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    i dont have one cuz i'm a full time WEEB

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  1. Fae

    hey, i have a question for you. is the thing that says i have to wait 24 hours to post more after three posts only for new members? because after my first three posts it said that i had to wait for 24 hours before posting more. im just wondering if it's just for new members or not, because i really would like to post more than three times each day :/

    1. mirmz


      ya it's for new members. it lasts for a few days. it's a pain in the butt. :(

    2. Fae


      thank you for letting me know. i was so confused. luckily im now at new member status so i don't have to worry about that lol. thanks for the help ^^

    3. mirmz


      ur welcome @Fae :D


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