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  1. Didn’t know Hyunbin and Yejin close friends hang out in this forum?Gong Hyo Jin?Or KKT is that you?I hope HB and YJ gave you approval to describe your feelings and personality here lol Here’s an important thread... I thought after the confirmation people would be less greedy and demanding...how wrong was I lol Apparently,BinJin still owe the fans some explanation about their feelings for eachother, the details of their personal lifes and relationship...then if that’s the case,those people should pay for their wedding and their honeymoon too...why not buy them their newly
  2. @fangirl101 I’m sorry if you felt like it was directed to you but I wasn’t even aware of who spread what on this thread in the first place lol I was just saying how some sites are clearly using BinJin for clicks especially after the dating announcement...for example in the past there’s lovekpop95 and they seem to still do it too until now.I’m actually more concerned about those international article where they suddenly have insider infos (a whole story/scenarios going on) but the source was never clear.And I’m not saying people can’t share it at all but just hoping people won’t spread it as if
  3. @bjlovebirds Why are some people so desperate for HB’s letter...it’s rather annoying at this point.It’s a dating announcement not a marriage announcement.Even in YJ’s post she clearly implies she actually doesn’t have to say it but she wanted to because she has been silent this whole time and avoiding questions eventhough she does things subtly too while HB has been the obvious one and the biggest receipt this whole time who always in charge over the relationship question during PressCon,brought her up and talking about her during his solo Interviews before the confirmation.And just fyi YJ’s p
  4. The Interviewer trying to make him spill but I bet HB has been warned by YJ not to be so obvious and be more careful with his answers this time...i mean remember Esquire 2019 - the whole “Breathing the same air,staring into her eyes..” thing lol And I’m glad it’s not only us that’s clearly curious and wanting them to announced soon... And the fact that he let them ask questions about YJ...clearly he still wants to talk about her but just have to be more careful this time lol As for YJ,I understand her situation...i mean look at her during her FM lol And clearly we can see from C
  5. “Oversleeping,chatting and talking with funny people makes me happier. After I’m done with shooting for the day,drinking beer while sharing stories with people is happiness to me” - YJ (Elle Korea, Dec 2020) “Night owl.I work late a lot because of night shootings so I am used to staying up late. I guess that’s why I do more things at night.” - HB (Esquire,Jan 2021) “I’ve been really into having a glass of beer when I get home after work.I like trying out different kinds of beer but more than that it feels like I can wrap up the day with a glass
  6. BinJin About Travelling: (Dec 2019): “If you were to crash-land anywhere in the world, where would you crash-land?” “Hopefully it’s somewhere completely new, somewhere I haven’t traveled before either for a trip or to shoot anything, and hopefully there’s nature around me—I would love that.” - HB “I would love to crash-land in Africa. It’s actually one of the agendas on my bucket list, and also I really love animals.I’d love to visit Africa” - YJ “I realized that I really like travelling.Seeing how frustrated I feel when I can’t go.T
  7. I’m sorry to say this but some people aren’t making this any better.Those haters are laughing at us right now because this is what they want. They’re a minority and you’re giving them so much attention.Instead of just blocking and ignoring them,yall are making a bigger issue out of it by unintentionally spreading it everywhere and being defensive mode at everything they’re saying. The more you guys response to whatever they’re saying,the worse they will get because they crave for that attention....Isn’t it that obvious already?Now try the opposite,focus on BinJin and just block/repor
  8. “ Hyun Bin's Thoughts About Son Ye Jin May Be The Most Intense And Romantic Thing You'll Hear All Day” - Koreaboo (lol) And which btw it’s a fact though so here are some of my favourites (HB about YJ): “At first when I met her,she was like how she is now,very calm,quiet aura/feeling but after time passes,I see a different sides of her which differs from what I imagined her in my heart to be” - (HB,Dec 2019) SonYeJin, what's the secret to being well-loved for such a long time? (YJ looks to HB for help) “Because she's p
  9. Hyunbin and Yejin with their in sync answers in Interviews Q: When you live as an Actress,when do you feel happiness?Mainly what makes you feel Enjoyment?: “I get mad at the little things and I get happy from the little things” - YJ (Elle,2020) Q: What’s your definition of a ‘Happy Life’? “It’s something you can find with a little tweak of your thoughts or in the smallest things in life” - HB (Swoon,2019) “After I’m done with shooting for the day,drinking beer while sharing stories with people is happiness to me” -
  10. BinJin Timeline (Part B ) August 2020 (Part 2): - One of HB’s BFF and Business Partner created a personal Instagram account.He kept following and unfollowing people but from the beginning,he was always following YJ’s Instagram and even liking her posts too.He followed a CLOY Fanacc too (More like BinJin Fanacc tbh lol) even only for a short time.However,after a few weeks,he decided to go on private then deactivated his account most likely because of privacy reason. 9th Aug: HB wrote a Thank you letter to a Japanese Radio Program because of their love/support
  11. I’m here just to remind people to be more private and more responsible with their shipping. It seems like Korean Medias are doing everything just for clicks now.They seems to be publishing news that’s clearly trying to mislead people too. Just like HB’s recent absurd rumour a few months ago,it happens again with 2 kpop Idols today.Korean Media picked up things from shippers for their news article.It was an edited photos of the two idols made by shippers and they used it to make headline and it’s suddenly trending in Korea right now. It actually started with a diff news but Korea
  12. HB watching other performances vs HB watching CLOY ost being performed with YJ and him all over the big screen Look at his eyes....he’s clearly smiling behind that mask lol BinJin Crumbs from today: YJ’s BF and YJ’s BFF quick interaction from today: Kim Tae Pyung (During 2020 Award Shows - So far): Baeksang Awards - June 2020 (With the Wife): Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards - October 2020 : (Btw,thank you to that reporter that shouted and asked HB to wink because his reaction was everything
  13. Finally!Congrats to our Kim Tae Pyung...Well deserved and we’re all so proud and happy for you And guess who’s excited to see this year winners too....non other than Son Eon Jin...She probably knew that her husband will win something this year lbh + Everytime the drone zoomed out,Dooly turned into BinJin Honestly,what was HB trying to do...hold her hand?touch her coat? lol + Anyway,APAN voting has started but sadly there’s no Couple Award this year (I guess?) but let’s do our best to give them another popularity award
  14. Honestly,I don’t believe in fortune teller/fortune telling or things like that at all but how accurate is this though tbh HB’s 2020 fortune is full of rumours that’s not even his faults but it’s through another person’s business. He doesn’t do anything wrong but because of his current popularity,these are the types of negative things he had to endure.But thank god he received lots of love and support at the same time by the fans all over the world...I mean his birthday message clearly shows how grateful he is and of course YJ who stood by him through it all.... I ho
  15. YJ has been in the industry for 20 years and she knows how to handle it...we all are frustrated over the hate she’s receiving but stop treating her like she’s a weak woman.At the end of the day,this is the path she chose and so was HB.They were never forced to be in such situation.Both decide to be constantly linked to eachother from the start...even after their dating rumour and even after CLOY ended like half a year later.And even after everything and every ridiculous and fake rumours they’ve both been receiving.What does that says then?It means whatever they have is worth it and look at how
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