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  1. Well, Li Yi feng certainly know about them since Swords of legend day (2014) there are booting ceremony pics where V and Reba were inseparable and they hold umbrella for each ither in turn. Just put it this way. Zhang bi cheng and Hua chen yu has a daughter together for a year and public didn't know until they registered the baby and it got leak. Both are famous singers in China Zhen shuang got married last year and has babies and noone know until the husband decide to speak. Zheng Shuang is as big as reba Seem like these celebrities like to mind their ownn business and keep out from
  2. Li yi feng and Zhu yi long were V's stage partners. Li xian was Reba' stage partner. So Vand Reba must be arround. Probably together http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/202964557.html?weibo_id=4604135145477670 Congrat V. On the second run and still winning the rating
  3. Lots of sugar during spring festivals gala. From interviews, Reba leak that she was in Beijing during lockdown (which we all already know) Reba leak her northeast accent during her BTV SFG. An insider talked about it http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/202884103.html?weibo_id=4603910302466440 Similar skit with apple, Reba mention Fengjiu and the pillow book. She really like it and seem very proud of it http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/202884181.html?weibo_id=4603913083029976 ⁰0 http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/202884728.html?weibo_id=46
  4. V probably was there when she recorded this during Tencent award backstage. Otherwise what other explanation we have for this coincidence?
  5. Allegedly Reba's car. Even the plate number can be read as rb and has 88 number. But of course yxh did't write it because noone paid them https://www.instagram.com/p/CK57u_2F6pb/?igshid=2p4u8zsib0nl Lots of sugar at instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CK67y20oRfcXrKftiS7rVkYejT8ZIrFhBAPyYU0/?igshid=z35vk3a3jz2g
  6. Just google Kitty Zhang if you want to know. She has history of violence toward her ex husbands. One of them even report her to police. Apparently he had 1 cm deep knife wound allegedly from her doing. Big sugar! http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/201117337.html?weibo_id=4600866285292243 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=246830530311110&id=111802520480579&anchor_composer=false Yesterday reba was ask when she's doing her vlog, she said it's over. Today V posted a vlog on his weibo. Apparently there was some post editing on the hashtag of said
  7. Today second rehearsal for CCTV spring festival gala. V wore the same exact clothes he wore for the first rehearsal. Teddy bear jumper. While reba wearing LV sweater. Louis Vuitton. Or in our cp mind L(ove) V(engo) sweater and still using her teddy bear max mara coat http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/200955851.html?weibo_id=4600494934197789. Although changing her phonecase, she still chose case that showing her dijun colour iphone 11. Probably the reason why she didn't upgrade to the latest iphone 12. The dijun purple colour
  8. Yeah, actor is still actor. They need all publicity to maintain their popularity. All kind of publicity is still publicity. As long as it's not true. Free publicity at the expense of the whale's team money. Suck it dry. I still wonder who's behind the whale with money that willing to sponsor him all this time .
  9. Yesterday i predict because these two were at the same event YXHs will publish draft connected them with other people. Just like after the new year eve. I was right! Today yxhs publish reba and the whale draft again and bts of V's new drama with Zhang Yuqi. http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/200668975.html?weibo_id=4600095334473374 It's really just a rehearsal. We can see them acted the actual scene in the pics as well. But the timing. How? It's the same as the new year. Their gossip come out at the same time. How strange? How predictable. Make me believe t
  10. Nice one http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/200507159.html?weibo_id=4599937364920164 I also feel like she deliberately showing it in these two days rehearsal http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/200507379.html?weibo_id=4599989651636431
  11. Reba phone is actually purple? Did she deliberately use transparent case to show it's colour. Cp brain We know how the rotten fish team shamelessly use similar phone case to touch the porcelain( rubbing reba's 'heat) to fuel gossip about them. Reba frequently change her phone case recently. Probably because of that. And both V and Reba's really have the same taste. Sport pants,white shoes. Comfort over style. Some fans mention how V change his preference in pants recently to bigger and loose compare to more fitting in the past Similar to Reba's
  12. @SnowBell14 you can always go to Gai's weibo to find latest GR news. Straight from China. https://weibo.com/u/7351138138 So apparently the rumor V's big movie is adaptation of this novel https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Tibet_Code Hope it's true
  13. Another helpfull article to understant C-entertainment. This site have all the necesarry thing for it https://sipoftea.net/2021/01/27/an-unhelpful-guide-to-c-biz-fandom-part-3-fandom-kpis-comment-control-and-all-our-idol-has-is-us/ Let see. So far things that convince us that they're together in 2020 - Double masks after lockdown - V's assistant (Ting ting)spotted on the set of Reba's Go fighting filming. V missed his flight mysteriously - same floor https://m.facebook.com/guangreDFS/photos/pcb.191203482540482/191202919207205/?type=3&source=49. V didn't
  14. That markerting account?. . Believe what you want They probably really got married in Greece. Just kidding Old sugars revisited. Twinny couple http://weibointl.api.weibo.com/share/199392387.html?weibo_id=4515727737053030
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