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  1. To keep the delulu flowing as July rolls in, a lovely Binjin one shot fan fiction. https://twitter.com/LampPost150/status/1277899234293866496?s=19 Ctto *Another place where that song in the fan fiction would be heavenly is as she walks down the aisle, and he plays it on the piano for her.
  2. But if you recall HB seemed to recognise that some of the crew were from SITR? They weren't the actors in SITR else he wouldn't have asked them if they were the SITR crew ????
  3. Eeessh poor guy, now it becomes even more clear how much of a microscope he is under. All across IG, Twitter it's the same clip being played over and over again
  4. I'm liking these new fake subs from Binjin grocery, even though they are different I see aigooo (dangerous level of delulu has been breached). I really wish these two could work together in something like SITR or OSN.
  5. Anyhoo to distract us all, Binjin grocery is at it, again, sweet combo of SITR + MOTA (wish instead of the SITR name, it's HB's name from MOTA tht could be slipped in, ughhh losing it again )
  6. Disappointing HB not winning Best Actor, the winning competitor was a good act though, have to admit. VAST team if you guys are lurking around here, or HB himself, if would be amazing to see him become the action superstar that K-Ent needs. Maybe a collab between Hyun Bin and Won Bin for an action flick (playing frenemies like Hobbs & Shaw perhaps, but done much better obviously,.more darker and meatier characters and story). Definitely need a solo action movie franchise from HB with Lee Jeong-beom at the helm. Please also look at foreign TV dramas/series like True Detective, House as inspiration for stories that can be molded to roles HB can portray. VAST team or 현빈 씨요. 만약 여러분이 이 근처에 숨어 있거나 HB가 있다면, 그가 K-Ent가 필요로 하는 액션 슈퍼스타가 되는 것을 보면 정말 놀라울 것입니다. 현빈과 원빈의 콜라보레이션으로 액션 영화 (페이스오프나 광적인 홉스 & 쇼와 같은 적들을 연기할 수도 있습니다. 더 어둡고 고상한 캐릭터들과 이야기들) 이정범 감독이 지휘봉을 잡고 있는 현빈의 솔로 액션 영화 프랜차이즈가 꼭 필요합니다. HB가 연기할 수 있는 역할로 꾸며질 수 있는 이야기에 영감을 주는 진정한 탐정, 하우스와 같은 외국 드라마/시리즈도 봐주세요.
  7. Welcome and Please do, would love to here detailed analysis from people with professional knowledge of human behaviour Would definitely help to know we are not as delulu as we think we are.
  8. This clip to me personally is a big flashing sign of their relationship, it's kind of like a precursor to the one where the heart symbol was atop their heads. Oh god , I need to stop this !!!!!!!
  9. @RiRiGaGa Agree such wasted opportunities, and why the heck would they make it a PG 13 rating drama. They of course knew the leads had great chemistry, it would have only helped the show's ratings even more I think had it been a more mature rating. The meeting in SK @ YSR's place and some skinship there would have blown up the ratings even higher. Yup the Swiss reunion as well, what's with there not being a hug?????!!! Infact it should have been the running jump hug, I mean they haven't seen each other in two years, there would be such longing that would need to be conveyed !!!!!!! , the Frenchie after though made up for things, somewhat (said begrudgingly) Also I feel the act of wiping away YSR's tears in some more scenes would have been so beautiful, for e.g.when she wakes up in the hospital, or even in the Swiss reunion scene. HB should have adlib'd there Ughhh I'm back at it
  10. Tht was 10 years back, there hasn't been anything after that from.him. HB can easily take over given his popularity at the moment, make a similar set of movies and sequels like Jason Bourne and John Wick and reign !!!!!!
  11. Yup it would be, unless of course they use some clever VFX for cinematography to shoot.some scenes where just the SK ppl are.involved. BTW is it just me or does anyone else also think that HB might be perfectly positioned to play John Wick the Korean version???? I can totally see him in the black suits and the long hair with some stuble, performing some incredible action scenes
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