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  1. Exactly! Why not let them talk and listen to what they want to actually say, instead of what we want them to say. Most of the time what is left unsaid, has more weights and more obvious than what has been said. Also, for the record Yejin never discloses her private life, why would people expect her to do it now, on a FM? Seriously! Ditto! The fact that they tried really hard not to put the spotlight on them is more telling. Trying to be a normal couple in their world is like finding a needle in a haystack. They deserved their own truth. They will know when it’s time and so w
  2. We heard so many stories about people who were brought to their knees by their egocentrism and arrogance. I am not sure we need more cautionary tales, but we can always use more real life example of successful people who are lovely people inside and out. And since today is your birthday Bin-ssi. I think it is a fitting tribute to show you as the real life example of that person and of how much we appreciate you being such a good man. Humility and modesty aside. Happiest Birthday Bin-ssi! You deserved all the happiness in life and so much more.
  3. Whoever said BinJIn can’t have their cake and eat it too, clearly doesn’t know and trust BinJin at all! Seriously!!! Whew! It takes a lot of energy to make a comparison cycle going so may I suggest to reflect upon one thing that is not a decade ago because obviously, you can’t have their cake and eat it. On the contrary, BinJin can have their cakes and they can very well have and eat it as they pleases. It is amazing how gratitude can shift the destructive comparison, and Only a person who is truly confident, sincere and happy can be truly grateful. Be happy Yejin-ssi. You both deserved
  4. Yes, he may have tested negative while in Jordan, but you don’t get tested again unless you are exhibiting any symptoms. CoVid is not tested when boarding any airplanes only your temp. Temp is not an accurate indicator that you have/don’t have CoVid. Remember people without symptoms maybe able to spread the virus. Covid Virus travels by air and the more enclosed you are the higher the risk of contacting the virus. You may feel well and not have any symptoms, but you can be contagious and spread the virus to any individuals. Symptoms can developed as early as 5 days or as late as 14 days hence,
  5. That’s what we’ve been telling people to give credit where credit is due. They could have put the blame to the unreliable BinJiN Soompi forum you know, but since no credit was mentioned she can credit herself and get all the flak she wanted lol plus, it’s not BinJin or Soompi’s fault according to the 3rd person and I quote if comprehension is not your best suit fit . @Kari ... maybe, you can share what are you taking, the air you were breathing, the bed, pillows and sheets you are sleeping in before you gone to bed so that we can make all the necessary recommendations because it s
  6. I believed Switzerland was chosen because it adhered to the policy of armed neutrality in global affairs - meaning it is a neutral country. Seri being South Korean and RJH as a North Korean, they need to be in a neutral place to co- exist, plus the view is too perfect to be disappointed so, why not Switzerland?
  7. Yes, it is a public forum, but it doesn’t mean you can just post and say anything without exercising cautions and restrictions with regards to the feelings of the people involved and get away with it. We still have to be responsible and respectful of their privacy and also, with each other. There is a fine line between being a fan and to invading their own personal space. We don’t get the dibs on everything.
  8. No, because the salient point is that we preserved the secret when you expose the function to the outside it omits the reason for keeping the privacy. Yes, we have issues with that.
  9. We are getting thrown a lot of BinJiN crumbs. I feel like Christmas is coming very early and that is more than enough reason to be happy and unperturbed about other ship claims. We don’t even have to compare notes, mind you, BINJIN crumbs are not some crumbs from yesteryears toasts or some beautiful looking crumbs only to be disappointed on the very first bite or some ugly flavor left over crumbs. BINJIN crumbs are legit, beautifully crafted, elegantly planned, and as the days unfold we are starting and are discovering more beautiful flavors to it and then eventually all our crumbs will turn
  10. HB and SYJ wanted to work together on a project and the universe conspired to make it happened for them and when both accepted the project (which was totally different from their previous works) fast forward they gave us CLOY. We find ourselves swooning and went crazy gaga over them. The movie may not be the perfect project for them, but it was the right time and place. If we think about it, a lot of relationship problems have to do with people not being on the same page as each other at the right time. It can be the right person at the wrong time, and it can be the right thing with the wrong
  11. OMO!!! Did I just missed something or what? Man! Why am I always late to the party? I am telling you, if you don’t keep up or even blink for just a second BINJIN FOMO will hit you hard! They are throwing real receipts/crumbs and I was out with my dog chasing a squirrel. Why did I even do that? Lol! Ain’t it the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Those that can’t recognize are clearly missing all the BINJIN signs and emotional connection.
  12. Totally with you. I also think When people share information that is wrong they do it because they are more interested in the emotion the information evokes. What people share (emotion) and what people want to find (facts) are often in contradiction. There is misinformation and then there is disinformation. We should be really careful and mindful of what we put out there because it greatly affects people’s lives in ways we don’t know. Rumor has it, but Reality is always interesting. Let’s focus on that! Let’s end the rumors on a happy note! Yejin would totally agree by simply sayi
  13. Opening MT and reading everything about Yejin-ssi smart CF and seeing Bin-ssi favorite Sonflower face all over. Happy me! And like the lone sunflower in the field of ragweeds - it doesn’t matter what her surroundings for as long as she have what she needs beside her- for breathing the same air with that person is pure contentment .
  14. I really think how they pay attention to each other hugely made an impact on their relationship.They have that certain values and principles that both are comfortable with and rely on. Appreciating the similarities and respecting the differences which is really a fundamental to a real relationship which BInJin have shown. Which I think of no coincidence. They are aware of the bigger picture, and in order to not mislead themselves and everyone they have to have an honest communication, understand each other and have their own rules on how they feel and behave towards each othe
  15. I don’t know about you, but everything BINJIN does from TN and here on is sparking joys to me. Happy camper here! So, I am just gonna sit and enjoy all the candies they are throwing on us. If you think about it, if they are uncomfortable about all the talks and rumors why take on the same CF for the same company? My take, they are comfortable with the relationship and each other emotions and stable with each other’s presence that they are willing to go forward, but at their own terms. On a side note. I’ve seen that some had been discussing about Yejin Europe trip. Based on the phot
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