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  1. Didn’t know Hyunbin and Yejin close friends hang out in this forum?Gong Hyo Jin?Or KKT is that you?I hope HB and YJ gave you approval to describe your feelings and personality here lol Here’s an important thread... I thought after the confirmation people would be less greedy and demanding...how wrong was I lol Apparently,BinJin still owe the fans some explanation about their feelings for eachother, the details of their personal lifes and relationship...then if that’s the case,those people should pay for their wedding and their honeymoon too...why not buy them their newly
  2. @fangirl101 I’m sorry if you felt like it was directed to you but I wasn’t even aware of who spread what on this thread in the first place lol I was just saying how some sites are clearly using BinJin for clicks especially after the dating announcement...for example in the past there’s lovekpop95 and they seem to still do it too until now.I’m actually more concerned about those international article where they suddenly have insider infos (a whole story/scenarios going on) but the source was never clear.And I’m not saying people can’t share it at all but just hoping people won’t spread it as if
  3. @bjlovebirds Why are some people so desperate for HB’s letter...it’s rather annoying at this point.It’s a dating announcement not a marriage announcement.Even in YJ’s post she clearly implies she actually doesn’t have to say it but she wanted to because she has been silent this whole time and avoiding questions eventhough she does things subtly too while HB has been the obvious one and the biggest receipt this whole time who always in charge over the relationship question during PressCon,brought her up and talking about her during his solo Interviews before the confirmation.And just fyi YJ’s p
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