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  1. V visited D during Changge filming?!?!?! I can feel GRSZD!!!! Keeping their relationship is also okay. As long as they announce their marriage and not keep it a deep secret
  2. Both of them are not being that secret about what's going on between them that's for sure. On a side note, that puppy is really cute. I want it!!
  3. No matter how popular ELoD was, I would not put GWG's name on her column if I was the editor or writer. She also had that drama with JH. The writer definitely knows something. Like how all of us kinda knew something from the very beginning.
  4. It has been speculated a few times. Who knows? Maybe they already had a little ceremony and went to Greece for their honeymoon *delulu mode*
  5. A girl can dream so I voted for "married". No analysis or proof. Only my imagination. I will leave it to time when they would actually announce. GRZSD! I wonder if its a wedding ring of some sort..... I missed so much and I was only away for 2 weeks!
  6. Thanks for sharing the translated vid @guguthecat They have been teasing us a lot more than usual lately. I feel the love in the air
  7. I honestly want to think that this is just coincidence... if this only happened once. But it has happened so many times already and I am not sure if they are just teasing us or it wasn't on purpose. GR did a good job keeping GR fans on their toes for any sugar and dog treats.
  8. Congrats ELoD. And of course we can understand why they are topping. I would be surprised if they weren't.
  9. This is why people should be warned that ELoD is not the continuation of DH and FJ's story from EL because it will get confusing.
  10. So what did I miss from ELoD discussions? I can't seem to go back a few pages. The forum is still broken for me.
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