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  1. ^ i think we will have to wait for an update from them. With the looks of it, they will release a statement anytime soon since the event is scheduled for next week.
  2. hahaha me too! 0917! now i am hoping that Globe will touch base with MSteam. Hyun Bin for Smart, Ye Jin for Globe. It will be just like North and South Korea all over again
  3. Hi Hyun Bin I’m a loyal Globe subscriber for 20 years but thinking of moving to SMART
  4. There was a photo earlier of a cake for Ye Jin and another post from Instagram. The poster confirmed that there was a shoot earlier of Ye Jin
  5. i think Smart Telecom wants to project “speed” in their internet service that’s why they used a sports car? Haha I don’t know as well. since most people in the Philippines will be needing a fast and reliable internet provider this GCQ, the ad company used that concept? We will know by June 1. so many people fell in love with the two. I hope they’ll have a CF together, a collaboration maybe? Or another magazine shoot. That would be really nice. PAGING ad companies and private companies please!!
  6. hoping that Globe will get Ye Jin Manny Pangilinan just posted on twitter that the breakout of the ad (online and TV) will be on Monday, June 1.
  7. ^ @TotoroSY yes, i messaged the person who posted. He said it’s TODAY! And I think the CF that Hyun Bin did a few days back was for Smart telecom.
  8. I downloaded tiktok on my ipad. Maybe it will work with a notebook too? I don’t know haha. I guess Ye Jin is back to work! the IG post of Dessert Lab says that she met Ye Jin TODAY. There was another IG post of the Ma:nyo pictorial minus Ye Jin on the photo. A little teaser edit: I messaged the person who posted the set of Ma:nyo. And he affirmed that it was indeed Today. And according to him “it was fantastic” another edit. Haha! I think the CF that Hyun Bin did with the nice car? I think that’s for SMART telecom here in the Philippines. A teaser was just posted. @Furmom_jds hi there! Content of their article was the same as what was written a few weeks ago.
  9. Yes, i think it can be posted here. i downloaded Tiktok for the voting but quite happy with the news that there’s still a red carpet event so Tiktok will still be handy by June 5.
  10. same observation. I know that Ye Jin has been working really hard. She shot TN, reshot TN, promos for TN, shoot and promo for SITR. and then she had CLOY. it’s such a global hit and I find it odd as well that she’s been too quiet. There are no magazine covers or CFs. I mean i’m not against that because she deserves to rest. Perhaps it was a personal choice? She has a valid reason i guess. We really just miss Ye Jin. hoping for more positive news in the coming days leading to Baeksang and more so AFTER. I know it’s not good to speculate or what, but my mind is working non stop why she’s too quiet. I’m a new fan by the way. So i’m still trying to figure out YJ and HB
  11. ^ there! thank you for embedding it i hope there’s a fan meet. But it might be a Zoom Fan meeting
  12. ^ Yes, i think it’s Hyun Bin. Ben Chan made a teaser about it when he posted an IG story of HB for mother’s day. Yes! Still hoping for the other half of BINJIN. Bench puts up one of the biggest billboards in Manila. Can’t embed the IG post that’s why i only put the link.
  13. so there’s a red carpet tiktok exclusive after all!!! I can’t embed the twit though. But it says that there will be an exclusive backstage interview dont delete tiktok yet on June 2! And another sweet surprise for the Filipino fans from Bench https://www.instagram.com/p/CArWjVnguQ7/?igshid=11nv27er231py In the past, korean actors would go here in the Philippines whenever Bench would get them as endorsers. I don’t know if it would be the case now.
  14. so last night my sister just said “My friends are telling me to download tiktok so I can help vote for CLOY” Oh what a relief that I don’t have to hide my secret mission from her anymore. She wasn’t shocked when I told her I downloaded the app already. I guess i am pretty much predictable. i followed the IG accounts of Ye Jin’s friends last night and they all post regularly. I hope They’ll teach their friend to post more too just kidding, Yej. You can post anytime you want. No pressure from us. She deserves to rest after working for so long. A few days to go before Baeksang! Let’s prepare our eyes and our hearts I personally don’t want to read the subtitles just yet on that day. will just keep my eyes peeled for any binjin sighting on June 5. Just a question, do they usually announce the confirmed attendees? .
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