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  1. I imagine them vacationing in Amanpulo! That beach destination is the most exclusive of resorts, even hollywood stars slip in and out without the rest of the world knowing. You fly in through a chartered flight, cost per villa is upwards of $1200 USD/night. https://www.aman.com/resorts/amanpulo?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=G+|+CA+|+ENG+|+Brand+|+Country+|+Philippines+|+Exact&utm_term=amanpulo+philippines&utm_content=A203_A822_A015668&gclid=Cj0KCQjwn7j2BRDrARIsAHJkxmzYBGbV6Vl56iI4fdTcv18C9Fd8XogwxC54nwb38POwBiJO10QyzY0aAuziEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Honeymoon destination maybe? Apparently you never see any staff there, there is hardly any interaction between staff and guests. Everything gets replenished, cleaned, provided for without the guests ever seeing the staff. It’s like staying in a magical place where everything is provided for by invisible people. For high profile people, privacy is the ultimate form of luxury and i am sure BinJin is in much need of that.
  2. @ElectricHearts Whenever YJ answers in behalf of HB (At the TN presscon where she talked about how she’s never heard HB swear, and the Swoon interview where HB even said ‘I can answer for myself), i am reminded of my Grandma and Grandpa, when they were interviewed by the Consulate for their Canadian citizenship, the first question was directed to my Grandpa but of course my Grandma answered and she got a bit of a scolding by the Consulate — ‘Excuse me Mrs. D$!/@?$0, but I am not talking to you!’ — that habit of answering for the other person is such an old married couple thing lol
  3. I saw a video posted of most of Bin’s crying scenes - if he ever gets overwhelmed when they finally announce their engagement/wedding (like how he did when he was discharged from the military) and ends up crying, my comrades, please come rescue me! I just might drown in my own tears of joy as well
  4. Keeping vigil outside her hospital room while she was in critical condition Asking for an extra copy of her passport photo Tying her hair with his hankie
  5. From Villain vs Heroine, then NK and SK -- both polar opposites but here we are shipping them like crazy!
  6. That’s right - YeJin is a planner and a fantastic host. She loves to entertain and enjoys preparing the food and setting the table. I believe even if they decide to have a small intimate wedding, she would take the time to oversee details like that and would not want anything to be rushed. I can just imagine even the smallest detail of that wedding would have the BinJin stamp. Oh my heart! Yay for 600 pages!
  7. I am now on page 430, hopefully by the end of the week i would be all caught up with this thread lol Also, any BinJin shippers in Alberta, Canada? Message me! I need friends to discuss all my delulu shipping with.
  8. My first post! I am not even halfway through all 500+ pages and this thread keeps on moving. I am all for this ship—I just keep thinking that once all official announcements about their wedding is done, how lovely it must be for the couple to look back at CLOY. It really is like a beautiful memento of their love story.
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