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  1. I am back!. Looks like WG is going strong, and JW-Iksoon is doing just fine. We are in for a long ride for SHxIJ and MHxSH~
  2. YES PLEASE. JAN 6. wait if they are going to begin filming on November, wouldn't it be kind of rushed? They will still have to do promotional campaigns for Swoon for example besides filming for the show itself.
  3. On to some more relevant things that does not need to be analysed or taken out of context: #IkSong still doing well on Melon <3 Last I heard, Hospital Playlist is still in Top5 Netflix KR, this is a very good sign.
  4. Lines How it started: How season 1 ended: Can we take this as their relationship is going back to square one? (Only this time, we will see different results)
  5. It has been 20 years, since then both of them had their own dating lives etc, in that sense, she definitely has moved on. But as with crushes, those feelings probably still remained, hidden and waiting to be reignited. The feelings Ikjun kept hidden 20 years ago came back due to multiple circumstances , and now we have season 2 for songhwa to slowly realise hers. Get ready for a sloooooow ride, people. Imagine the community's reactions they finally confirm their feelings for each other! I shall patiently wait for this. On the other hand, the PD's interv
  6. The Hospital Playlist OST album is up for orders again! Hopefully this time round they fixed the manufacturing issues. http://www.ktown4u.com/search?goodsTextSearch=hospital playlist
  7. Precisely...the cut into band session scene, them behaving as if nothing has ever happened, got me kinda confused. What did she reply? Did she even reply? ??? Surely yes or no we should be able to see some kind of reaction from Ikjun? But we got nothing at all... If i had a flaw to pick from this episode it would be this portion tbh.
  8. OST part 12 update! Real-time: Melon #7 Genie #1 Flo #50 Bugs #1 Soribada #1 Looks like we have another OST rising to meet JJS and JMD's!
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