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  1. https://twitter.com/dilireba_/status/1291169456731967494?s=19 Ugh, i want to see her left fingers, but it seems she purposely hide it , why Reba? This as well https://twitter.com/dilireba_/status/1291232339687641088?s=19 And it seems she will terminate her contract with JX and only affiliated with them just like Vengo according to Xiao Feng blogger https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/169260863
  2. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4534179805267377 Just admit it V, you can't change your weibo's name because it tied up to Reba's weibo name. I think they changed their weibo's user name to these current names at the same time. Probably that was the start of their relationship as a couple.
  3. https://twitter.com/JNocturnes/status/1290296795889688582?s=19 It's look like V's last week travel to Yunan was for shooting and Ad. Keep that endorsement coming V. Can't wait to see it At first it's only V, now Reba has joins forces as well to give us code
  4. I'm sorry to Yang Yang's fans here, but i don't think he is handsome. And he's not really tall. I don't think Reba would be interested in him. Compare to Vengo, he is nothing in term of look and height.
  5. It's the timing for reaching 10 million followers is 2020-8-2; 16:28 https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4533483331920283 Wow what a coincidence. It's fate
  6. Keep that money coming and your career rise high Reba and V, you'll need that to cushion it when you both decide to gx especially for Reba. All this hardwork and sacrificing their time together will be pay off in the end. Jiayou..
  7. This drama has such charming leads. It ooze from the poster alone. Compare to the other new dramas posters i see, it's simpler but more interesting because of the leads. Both hevyweight in acting. I think V learn much from his senior Mayili in this drama And he looks dashing there and has i say it, oh yes very charming New sugar. Couple shoes https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4533383725586845
  8. I just can't. Don't be pathetic Just let them be. They can be as delulu as they want. Why are you so bothered by this. Mind your own bussiness. People with 5 denials still continue with their delulus the same thing should be applied to the people here
  9. Is anyone know which city Reba parents live in? Edit This one is too funny. V really take Reba's word to the heart https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4533281951318894 This one as well. https://twitter.com/JNocturnes/status/1289122489797210112?s=19 He choose to stand beside the manager but was told his place was beside Sophie Zhang
  10. Haha, well V probably has a tight schedule. His new drama is also Tencent's Edit https://twitter.com/dilireba_/status/1289486475755577345?s=19 Is that a ring in her left middle finger i see in the first pic? And in her right index finger i think Let see if she'll wear them at the event. I read she use vip lounge so she seemed to want privacy from fans in this flight
  11. https://twitter.com/dilireba_/status/1289486475755577345?s=19 Reba departure from Beijing to Shanghai. She's in Beijing while V in Shanghai? Tsk tsk Well someone has to look after the house Have V fly to filming site already or he's still in Shanghai?
  12. Meh i'm a shipper from other couple but silent reader to lots of ither threads Comparing the two thread of Hyun Bin ships, one mostly talking about their 'reel'' life which are consist of endless bts, never ending interviews and fanservices, commercial films, and the other one mostly talking about their 'real' life consist of dogs, friends, we can judge what is reel and what is real It's like big data . This weak denial is a wrong move from their camps. It's only add fuel to the fire. Well the truth will come out soon though. But from these two threads alone we can judge who's reel and who's real
  13. Yeah too bad pillow books fansclub are huge they able to get Vengo and Reba reprising the role after all the alice's campaign for reba to reject the offer and hate campaign against V. Thank to Tencent for listening to the fans who are the main customer for drama and not these childish fans. It's pay off in the end as ELoD is their main source of profit in the first quarter of this year Their cp fans are mostly passerby mature people and i think it's good for when they decided to go gx general people who are the main customer will support them. It's like the opposite of Xiao Zhan case in that his fans support him but general public rejected him. Alice's subconsiously knew Vengo is their 'real' enemy in competing for Reba's affection that's why they really hate him and don't want to see his face anywhere near Reba Edit. This one is toofunny https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4533086290713736
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