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  1. Happy holidays Soompi Binjin Shippers and "Is that so" community I see that our other ship, V/ast and M/steam happen to update at the same day again, just a few moments apart. Good job, good job. Anyway, just a few observations with the first part of the Esquire interview of Hyun Bin. 1. The Negotiation (TN) was a project he filmed in 2017 (shot some parts the following year) and released in 2018. In between CLOY and TN, He did Rampant and MOTA. Question: Why is there a need to talk about TN and skip his 2 other most recent projects? If I we
  2. @kimeon_ hahahahaha!! sorry!! hahaha I have an extra 30 minutes this morning. and I just need to let out some steam from work. and i just missed Soompi.
  3. Hi soompi! I’ve missed you and everyone here, i hope you guys missed me too. Anyway, i may have been busy with personal matters but I haven’t stopped shipping our OTP. I just happen to chance upon some screenshots from Twitter and it made me wonder why I am still shipping and loving the two (Yes, not just one of them. But BOTH of them). i don’t want to sound like a broken record and enumerate all the crumbs that we have. Because we honestly have so much and we’re talking legit, actual, tangible evidence. The posts of @RiRiGaGa @TotoroSY@lovelyz @Kari and all the others over the pas
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