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  1. Best actress is a competition among nominated leading actresses from nominated tv series (mini series, tv series-drama, tv-series comedy, juvenile series and etc) around the world and, this time, a Korean actress won (some year it's German actress, some year Chinese, some year American etc.). Each country that has nominated one or more tv series usually has one best actress nominated. The best actress comes from one of those nominated series (International and all series categories). This year the mini series representing Korea was When the Camella Blooms (which is also nominated in Hallyu Drama Series Category), hence, Go Hyo Jin got nominated and won. Hallyu Best Actress otherwise known as Most Outstanding Korean Actress is only given to Korean actress whom the judges thought was the best and represented the Korean wave around the world among the leading actresses in many Kdrama-series shown in the particular timeframe of the year, even if the mini-series they starred in were not nominated as best series (international and all series categories), they can still be nominated as Outstanding Korean Actress. In 2018, the top excellence for Hallyu drama was awarded to While You Were Sleeping and the excellence award for Hallyu Drama was awarded to Something in The Rain and Fight For My Way. But it was Son Ye Jin who won the Outstanding Korean Actress Award and Park Seo Joon got the Outstanding Korean Actor Award.
  2. Everytime Son Ye Jin is announced to have a potential project, there will be doubters and naysayers saying that she should not do this and that, and something or someone is more suitable for her. I remember when the press released the information about the movie The Cross, some people here said that it isn't the right project for her and the director was having a hard time finding an investor for it. Fast forward, they just released that YeJin is confirmed for the role and the movie will be shot with $30M budget. Of many scripts/ drama projects YeJin has been offered to, I think there is a good reason why her agency commented on this historical drama. Shooting a movie now is not really advisable because if she shoots a movie now, it will be scheduled for release early next year and by that time, I don't think the pandemic is over. The box office success will still be uncertain. I think a tv drama is a great choice at this time especially if it will be distributed internationally through popular streaming service like Netflix. It will help her global popularity to soar even higher and will help her in her upcoming Hollywood movie debut. I think YeJin is very smart to choose this historical drama because its plot is very popular in Korean literature and even in some Western literature. She has already captured the hearts of international audience who love to watch feel good, rom-com and melodrama tv series in SITR and CLOY through Netflix, and now it's time to capture the hearts of international audience who love to watch historical action drama and literary pieces, history and mythology like the hit series Game of Thrones. All writers have successful and failed or less popular works, even William Shakespeare. Also, YeJin's two most successful films, in box office and critically acclaim & award winning categories, are period/historical action drama which are Pirates and The Last Princess.
  3. Son Ye Jin has been offered to lead in a historical drama https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/382/0000849590
  4. https://spackmanentertainmentgroup.com/press-release-07-aug-2020
  5. Again, SPACKMAN MEDIA GROUP (the group) is the umbrella company of MS Team and they produced, invested in and marketed many of her movies and dramas. So no, definitely NOT a minority investor. The word you are looking for is majority.
  6. Only shows how professional she is. She asked for the copyboard & script two weeks before the taping. My friend works as one of Smart senior management members/ execs and I can assure you, HB and SYJ endorsement deals with Smart are NOT "typical" endorsement deals in terms of how much they are paid and the strong possibility of a continuous brand collaboration. They are the first Korean "love team" in the Philippines that will most likely be in one CF together, and the first Korean actor and actress who have local television commercial ads (I don't remember Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye having tv ads for Bench, I only saw print ads). I can't wait to see her in new movies and in Hollywood!
  7. MS Team (Son Ye Jin's Agency) is under Spackman Media Group, A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Of Spackman Entertainment Group and co-produced and marketed many of her films and tv shows. Also, Son Ye Jin is one of the top producers' choice so if you are a company managing her entertainment career, it would be more logical to receive investment from producers instead of shelling out own money to grow your company. Son Ye Jin is conservative with her finances, meaning she knows how and when to spend it. She is a good business woman too. She is an investor (and evangelist) of the brand Skin Inc that's own by Spackman Media Group, hence, it's not impossible that she is also an investor/ producer in Spackman Media Group entertainment subsidiaries itself such as her managing agency MS Team. She's not just the type who announce everything. You said: "One does not need to go to Hollywood to have a global hit film such as Parasite." It's true. Son Ye Jin had movies that were a hit overseas as well such as A Moment To Remember ($27.3M in Japan alone in the year 2005 so go figure how much would that be today) and April Snow ($25M in Japan alone in 2005) which are still unbeatable as the top Korean films in the Japanese box office, Parasite ($22.7M in Japan alone in 2020) only came third. The Last Princess ($40M global box office, budget approx $9.5M), The Pirates $64.41M Korean box office alone plus Lotte Entertainment pre-sold it to 15 countries at the 2014 Cannes Film Market, budget $13M), Be With You ($19.4M in Korean Box Office alone plus it was released internationally in 17 countries including: USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia.) were also a hit in some countries overseas. However, we cannot deny the fact the Hollywood is a bigger platform and most Korean celebrities wish to be noticed in Hollywood. Parasite only became a global hit and created a buzz when it won Oscars in the Hollywood. It did not earn that much when it was first shown in South Korea. Even a well-established and popular actor Park Bo Gum was not shy to announce in his recent interview that he wishes he'll get noticed by Hollywood. As for her building, the reason for selling was not because of the tenancy problem. She bought the building with the intention to sell it (buy and sell as many business people do). The tenancy issue came when the tenancy agreement expired and the tenant (who was the tenant of the previous building owner by the way) refused to vacate the property. SYJ asked them to vacate the property because she was gonna sell it but the tenant refused since they had a good business there and they were asking for compensation for the 'trouble' of moving. I am rooting for her to be a director and full blown producer in the future https://www.asiaone.com/business/iconic-korean-actress-son-ye-jin-ms-team-under-spackman-media-group-wholly-owned https://www.media-outreach.com/View/11514/Iconic+Korean+Actress+Son+Ye-jin+Of+MS+Team%2C+Under+Spackman+Media+Group%2C+A+Wholly-Owned+Subsidiary+Of+Spackman+Entertainment+Group%2C+Starts+Filming+For+TVN%E2%80%99s+K-Drama+LOVE%E2%80%99S+CRASH+LANDING+.html https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/companies-markets/son-ye-jin-represented-by-spackman-talent-agency-to-star-in-new-k-drama https://spackmanmediagroup.com/brands https://www.investor-one.com/market/quick_facts/193156-Spackman-Son-Ye-Jin-Wins-Best-Actress-Award--Popularity-Award-At-The-Seoul-Awards https://nebula.wsimg.com/60826b91cff50fa8c8a60e82cf48b64e?AccessKeyId=CFB69E6CC12E39216AB4&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 https://www.investor-one.com/market/quick_facts/193156-Spackman-Son-Ye-Jin-Wins-Best-Actress-Award--Popularity-Award-At-The-Seoul-Awards
  8. I agree. I don't understand why people would think that this opportunity is not suitable for her. Not all actors are offered such huge project. Sam W is a Hollywood A-lister with blockbuster and high grossing movies. I am not so much into Fantasy action films but I watched both Avatar and Clash of the Titans (film series) with my guy friends, I love him better in his drama roles though like Everest, Somersault (Australian Film) and Netflix's Fractured. As for the director Andrew Niccol, I really loved In Time which starred Justine Timberlake although it had a bit of Indie film feels for me but the story was thoughtful and exciting, and The Host which book I also read. The Cross was supposed to be starred by Orlando Bloom a decade ago but they've done several revisions on the story. I think in the previous story, it was supposed to be the man protagonist who would come from the poor nation, but now it seems like the female protaganist (SYJ character) is the one who will be from the poor nation. Son Ye Jin will do great in this movie if she accepts it. Future fantasy drama would be a new genre for her but she's very talented and has proven that she could excel at any film genre. Me too. It sounded like she was having a hard time talking in English in CLOY especially in the final episode where she was talking to a Swiss guy before the piano recital started. But she was great in the Negotiation- her English in the movie would be acceptable enough for a new foreign actress in Hollywood and she has a lot of time to practice. Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara never lost their thick mother tongue accent but they are very successful in their Hollywood careers.
  9. I think she said something like: Am I going to tie my hair? Then the stylist replied: No, no. I am just going to apply hair cream.
  10. People always have the tendency to say that the original version is better because, well, it was the first one to come out. I saw the Japanese version of Be With You before the Korean version and I still like the Korean version better, probably because the three protagonists gave better performances than the Japanese actors and the settings were a little more romantic. The kid in the Korean version was phenomenal, I cried every time he cried and got sad every time he did in the movie. Off the topic, I have been a solid fan of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden series that was shown almost two decades ago, hence, when the Korean version came out (Boys Over Flowers), I refused to watch it because a lot of my friends who are also fans of Meteor Garden and Taiwanese F4 said that the original Taiwanese version was better (Though the "real original version" is Japan's Hana Yori Dango but it was not as famous as the Taiwanese version ). However, during the Covid-19 home quarantine period, I ran out of the tv show to watch so I watched Boys Over Flowers on Netflix and to my surprise, story-wise, I like the Korean version more than the Taiwanese's. The actors in the Taiwanese version still delivered their roles stronger for me (and they were "hotter" than the BOF F4 lol), I think it BOF was a debut drama of Lee Min Ho and the rest so their acting was still rough around the edges at that time, but for me BOF had done better screenplay, it was more realistic. Anyway, back to Son Ye Jin, I just saw her new posts on Instagram and she's a dork! This is why I love her so much. She is effortlessly funny and sweet!!!!
  11. White Night - the story is quite draggy for me, a lot of things are going on at the same time, I still have not finished it cos I always stop but I am not sure if the story will progress in the end. There were just too many characters there, I feel like it neglected to properly highlight the purpose of her character. My favourite movie of her (over all criteria - acting, story and all) is A Moment to Remember, and Be With You comes very close (Cried rivers watching both of these movies!) Intense acting- wise: The Truth Beneath, The Last Princess, The Classic and Blood and Ties (I really like the story of Blood and Ties too, and I love The Classic's screenplay & OST) "Feminism-wise" or something like that - The Pirates
  12. I think she won the best actress in My Wife Got Married because she portrayed her character effectively, even if the entire movie was told from the POV of the lead actor's character. She was not the dominant character in terms of having the best lines or scenes to express her character more intensely yet, for me, her character was annoying, confusing, vague and unrelatable based on the society's standard of a good woman, which is the point of the movie. It's so easy to notice heavy drama or intense acting but I think how she portrayed her role innocently and lightly yet left impact (whether positive or negative) on the audience feelings deserved the best actress award. SYJ's acting aside, based on personal preference (and in the world I grew up), I would not consider this movie as expression of feminism and it's one of my two least favourite movies of her, story/scenario- wise. But then, strong stands and campaigns like feminism and the likes are always controversial.
  13. I think she's had dental veneers implant. I agree, I like her perfect natural teeth better during Personal Taste days but I think they were a bit yellowish as most natural teeth are. She probably got them to have whiter teeth and "smaller gums". If you notice in her interviews, her teeth on both sides are still a bit yellowish compare to her frontal teeth when she smiles. Unfortunately, I think entertainment/ modelling industry has different standard on teeth appearance e.g. my niece is a ramp model and trainee beauty queen here in PH and her management encouraged her to have dental veneers despite having nice teeth (they were a bit small but perfect I reckon. the management sponsored the procedure). After the procedure, I was really mad when I saw her dental veneers, they were white but too bulky and looked so unnatural. Also, she has to be careful on what to eat or drink e.g. if she drinks red wine, she has to brush her teeth immediately and thoroughly because it might stain on the veneers. With YeJin, however, they are not as bad as other dental veneers I saw, they still look natural if you don't pay too much attention to it. But I agree, I like her natural teeth better. Unfortunately, once one undergoes dental veneers implant, they can't get their natural teeth back anymore even if they want to. They can only change their dental veneers to new ones after a few years.
  14. Thank you. I don't really mind "polite policing" like this, I know it is just to make this forum happy, and to achieve peace and order. What I didn't get is when she misunderstood my comment and replied incorrectly but did not bother to make some correction when I clarified, when she always have the time to make long comment about other shippers - "spamming" (whenever they post many contents related to BINJIN) - repeating topics - over analyzing IG likes etc.... I also don't mind if she has other opinion re: JHI but the way she replied to my comment sounded like she was bashing me for incorrectly understanding what I wrote. Then used her own interpretation on my other comment to mislead people why I called her off. _________________________________ She actually deny it directly about her possibly dating JHI and it wasn’t the agency and because there wasn’t a real rumour in the first place like her rumour with KNG and HB...People around her just assumed it because of their chemistry in the drama. ________________________________ Anyway, I will feel really embarrassed if BINJIN read these arguments....
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