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  1. Honestly,I don’t believe in fortune teller/fortune telling or things like that at all but how accurate is this though tbh HB’s 2020 fortune is full of rumours that’s not even his faults but it’s through another person’s business. He doesn’t do anything wrong but because of his current popularity,these are the types of negative things he had to endure.But thank god he received lots of love and support at the same time by the fans all over the world...I mean his birthday message clearly shows how grateful he is and of course YJ who stood by him through it all.... I ho
  2. YJ has been in the industry for 20 years and she knows how to handle it...we all are frustrated over the hate she’s receiving but stop treating her like she’s a weak woman.At the end of the day,this is the path she chose and so was HB.They were never forced to be in such situation.Both decide to be constantly linked to eachother from the start...even after their dating rumour and even after CLOY ended like half a year later.And even after everything and every ridiculous and fake rumours they’ve both been receiving.What does that says then?It means whatever they have is worth it and look at how
  3. I’m not surprised that antis or the shippers from World War are acting brutal because let’s be honest we’re all so well fed by BinJin and their people while they have to dig a hole trying to find non existence things to make a theory out of it.They clearly have no choice but to trigger and start a fight with us.But as for some BinJin shippers though...please stop being embarrassing.Don’t engaged with them and also stop being over delusional ,don’t over analyze and over assume things about BinJin too because that’s one of the reason that started all these too...the unnecessary hates towards Bin
  4. Honestly confused why people are bringing up LA and Grocery Shopping rumour....again but I’m just gonna leave this here.... (YJ bag inside the cart HB was pushing....) (Opinions and Infos from K-Ent Insiders and Experts from 2020 NOT fans assumption.... If you’ve watched the whole segments,everyone believe they’ve been real since TN Promo days.) Simple Question: Who should you believe more?People who has connections or People who has no connections? Anyway,the more people trying to somehow ruined BinJin relationship and happin
  5. @binjincrew There’s always gonna be rumours especially when BinJin is not even confirmed yet.Even those celebs couples who are in public relationship always somehow get into split up rumour constantly when in fact it’s not even true sometimes that’s why most Korean Celebs actually avoid going public in the first place. For BinJin case or actually everytime we faced with situation such as rumours,we have to look at the whole situation and use our logic.Ask yourself now,does the rumour even make sense at all when just last week we got constant crumbs/contents from BinJin Sides themse
  6. I have to disagree with this part.It takes two to be in a relationship.It’s both of their decision to be in a Private relationship not just one of them.I feel bad for YJ too because of the unnecessary hates and it’s always the women who gets it worse but it’s something that neither HB and YJ can control unless they go public which is again a two people decision.Going public doesn’t guarantee the hate would stop either...it will lessen maybe but stop?no because there’s always gonna be jealous and hateful people.HB and YJ also gave out hints to people that they’re together eventhough they don’t
  7. Bringing this back.... “They (Hyunbin & Yejin) don’t want to reveal their relationship because they chose the mature,rational and an adult like love attitude.Like no need to disclose their private life to the press or grab all the attention on awards ceremony and instead announced it when they’re in stable relationship” - (K-Ent Expert on BinJin,June 2020) - I adore their relationship so much.This is what you called the real lowkey couple.I’m glad they didn’t follow any previous popular k-celebs couple route where they somehow flaunt their
  8. I don’t know why all these are being brought up suddenly but.... Firstly though YJ Interview was exclusive from SMART while HB Interview was part of MetroStyle Interview too not only in relation to SMART.And you make it seems as if YJ doesn’t talk at all about HB in her Japanese Written Interview or even the FM yesterday. Secondly,we all know there’s a rumour of YJ and KNG...and again I’m not sure why it’s being brought up again here but we all know there’s a whole difference between that dating rumour and rumour with HB which I don’t even have to explain tbh Even some
  9. People need to realize this is her FM not a BinJin FM too.From here you can see that it’s obvious BinJin is not for mediaplay/fanservice too.I’m glad BinJin doesn’t follow the route of previous k-couple (who ended up real but ended up splitting up too).I think BinJin knows how to protect their relationship too.Our lowkey and mature couple. YJ and HB also have different ways to handle things...the way they handle questions about eachother for their solo interviews are exactly the same on how they handle it while they answer questions during CLOY PressCon. HB tend to ended up spill
  10. I’ve been noticing the same thing too.Everytime this person commented something,they always put HB in a bad light.I don’t know why people still give her attention as well but I just gotta say something...HB has always been faithful and his public exs never said anything bad about him.And for those who are new to stanning Korean Actor and Actress,here’s a new brand information for you,it’s very normal to see co-stars being playful with eachother during bts whether they’re in a relationship with somebody else or not because that’s just how it is.There’s SMA and KWB or when LMH was with Suzy etc.
  11. Yoon Seri = Son Ye Jin (Japan Magazine ‘Anan’ Interview - September 2020) • What do you think of an Independent Woman like Yoon-Seri? (There’s alot of different translation of his answers but it basically means the same thing.) Hyunbin: - “Seri is very open about her emotions and she doesn't give up on her work or love. She has a strong personality, doesn't she? Not only that, she also has a warmth and sympathy for others.I think Yoon Seri is the most beautiful woman in the world.” (Translation by syjadvocate) - “YSR is a honest person.
  12. THIS SHOULD BE CLARIFY: Some people will always gonna try to dismiss BinJin relationship and their receipts too until they confirmed their relationship.Sometimes there’s no point at all having an argument with them because they’re clearly just don’t like BinJin in the first place and some also just wants attention.The best we could do is to not engaged and mentioned them again in this thread or anywhere else tbh because that’s what they want.They want our attention.They want us to shift our focus on them and their favs instead of BinJin.So please please I beg everyone in this fo
  13. When you realized YJ hasn’t updated her Instagram since that absurd rumour created by the dinghy but then she decide to post again when HB is back in Korea and right on the first day of HB’s birthday week and look at her post too...that BinJin Cake though...she said she didn’t take photographs of everything but she took a pic of that cake... AND guess who just updated his kfans through TheSpace today too?Kim Tae Pyung everyone... Coincidence?No,it’s ICBM i tell you... BINJIN STILL GOING STRONG
  14. I’ve been wanting to discuss this too...about fan service/media play. There’s alot of reasons why both HB and YJ won’t engaged themselves in them.I think I’ve mentioned it before too but there’s also a few more things that I wanted to add on.... + Well that means they all left Mongolia before the 25th (HB’s Birthday) because for sure they won’t reveal such info if they were all still staying there. Anyway,YJ is always a ninja for all we know she left when HB left too hahahaha + I’m just gonn
  15. As I’ve said guys...watch out for trolls pretending as if they ship BinJin when in fact they’re just trying to trigger us and bring negative vibes to our MT.There’s a bunch of them here...sometimes I wonder if they’re doing okay with their own life...because instead of spreading positivity vibes and spending their time doing something positive...they spare their time to be a troll instead.There’s some other too who doesn’t even belong in this forum yet giving negative reaction to our positive posts about BinJin....a bunch of weirdos i gotta say lol Anyway just to remind everyone...Thi
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