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  1. Just the gist of it. Reba gave different answers on two different interviews about lockdown time. In Love designer promotion she said that she spent it in hotel alone because her family live in Xinjiang. In the recent interview for Rayli magazine she said she stay at home with her family, cooking, just ber herself. Fans remember during Elod Vengo was asked about the same thing and he said he stay with his parents and cook with them. Fans also notice she tend to play with her hair or squeeze the doll she was holding when she lie. Conclusion, she lied about staying at a hotel during lockdown, and her 'family' she mentioned in the second interview are V and his parents a.k.a her inlaws
  2. Reba 'leak'herself https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4553917709423520 https://twitter.com/7aSetSsGtEO2e81/status/1310163620425281536?s=19 She's become sloppier in her nterviews and doesn't seem to care anymore if people catch her lies Also two of her costars in you are my glory are V's close friends https://twitter.com/7aSetSsGtEO2e81/status/1310162371218821120?s=19 I mean it's Pan Yueming, who just had dinner with V two weeks ago. A great cover for someone to visit the set
  3. In two of netizen fav drama of the year for V, one for Reba https://www.jaynestars.com/news/netizens-choose-their-top-10-chinese-dramas-of-the-year/
  4. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4552447831574578? Miss S a certified hit. Number 1 for its time slot. Congratulation V And with a minimum promotion like just like Elod. Link with translation https://www.instagram.com/p/CFe8bwZHiNn/?igshid=16dc3imsqm4m7 Let's hope the winning streak continue with living toward the sun and blue lightning. Sword snow stride is a sure bet. Let's hope after this he'll joint joy of life 2 since it's by the same team
  5. Thank for the info. I can see why he takes this role even though he has to filming it back to back with Blue Lightning. An antagonist role must be a challenge to him as an actor he doesn't want to miss it. That and the fact that the filming location will not be too far from where Reba will be filming You Are My Glory. Balancing his career and personal life
  6. Thanks for the info. I hope it's true. I read also he will continue filming this drama once he finish Blue Lighning. Back to back work. He's in demand now
  7. Apparently V was in Ningbo to film Sword Snow Stride or Sword in the Snow. There was report of him having dinner with Zhang Ruoyun and Hujun there as well. I wonder what role he does in this drama since it seems all the main role has been taken? May be a guest role. https://twitter.com/7aSetSsGtEO2e81/status/1306441349852397568?s=19 About the drama https://mydramalist.com/59487-sword-snow-stride It's a Tencent production as well. I wonder if him in this has anything to do with it
  8. Congrat V. Another hit drama. It seems all his drama as a lead are succsesfull. Let's hope the trend continue for his other drama And thank you to Tencent who continue to recommend him as a lead to directors and backing him in his new dramas. They did better as his 'agency' than Jaywalk. I wonder if V is friend with someone in higher up position at Tencent, or they just like him cause he is very likeable person
  9. Some infos and pics from V's new drama Blue Lightning. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4548373559905204 Looking forward to see V in his military gear. He would look so handsome and manly. I'm already drooling just from thinking about it Original link https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/07kMVP9E2_ZGDCq7gyBbkw
  10. https://twitter.com/Rabbit_cnblue/status/1304344628582252545?s=19 You Are My Glory booting ceremony actually will be held in Gansu? Who's elese filming location is in Gansu? How can there are so much coincidences between these two. Even fate ship them Dongfeng aerospace city? https://kevinjamesng.com/tag/dongfeng-aerospace-city/ https://www.spacedaily.com/news/china-04zze.html My god this is too much Good news for V's fans. HBO GO will broadcast Miss S in October https://twitter.com/VengoGao83/status/1304288853176451072?s=19 Another win spot for MissS. Now that Go Ahead has finish it's broadcast it look like the top spot went to Miss S. Congrat V for your hit as a leading actor. Let's hope for next hit drama with Living Toward the Sun next month
  11. Yeah i read in one comment section in weibo cp about one crew in the Changge filming talking about how happy she was for reba that V was visiting her. Probably arround that time when V was dissapear for 2 weeks. And Reba posted that's landscape pic. I think they both very likeable people. People arround them genuinely like them and willing to help them to keep their relationship being secret
  12. Reba definitely visited Miss S filming site a couple of times. I think there were fans sighting of her as well beside V's douyin as proofs. She was filming a variety show not far from where the filming was at that time. Plenty of times to visit him. About V visited Designer's set. I don't know. Since he was busy filming Living Toward the Sun. May be her assistant or their household assistant brought the dog for her
  13. https://twitter.com/tayalux/status/1302556478826405890?s=19 Is this their dog or one of V'? Or professional dog actor? The one the whale-reba shipper fans claimed as his? If it is V and Reba's dog than that claim now seems funny as hell Original source https://www.instagram.com/p/CEyaN9jI2fz/?igshid=b8ye74m5vsz4
  14. Wait for the HBO then. They have purchase the right to air it outside China in their channel. That's why WeTV doesn't air it now
  15. New rating data for Miss S https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4545966838911654 Still maintain top 3 Do my eyes deceiving me or it really beat Love and Redemption on online platform? Anyway continue to rise, miss S. Congrat V! News about V's Living Toward the Sun scheduled to be aired in October https://twitter.com/Rabbit_cnblue/status/1301742585786978304?s=19 Reba's new radio drama on purchase https://twitter.com/dilireba_/status/1301223959589838850?s=19 V's new schedule. Filming his part in the assemble drama Dream and Glory tomorrow. Beijing today. Expect some airport pic https://twitter.com/VengoGao83/status/1302119912941314050?s=19
  16. It was from this Forbes list https://twitter.com/dilireba_/status/1298937305307033601?s=19 It seems only Reba's was written that way Everyone in the entertaintment know about them or the writer is a shipper
  17. I don't know i think they said the more they kiss a.k.a exchange saliva the more they look alike? Those were some big hickey there
  18. It is. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4543656436965719 The visit took place during the last days of filming. The plot thickened
  19. Yeah. I think this is the result of that 'visit' https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4543351556421840 Affectionate Gao Wei Guang, passionate Dilireba
  20. Good news to fans outside China https://www.instagram.com/p/CEe5YP_lMf0/?igshid=em0ll546jbg1 V is really lucky in the international scope. His recent dramas as lead all broadcasted internationally. Hopefully this one will be a hit as well like ELoD
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