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  1. Hi my fellow dongfeng shippers. As I’m back to routine and “new normal” as they said it, life been change a lot. Glad to know at least the forum remain the same and lively as before . Can only repeat one or two ELOD episode per week now and still amused by our dongfeng. My friend told me that she read in some other cdrama forum that they can’t stand watch pillowbook and no chemistry between the lead makes me wonder if they actually watch the same version as me . Well haters always gonna be haters i guess. And I’m so thrilled that I managed to get to make the sorrowless pastry looks a like in the tai chen palace from the recipe that I found in this forum and they actually taste pretty good. Would like to share the pic but don’t know how to. Lol. Anyway that’s all from me, just want to say hello and get my ELOD addiction fix.
  2. @Ninky All the best for you. Sending my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Fingers crossed everything will be ok. I’m actually been away for quiet sometime as things start to get to normal a bit for us and then I’m watching the news about VIC second wave lockdown. Therefore I’m checking in the forum to get in touch with you and check you out then I saw your post . Anyway, miss this forum so much but I don’t have the privilege to check it out regularly now (first world problem I know) but this is one of the thing that keep my sanity during lockdown and my mood booster after long day at work now. I’m so excited to see that LS first chapter is ready but no time to read it yet (btw thanks to the translation team to make it happened). It’s 2am now and I just finished working so hopefully I could catch up on my reading soon.
  3. It’s not a bad thing at all but maybe a bit impossible due to my rusty brain . I’m actually a Chinese descent from both parents. I could speak Hokkian from my mum side and Hakka from my dad side. I used to live in Sg for studying for a few years and I’m one of those Chinese looking person in Malay class. Lol. I choose Malay in mother tongue class because it’s impossible to do secondary school level of chinese with my very broken basic chinese . My chinese understanding is pretty good as far as to listen if someone cursing or bad mouthing me as many of my Singaporean friends teaching me the key words to look out for
  4. Thank you for your explanation. So I assume, none of the books are published in English version? Well, I guess I need to work on my very broken Chinese first
  5. It’s a shame, can’t find anything or ebay, marketplace or gumtree. Lol. Is the book coming with a cd too?
  6. We surely have a lot of variety here. It almost like UN . That’s great though, meaning our Guangre cp are renown worldwide. Anyone from down under??
  7. I live in Sydney so the location is just perfect for me. Whereabout it is? I tried to search “tangqi” on kinokuniya site can came out with nothing.
  8. Hi @Ninky, are you saying you got the book from kinokuniya? And they deliver it online? I’m so excited now .
  9. So I just finished ep 13 from Viki and I concur that in some part, Viki subtitle are much clearer than wetv. I’m also reading those timed comments and boyyy people could be really mean in their judgements . I saw countless of annoying, needy, no dignity b***h to describe FJ and they only see it up to eps 13 so hopefully I will see nicer words along the way . Luckily not all the comments are bad, some are really nice, funny and amusing too. I remember one of them called JH pet, Aslan (from Narnia) because the lion can talk . I’m also using this opportunity to recount the “oh” and “ehm” and “aa” from DJ. Lol. So far I got 19 of those from the first ep till now and probably more because I always skip the scene where DJ talking to demon clan (cmiiw if anyone else is counting ). It was more that the first time I count if I’m not wrong. Ok. I’m off to do more eps now . So weird that I’m not sick and tired of this drama at all consider countless times I watch it and I’m still enjoy it.
  10. I agree with you. I too always learn something new. Makes ElOD more exciting and intriguing and very hard to move on. The members on this forum indeed more mature and voice their opinions in a respectful way. Yeayy to 800 pages soon. A big group hugs for u all. . One of the reason I can keep my sanity during self iso
  11. Oopps sorry. I guess we are carried away by our emotions. Your insight is always valued and appreciated to us the non chinese speakers. Thanks for your reminder. Let’s get back on track to V and Rb. I probably the one that need hiatus. Lol. Feel too ancient for this fangirling stuff and forget how much fun and exhausted it is
  12. Hahahah. Is he that bad? I don’t even bother to watch it. I did watch the clip once, found it too cringe worthy and I can’t unseen it now from my brain. Then I start to block any sort of pic that have them both together that related to the drama. I really don’t like the combination. I loves Rb and I have watch some of her other dramas. Don’t mind her with ZBB on king’s woman, even with Vic Zhou is still acceptable on flame’s daughter. But with HJY??? Sorry Rb, I will looking forward to your next drama instead
  13. Initially I’m actually don’t want to think too much about this and brush it off as coincidence. Until I finish watching HC eps where RB has a dancing and taking the shirt off challenge. I’m amazed at how smart and quick thinker is she. The other contestants just go with the flow while she has a strategy before hand and prepare herself by rolling the shirt. Judging from this event, I believed she is a very smart lady and all this time she is probably dropping the hints not just because my delulu mind talking. I’m also observing the way she treat the whale boy and it’s nothing and not even close to her interaction with V when V was there. The double standard is wayyy to obvious. So now I just have to wait until they officially GX and have three cute and very good looking babies (consider both parents genes)
  14. Ikr.. How come anyone hate this couple I am biased. I am hopeless romantic after all. I don’t care. I think they are the cutest thing ever (period) hence I follow this page religiously to find more counterparts
  15. You spill all the words from my mind . In addition, since TMOPB is 9/10 then ELOD I will give 15/10 because their chemistry is out of the universe and wayyy better than cp YM n MC. My argument remain the same. If they refused to watch ELOD because they feel is not up to par with TMOPB it’s their loss. Just like one of the comment of Viki “if u don’t like it be careful to not knock your head on the door on your way out” And again this is just my own opinion
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