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  1. I really enjoyed the past 4 episodes! It's nice to finally discover Lee Eun Oh's side of things. The first half of the show was very much centred around Park Jae Won and his search for the truth while learning to let go, whereas this second half seems to mark the start of Eun Oh's story and journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance. Some thoughts: - I really like the balance of serious and funny in this show. For example, episode 9 was an emotionally heavy episode with the Jae Won finding out Eun Oh's real identity and blowing up at her response (or lack of). Yet, it was s
  2. Hello! Have been lurking since the show started and finally decided to post something here Started watching this drama because of Ji Chang Wook after Google reintroduced me to him. The last time I watched him in something was 10 years ago in "Smile Donghae", so imagine my surprise when I saw how much he's grown since haha, almost didn't recognise him. Although romance is not really my preferred genre, I'm really enjoying it so far! It has a great balance between serious and funny, the characters are compelling on their own as well as in their interactions with each other, and I lo
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