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  1. Happy holidays Soompi Binjin Shippers and "Is that so" community I see that our other ship, V/ast and M/steam happen to update at the same day again, just a few moments apart. Good job, good job. Anyway, just a few observations with the first part of the Esquire interview of Hyun Bin. 1. The Negotiation (TN) was a project he filmed in 2017 (shot some parts the following year) and released in 2018. In between CLOY and TN, He did Rampant and MOTA. Question: Why is there a need to talk about TN and skip his 2 other most recent projects? If I we
  2. @kimeon_ hahahahaha!! sorry!! hahaha I have an extra 30 minutes this morning. and I just need to let out some steam from work. and i just missed Soompi.
  3. Hi soompi! I’ve missed you and everyone here, i hope you guys missed me too. Anyway, i may have been busy with personal matters but I haven’t stopped shipping our OTP. I just happen to chance upon some screenshots from Twitter and it made me wonder why I am still shipping and loving the two (Yes, not just one of them. But BOTH of them). i don’t want to sound like a broken record and enumerate all the crumbs that we have. Because we honestly have so much and we’re talking legit, actual, tangible evidence. The posts of @RiRiGaGa @TotoroSY@lovelyz @Kari and all the others over the pas
  4. taking a short break from work to do some shipping!!! Oh what do we have here? Son Ye Jin in top PH magazines!!!! I read Mega Magazine's write up and i loved it!! Looking forward to her Metro.Style and People Asia feature! V/AST!!! Who would have thought! It's amazing how we've been consistently showered with cakes, cookies, crumbs (whatever you call it) over the past few months. They have nothing else to prove and to promote since the drama ended months ago. Articles are still being written about CLOY and the main leads, and it's still the top show
  5. @NonKoreanMango Yes, i read about that article too And we have the same understanding but there are some people who made their “own” interpretation of the said interview. i’m elated for both HB and SYJ. They deserve all the love.
  6. Good morning, Binjin shippers and soompi sharing a letter from our best boy, Hyun Bin. this was featured in NHK Japan early this morning. can I just say how proud and happy I am for both Hyun Bin and Ye Jin. They’re getting all the love, support and appreciation from so many people around the world. While we have agreed that maybe SOKOR is a bit impartial with the success of CLOY due to the touchy topic, many people have expressed their love towards CLOY and the main leads. And, it’s not just ONE article or two articles. So much articles have been written But mo
  7. @Krystal. AGREED!!! definitely not a coincidence. From "How do I know it's meant to be?" to "how do I know it's THE ONE"Manifesting a JOINT CF for Hyun Bin and Ye Jin. Oh, so that's OPPA calling! thank you for this info.
  8. OMG!!! "How do I know it's THE ONE" I love the cliffhangers of Ye Jin's CFs. First, it was the motorcycle scene and the BMW. and now, a phone call. JOINT CF next please! Can someone translate what was projected on her phone screen? Good morning to all Binjin Shippers, even non shippers who are currently lurking
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