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  1. Omg, this is double dose of sugarrr. The reflection on that glass is the black tie and lines pattern outfit How exciting!!! I’m squealing for them
  2. There are few upcoming dramas that featuring white haired male lead but after watching the trailers or look at the posters, no one can pull the same charm and aura as V. V set the bar too high that I can’t even bring myself to watch any other white haired man. I think I need help. Lol.
  3. Where are you located? If you are in Australia, currently Miss S is aired on SBS on demand and complete with subtitle Ps: GG is so very charming in this drama too. Dijun aura vibe. I think I’m officially legit donut now on top of guangre
  4. Yes Ye Qing ti is in this drama too. He is one of Miss S sidekick. Yess, the dresses are so pretty, gorgeous and elegant. I’m just finished watching Miss S the whole season and it’s pretty good series to watch. Feels like watching Sherlock holmes or CSI kind of series but In Chinese. I really like GG in this drama. His character quite similar to Dijun in some way. He is strict, protective to his woman, a great superior but loves playing prank to his colleague and easily get jealous. The only thing that missed from this drama is Rb as female lead. Lol. Can
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