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  1. @kimeon_ hahahahaha!! sorry!! hahaha I have an extra 30 minutes this morning. and I just need to let out some steam from work. and i just missed Soompi.
  2. Hi soompi! I’ve missed you and everyone here, i hope you guys missed me too. Anyway, i may have been busy with personal matters but I haven’t stopped shipping our OTP. I just happen to chance upon some screenshots from Twitter and it made me wonder why I am still shipping and loving the two (Yes, not just one of them. But BOTH of them). i don’t want to sound like a broken record and enumerate all the crumbs that we have. Because we honestly have so much and we’re talking legit, actual, tangible evidence. The posts of @RiRiGaGa @TotoroSY@lovelyz @Kari and all the others over the pas
  3. taking a short break from work to do some shipping!!! Oh what do we have here? Son Ye Jin in top PH magazines!!!! I read Mega Magazine's write up and i loved it!! Looking forward to her Metro.Style and People Asia feature! V/AST!!! Who would have thought! It's amazing how we've been consistently showered with cakes, cookies, crumbs (whatever you call it) over the past few months. They have nothing else to prove and to promote since the drama ended months ago. Articles are still being written about CLOY and the main leads, and it's still the top show
  4. @NonKoreanMango Yes, i read about that article too And we have the same understanding but there are some people who made their “own” interpretation of the said interview. i’m elated for both HB and SYJ. They deserve all the love.
  5. Good morning, Binjin shippers and soompi sharing a letter from our best boy, Hyun Bin. this was featured in NHK Japan early this morning. can I just say how proud and happy I am for both Hyun Bin and Ye Jin. They’re getting all the love, support and appreciation from so many people around the world. While we have agreed that maybe SOKOR is a bit impartial with the success of CLOY due to the touchy topic, many people have expressed their love towards CLOY and the main leads. And, it’s not just ONE article or two articles. So much articles have been written But mo
  6. @Krystal. AGREED!!! definitely not a coincidence. From "How do I know it's meant to be?" to "how do I know it's THE ONE"Manifesting a JOINT CF for Hyun Bin and Ye Jin. Oh, so that's OPPA calling! thank you for this info.
  7. OMG!!! "How do I know it's THE ONE" I love the cliffhangers of Ye Jin's CFs. First, it was the motorcycle scene and the BMW. and now, a phone call. JOINT CF next please! Can someone translate what was projected on her phone screen? Good morning to all Binjin Shippers, even non shippers who are currently lurking
  8. OH MY!!! A historical drama for Yejin-ah!!! I think she hasn’t confirmed yet though. yesterday, we got an update that Hyun Bin is considering Confidential Assignment 2. And now we get this update. They’re on a roll!!
  9. This is a CLOY related post. An article was published today from a newspaper in Japan. here’s the English translation of Beanandhandhk: “Although it started in the hot weather and ended in the cold weather, this made me feel hard, but jeju island where Seri escape scene was filmed is really beautiful. This year and next year, I plan to meet you through excellent works as always. An online fan meeting will be held very soon. Even if I can only meet thru online, i am looking forward to it. I hope we can defeat covid-19 quickly and meet in good health” side note: our deares
  10. @BinJin2020 I believe it’s SYJ’s personal photo. and the remarkable thing is that was taken August of 2019 and she only posted in December 24. It was also just lately that I learned that christmas is more of a couple thing in South Korea. So that made it more special
  11. @Krystal. Girl, thanks for the reminder about the 2000 pages. Lets use the remaining pages for BINJIN na. any other things can be discussed privately. Lets do that please if possible. Lets all move forward from this. It won’t be nice to fight over this misunderstanding And drag this any further when we should be focusing on Binssi and Yejinssi. Ye Jin might post and we’re still engrossed over this and then She deletes (which she doesn’t do) And then we miss it. Let this not be about winning and losing. It doesn’t sound right. We’re all grown ups lets end this tonigh
  12. First off, I am both on Twitter and Soompi so I’ve seen and read the turn of events. we were all witnesses when @lemontree and @cloyfan did their investigative work 2-3 months ago. No one is trying to put down anyone. The video posted earlier is something to be celebrated, another proof that indeed the grocery shopping happened there. Same with the angle on Pelican which was also discussed about a hundred pages ago. I understand the sentiment of many that this is not a contest. That we’re all winners bere, we’re celebrating BINJIN here . That these cookies are something we have to b
  13. the Smart CF director shared a photo of him and Ye Jin this morning. caption when translated via IG says: Thank you for your hard work. See you again. In such a polite position. i’m focusing on the word AGAIN So pretty and blooming, Yejin-ah
  14. @celest1al She just can’t. She can’t hide it. And she can’t hide it from us Friday has been good. Many updates from our OTP. And people in Twitter are quite surprised that MS team upgraded their Video editing prowess and their BTS is even better than the one released by Smart.
  15. some new BTS videos of our OTP to cap our weekend! Good night Binjin Shippers!
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