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  1. Yeah, reba probably got 5 years max to still be in this idol circle before people deem her too old for it. Or she can play older sister love story with younger male idol like the one play by Vic song and Song wei long. Even now she started getting pair with younger idol like wu lei in long ballad and simon in the emperor book. And her haters has start calling her auntie So GuangRe is an auntie-uncle cp now for c ent standart Such a waste of her talent as an actor. How many interesting roles she can play if only she's willing to work harder for her acting. Doctors, military, ordinary pe
  2. Long ballads with the massive marketing, countless bought hot searchs, fry cps marketing, still only hit 3 billion in total from 2 plaforms it's being broadcasted There is rumor flying arround spread by yxhs that V and Reba's contract are about to expire. Both did not take JX inhouse productions in the past 2 years. Reba with Huace's production. Her next two dramas ( the blue whisper and the emperor book) are Huace's and V from his connection in Beijing and Shanghai film circle. Who know the truth.. V's The outsider has been purchased by Dragon TV. Which is quite fast. I
  3. A lot of fans at movado event said that V looked younger and more handsome in person and much thinner. He isnt photogenic. Mean he looked bad in photo. Imagine he's still look that good in pics despite being not photogenic. Camera added 10 kg weight. Lot of actors are actually thinner in person. And yeah V is 9 years older than Reba and Reba daesn't call him gege. Even Yang mi call him gege. She calls him wei guang, guang2, etc. Tsk tsk Reba. That not how you call someone older than you. Especially someone almost 10 years older than you. we wonder why .. V have been o
  4. I thought Reba was Shanghai based before Seem like her fans thought that as well. They were rather surprised when she's back to Beijing after filming last year About V ' parents? Who knows? May be they move back to Heilongjian since they are old and want to be closer to their relatives
  5. So much sugar in the last two days. Seems like they're more open now. V chose his game character which based on Reba yesterday https://www.instagram.com/p/COZOs7Wla8B/?igshid=158y530xoanso And he got flu. Who got flu two weeks ago? Yes Reba Look like he spent his free time accompanying Reba at Hengdian. Oh and he match his phone case colour with his t-shirt. Just like Reba matching her phone case with her clothes. They have the same phone model now so Reba probably 'took care' of V's phone case as well. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4632676394861499 This couple
  6. Apparently they went to Aman Yangyun after Tencent Award. https://www.instagram.com/p/COU9o1iFE36/?igshid=13ikgljvlo02f The hotel offer privacy and near V's hotel. Perfect place to celebrate
  7. You can watch Miss S on HBO go. Just install it on your phone. There is 7 days free trial for new subscriber. Looking at the photo of Reba at the christmas tree, it seem to be taken very late night since no one around her. They had to resolve to midnight dates or book very expensive hotel chain that offer super privacy like Aman group to be together to avoid getting recognized
  8. Sugar https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/219220449.html?weibo_id=4632020057327984 Picture 3 definitely taken by someone who's very tall. Or standing on a platform Look at the direction of her eyes. Same place? Pavement looked similar
  9. Some big yxhs number with 3 to 5 million followers have been posting an old photo of V and Reba. What's going on? Don't know why but i like it. Someone must pay much for these big yxhs to post it. What a change from the usual girlfriend or wife and children for V. Is JX behind it? The old photo https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/218595831.html?weibo_id=4630926636352542
  10. Sexy V in leak of the outsider trailer at Beijing TV event https://share.api.weibo.cn/share/218217423.html?weibo_id=4630217508786203 Now i want to see it. Looking good Wang Juan. Kitty Zhang looks prettier in motion
  11. Sohe's still in JX. Probably got a better deal. And the brand is Movado. Now apgrade from good friend to ambassador for Asia pasific region
  12. Yxh=marketing blogs. Zbb is zhang bin bin. His team had been using V's name to uplift him in the early and mid broadcast of si teng in march
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