE ESPECIALLY the expression she had when 'I miss my mom so much' finally registered. FEELS you know.


    As for the rest of the episode, not much is left to be said that you wonderful posters haven't said already. Therefore I'd just like to add on to certain points or scenes that stuck out to me.


    Wintergarden fans???????? Are yall still there, did the last 10 mins leave you unscathed?? I know I'm permanently scarred. As they started singing during the last band practice it dawned on me the episode was ending and I was just - ah okay, I'll make do with the last scene of Gyeoul looking vacantly at Jeongwon, those will be the crumbs I hold on to while waiting for the next season and the idea of a plot twist of another pairing was slowly coming into fruition :tears:


    But boy did they prove me wrong, all I wanted was dinner outside in their regular clothes with no scrubs, but apparently the production team felt like doing more?!!? YES :wub:  And who would've thought the Jeongwon running scene was linked during the ER scene?!?!??!?!?!?! Him waiting in front of the ER anxiously, getting flustered when the Nurse asked if he wanted to tag along when checking her?!?! Oooof.


    The ER scene came early on in the season right? Way before the dinner scene and most importantly, before he got his letter to the seminary right? So I think that's something to ponder on, affirming that he in fact does have some feelings for Gyeoul (I love them but honestly thought it was just one sided on Gyeoul's side until the second part of the season so IMAGINE MY SHOCK) and justified why Ikjun continued to support Gyeoul's crush lmao. If Jeongwon was consistently cold and bothered by Gyeoul, Ikjun would've nipped it in the bud earlier on in the season because despite Jeongwon being one of his best friends, he does think highly of his mentee and wouldn't put her through unrequited love, you know??? Also another lovely addition, Songhwa teasing Jeongwon with Winter is coming, Winter is here. What did she have to be so cute for? :tears:


    If you looked at one of my posts last week, I talked about how Jeongwon needed to go to Italy to fulfill his longtime dream and yeah we saw him struggling a bit, but I think the girl who ran over a speed bump was the final obstacle he had to go through to affirm that he would in fact stay especially watching his scenes with the family? Some said he stayed for love (which I can't discredit because it did play a part!) but that was imo indirectly? Gyeoul pleaded him to stay after he decided to not pursue priesthood (so idk fam blaming her for that seems a bit far-fetched, yes people are blaming her for preventing him to go on other social media platforms :angry:)


    For Iksun and Junwan's part, I hope someone screenshots this (or I will later), but if you look at the returned package, there's that sticker of the reasons for the return package, and for the rings it was ticked as unknown when another choice, address unknown, was also included in one of the reasons but WASN'T ticked. Which made me think that Iksun really did return it but I'm baffled on why she would say she want to wear it though initially? And from a career perspective, her suddenly deciding to return to Korea doesn't really sit well with me because she worked so hard for it? And it's such a prestigious honour (like only one person from the base camp was eligible to go?) Ugh.


    Finally my GomxGom couple. I totally get Seokhyeong was coming from but it still hurts!!!!!!!!! We were robbed of Minha's wish for a Christmas Kiss but I am not giving up on them!!!!!! Hate how the plot twist of the season was for them to end up becoming the next slow burn couple tsk tsk (with a possible triangle too???). Lastly, did anyone else find it fishy that his ex-wife (who he still might have feelings for I kinda vibe with some of the posters' thoughts on this) came into contact with him AFTER his dad died, knowing that he doesn't have any siblings hence everything would be inherited to him????? 


    Anyways, this story is one of my favorite series' this year and reading everyone's thoughts and perspectives on this has been super fun and interesting!

    Til next year everyone! :D

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  4. 25 minutes ago, romancetrash said:

    @winnerrrrrrrr444 I think in seminary he still can withdraw??? Some of my friends go to seminary and most of them drop out after a year or two. As long as hes not ordained as a priest yet, Jwon and anyone else can drop out from seminary. But I dont know how it works in Italy. I went to a Catholic school for 6 years in Indobesia so I kinda know bits about it.


    In Indonesia, someone whos highly committed but not priest yet is called "frater", but in English, frater refers to a monk who is not priest. I dont remember if frater in Indonesian is considered a monk too, or someone who is not a priest yet. My catholic religion teacher is a frater, and he once had a task to live among common people.

    Ooooooh, thank you for the input! That's interesting!!! Jeongwon is planning entering seminary first right?


    Also to add on, after some help from good ol Mr Google, priests can quit but they can't conduct masses anymore (the majority result)

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  5. I don't know if it's me but it seems like the finale is probably going to go full circle in the general sense that the Fab 5 will (most probably?!?!?!? uGH my heart) be separated again. With Songhwa being off to Sokcho and Jeongwon to Italy (I'm in the minority of wanting him to go to Italy???), I wonder what will bring them together again (COVID probably????? :()


    The whole tone of the episode was a bit weird imo, so I'd just like to share my favorite scenes from and observations from Ep11. First, Ikjun definitely knows about Junwan and Iksun and he's just giving them space! This was commented by a lot of posters but he's quite perceptive and to be frank Junwan was slipping frequently lmao. What would be an icing on the cake would be the writer's homage to PP's similar storyline and have Ikjun say exactly what Jehyeok said to Joonho, something along the lines of  'I'm glad it's with you or something'  in the next episode or smth hehe


    Next, is Gyeoul's surgery!!! There's 'I would d*e for Claire from Bon Appetit Test Kitchen' and now there's 'I would d*e for Gyeoul from Hospital Playlist' !!!!! YAYYYY as a Gyeoul supremacist we finally had her as a lead surgeon moment, I'm a proud sis :') And the way she kept asking for Jeongwon for assurance on how she did in certain processes, cute! I'm a hardcore Winter Garden fan but I couldn't help with the paranoia that the scene was just JW being a hella proud mentor (esp since he doesn't let anyone else operate!!!) BUT the longing stare is enough for me that it might be more than that! Do you guys think he's sort of training her to take the rains eventually as Yulje's pediatric surgeon (since the scene of him confirming that he's leaving and the other doc was all 'there's only so many pediatric surgeons here' transitioned into her surgery)?? Would love to hear your thoughts on this, like is that even possible since she's in GS and still a resident?


    Mama Rosa meeting Gyeoul!!! Loved that until she asked Gyeoul to stop JW from leaving. Throughout the season, she's been often displayed as someone who's very self assured and not easily swayed by other people or what they think of her, so for her to try to dissuade JW from leaving is idk sort of going against her principles more so than how she feels for him? Idk if I'm making sense tbh but I feel like she'll be honest with JW but will eventually push him to make the right choice????

    With my earlier statement, I really want JW to leave for Italy because I personally feel that he needs to for growth and character development. Literally everyone knows or has a hint that his heart is definitely in medicine, I think he does too but there's also this longing to pursue his lifelong dream and he's finally presented an opportunity to delve into that and I think the people around him should let him at least try. Let him go and experience his dream. I feel like he needs to go just as a confirmation if it's REALLY what he wants. I don't know if he's allowed to withdraw halfway or something (someone let me know or I'll just google in a bit :D). Once he's there he can be really sure you know? If he realizes that priesthood is not for him he can withdraw(if possible) knowing that he did try and can return to medicine with no more 'what ifs' that's been clouding him for half his life. He deserves closure in that sense I think :tears: 


    Also, Songhwa moving to Sokcho!!! You go girl, she's talked about it before so I totally approve and she should  get the rest and peace she deserves. The time away should help her heal and kind of get an idea of where's her head at, and heart. I personally didn't enjoy the triangle thing going on throughout the episode and if a viewer got uncomfortable, she probably did too. And I kind of agree with previous posters with her being possibly frustrated at Ikjun and the comments about Chihong too. I have a soft spot for Chihong but what he did in the dinner to Ikjun was a bit ugh. 


    Lastly was Minha,ahhhhhhhh I love her so much she's the cutest thing ever and every time she's on screen I immediately know it's gonna be a good scene heheh. The way she was practicing what to say, Junwan's cheeky remarks, her scrambling away??? UGHHH LOVE HER. Hopefully she'll get her Christmas / NYE's kiss next ep!!!!! :wub:


    God this went longer than necessary lmao and I'm not as articulate as some of you guys here but anyways.

    Enjoy the weekend lovelies.

    Until next week ! :wub::tears:



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  6. 22 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:


    While I do understand your concerns and where you're coming from, the fact is, Gyeo-ul is written in for the most part to be Jeong-won's love interest. At least in this first season while he's on a trajectory to the priesthood, her role is primarily to be some catalyst in what most of us hope is the disruption of his present trajectory. That's why I believe this priesthood matter will have to be resolved sooner rather than later because the two of them are currently in a relationship limbo of sorts. Like it or not because he is one of the Fab Five he gets (first dibs) some degree of primacy in how the storytelling unfolds. With that in mind, they're actually doing reasonably well with her in the various roles that she's juggling in this show.


    The urgency to complete her arc with Jeong-won in the first season is there in a way that it isn't with someone like Min-ha and Seok-hyeong. That's why we can't really compare because they're all on different trajectories.


    Look it's pretty much the same with Ik-sun. We don't really see her in her professional capacity at all. She's for the most part Jun-wan's love interest and Ik-jun's younger sister. We are expected to accept certain facts about her even if we can't see her in action because the focus of this drama is really on the medical side of things. She's part and parcel of Jun-wan's arc... his growth as a doctor and a human being. 


    It's what happens in a cast of thousands.


    Yeah, I definitely get what you mean. Like I said she's one of my favorite characters hence I'm a bit greedy with wanting more especially since she gets an adequate amount of screen time!! :D

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  7. 54 minutes ago, romancetrash said:

    I agree. But if we go with symbolism, I think we would know her deeper around December aka Winter.


    Coincidentally, Jungwon too hasnt explicitly told us anything about his condition, feeling, and thoughts. We only got some implications so far. Episode 10 just happens to take the viewers to his mind deeper. But its mostly done by other characters, like Ikjun probing on him, and Rosa talking about his temperament and aspiration from childhood.


    I guess we just have to wait again to understand AJW and JGW as characters in deeper way

    True, it's all a matter of waiting since that's all we can do :)

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  8. As usual, loved reading everyone's reactions and responses towards the series. Just goes to show the beauty of consuming art, everyone has a different take on it (albeit imo pretty extreme takes at both ends of the spectrum of the ships in the series, but i'm sure users will continue to discuss about it in the days to come leading up until episode 11 :D).


    One of my favorite parts about this series are the characters, how contrasting and diverse in terms of characterization, and I undoubtedly have a soft spot for Gyeoul and will defend her lmao. The moment she was reprimanded for her borderline offensive comment to the parent she instantly caught my eye and became someone I wanted to root for despite her shortcomings (I'm a sucker for underdogs and personal growth arcs let me be)! So imagine how stoked I was with her in Episode 9 where we saw her in action, not as a love interest or clickbait material (looking at you TVn ugh) but another doctor trying her best and learning from her mistakes. Still screwing up (even though the magnitude of the screw up was mild as how some viewers make it out to be) but not without progress.


    But somehow this episode regressed her progression (in terms of how she's at face value being perceived) and she's back to being a 'possible' love interest for Jeongwon and I don't know it just made me a bit sad because she's much more than that. We got the praise from Ikjun, honestly one of my favorite parts of the episode no cap, but other than that nothing was very substantial? Idk.


    I hope we get a Gyeoul focused episode like Jaehak and Minha and CHihong did because so far, all we know about her are the small crumbs of information she leaves and the characters in the series' perception of her.  How does she work with other GS profs? What inner turbulence does she have other than sensitivity issues? Is her character arc limited to improved bedside manners and her love life???? I want more than that and due to her current elusiveness the writers have a lot they can work with hahah.  I hope this comes during winter (love the theory about how each season focused on one of the character's arcs) and possibly during her first solo surgery WHICH I AM SO EXCITED FOR??? Would it be too late though to focus on her specifically since there's only two episodes left with quite a number of loose ends to tie up?


    I'm ranting about this when we have two more seasons for Shin PD to do that but it's also not fair because we've seen backgrounds of most of the characters?????? Anyways, at this rate I'll take whatever they hand me and there's only two episodes left hehe, have a good Friday everyone :)




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  9. Hi just a regular passerby here, love reading all the input. But I’d like to ask (pardon my ignorance) how come no one really talks about Jun Wan’s lack of tact when talking to the patients but yet some of you give Gyeol Ul such a hard time for doing the same thing? Is it because he’s in a senior position and her still only being a resident for a few years (which imo makes her being that way make more sense due to the lack of experience)?


    I get it, the way Gyeol Ul approached the first patient definitely warranted a scolding from Jeong Won and I don’t condone that at all but it seems that they both approach informing patients in a pretty similar way (very clinical and explaining all possibilities good or bad, from my perspective that is).Would love your responses on this though, just something I noticed in between discussions. I know close to nothing about medicine so I’d love to hear your takes on this. 

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