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  1. 1. probably Baek Hee-song. but i hope not. too many coincidences and i think it's still a bit early to decide. plus, it'd not be that shocking since everyone is expecting it anyways. 2. YES! she's the only main character whose background isn't clear yet. the flashbacks we got of her past included Hyun-su in it so i hope we get to know a bit more. it'd be a waste if they don't show the background story of a character like Ji-won's. 3. i don't think it's really necessary. what Hae-soo needs is to love herself. but i wouldn't mind if they end up together later on.
  2. can anyone tell me if the accomplice was also the regular customer of the bar?? i remember Do Min-seok being one but i don't think they mentioned about the accomplice. i just had this thought because Baek Hee-sung was barely at the legal age when Jung Mi-sook disappeared so him being the regular at a bar wouldn't add up. but yeah, this will probably lead me to nowhere...*sigh*
  3. this episode was really hard to watch, i had to pause multiple times to get a grasp of everything happening. it also scares me thinking of the possibility of one of them dying. if that were to happen, i think that'd be Do Hae-su. she has had a hard life and has also committed a crime. if we go by the kdrama logic, they'd rather kill off a character than to send them to jail. still hope she gets to prove Hyun-su's innocence and become free tho :> i've nothing more to add but i hope they don't ruin this drama and make it cliche. so far it's really good and might be one of the best d
  4. full time Maths genius, part time serial killer?! okay..lol
  5. idk but if you notice, they had the dramatic music playing in the background to highlight the scene so maybe it was foreshadowing something?? replacing would be too far-fetched like you said, maybe he'll try to get rid of them or smth??
  6. i'm actually shocked?? idk i saw it coming but stil...is it Baek Man-woo or Baek Hee-sung?? because i don't think it makes much sense for Baek Hee-sung (who was a teenager at that time) to be the real serial killer... also in episode 9 Baek Man-woo says that the real Baek Hee-sung can live a normal life, get married and have a lovely 'daughter' i'm scared for Ji-won and Eun-ha. so the girl Hee-sung was talking about before the accident was Hae-soo or..?
  7. that was one hell of an episode! why do i have a feeling that Hyun-su might get caught?! i hope the accomplice is someone we actually know,,i mean the whole employment agency thing was introduced in the 8th episode so i don't think it'd make much sense to just make a random person the accomplice. i think they've given hints about it in the earlier episodes...i can't seem to catch it tho lol. i can't trust anyone. if they wanted Hyun-su to be the typical misunderstood guy, wouldn't they make it look like some sort of grand reveal?? idk but Hyun-su was always shown as a misunde
  8. just a random thought: what if Ji-won is also involved here? that'd be a huge plot twist. we don't even know much about her "dark" past and her father. the way the story is progressing, they're making us suspect everyone but her. i'd not say she's the killer or anything because that'd be a bit too far-fetched but there's definitely more to her story and character. and she sometimes gives off that dark aura... considering how fast-paced the drama is, they'd probably reveal more of her background in the second half and maybe that'd be some sort of plot twist?! it'd be really cool, in m
  9. okay that was WILD! i liked this episode better than episode 7. as always, there are more questions than answers. and i guess this episode concluded that Do Hyun-su hasn't committed any murder. Baek Man-woo is getting more and more suspicious and i guess Moo-jin isn't what he shows he is, either. i think Do Hyun-su should come out clean, now. i know he has been lying to Ji-won for 14 years and he wants to do that for his entire life but i just can't see Ji-won like that. it just scares me how brave and strong she is and what will happen when she decides to show her vulnerability. i
  10. exactly my point! it'll just get messier and more complicated. i understand his situation but i don't want them to drag this for too long.
  11. i think the main reason why Ji-won didn't show the picture of her husband to the hotel owner is to protect his identity. if someone else were to investigate the owner, the truth would easily come out and Ji-won would've been the one to face major consequences as a detective protecting alleged criminal. throughout the episode, i was hoping Hyun-su to come out clean to Ji-won but was utterly disappointed. i could feel Ji-won's frustration and betrayal. even during the sex scene, her eyes were searching for answers lol. she has given him countless opportunities to reveal himself but he chos
  12. but wait,,wouldn't it be more messed up and complicated if they keep lying to each other!?!??!? looks like the story is taking a darker route.
  13. 1. still too early to say but i guess it's someone indirectly related to Do siblings. don't know about Hae-soo but i don't think Hyun-su was an accomplice. if he had witnessed his father's killing, he'd probably have that memory engraved in his mind but as shown so far, the only version of DMS he remembered was the one carrying the dog's leash. his trauma might've played a huge part in it but i wanna believe that there's more to the story. 2. maybe/maybe not. he IS capable of killing people but so far he hasn't and he definitely isn't the type to murder someone without a reason so.
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