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  1. I am back again~ Had enough of reddit due to the overwhelming hate/criticism of NDS. I have affection for both male leads but it is so difficult getting a proper discussion for DS without getting downvoted to oblivion. At this point, it seems that the plot is moving towards DS/DM as the end game. Kind of weird that JP is shafted aside and not having much scenes of him (having a big impact on the plot), I mean even the big revelation by JP is brushed off quickly and focus then resumed on DM and DS. Perhaps this is purposely intended by the director/writer to cut out any possib
  2. Really enjoyed the episodes so far, therefore appeared out of my lurking. Personally I do not really care who DM ends up with, both contenders have their own interesting narratives and I'm rooting for all of the four leads to have their own happy endings. Narrative-wise though, it seems that everything is setup for the two main leads to end up together? Since it seems that the CEO misunderstanding is already talked about in Ep 4 and from the previews it looks like the Doo San letters will be touched upon next week. It is great that this does not appear to be the main an
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