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  1. SYJ did not confirm her relationship with HB to maintain her popularity if that's what you are trying to say. She confirmed it because she was ready to face the world and consequences. I have followed SYJ long enough to know that is steady and consistent, and does not get pressured by fans or the people around her even with her choices of movie or drama. But yeah some fans can be too much on dissecting info but that's a given when celebrities are very famous - a small price they've got to pay for the massive support and love they receive all over the world. I think HB's agency denied that it's
  2. I love you Ye Jin, if you are reading this. I wish you all the best and I pray that you will have a happily ever after with your good man Hyun Bin. After (and still) giving great films and tv dramas and sharing your amazing artistry to the world, you deserve to be happy (not that you weren't happy before... but I meant happier as ever). I will support you no matter what!
  3. Many producers queue to invest in Son Ye Jin films and dramas (She's been awarded the producers choice in 2014 and chosen as no. 1 actress by top Korea's movie promoters/ producers as the actress whose projects the latter can confidently put their investment in. The actress with the strongest ticketing power in 2017). Niccol does not have to trick Son Ye Jin to make her invest in her own film because a lot of producers are willing to invest in her projects anyway, especially now that her popularity has soared even higher not only in Asia but in the whole world because of Netflix and other
  4. I have been following Son Ye Jin for decades and she would have an average of 5-6 endorsements + print ads pictorials along with 1-2 movies per year and 1 drama (every two years except in 2013-2018 when she focused more on making movies) and she never had to take sometime off. Hence, the nickname So Ye Jin. Song Hye Kyo did not take 3 years off either, those years she was not visible in Korean cinema/ tv, she took advantage of her popularity in China and tried her luck in big screen there doing supporting roles in big Chinese/ HK movies because she hasn't been very successful in Ch
  5. Her agency has confirmed that her next project would be The Cross and she's fine tuning all the details https://www.soompi.com/article/1421434wpp/son-ye-jin-and-kang-ha-neul-in-talks-to-lead-new-historical-drama
  6. Best actress is a competition among nominated leading actresses from nominated tv series (mini series, tv series-drama, tv-series comedy, juvenile series and etc) around the world and, this time, a Korean actress won (some year it's German actress, some year Chinese, some year American etc.). Each country that has nominated one or more tv series usually has one best actress nominated. The best actress comes from one of those nominated series (International and all series categories). This year the mini series representing Korea was When the Camella Blooms (which is also nominated in Hallyu Dra
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