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  1. I also love rom-coms, they are my guilty pleasures, but like I said these genre exists for pure "fluffy" contents, like there is no solid plot. U can literally wear lingerie and walk in public during ancient era still it would be potrayed in comic light, writers can do watever they want in this Universe coz there is no Logic or definite rules. So to see such genre top Intellectual writings is very sad for me coz TMOPB & ELOD etc are one of a kind whereas u'll find fluffy themes like "romance of tiger and rose" in large number for each year. infact my most favorite scene is from "I've falle
  2. I wouldn't be this sad if the series that toped ELOD were deserving but rom-coms with loose plot, average acting that is filled by fluffy moments are ranked higher especially "I've fallen for you" & "the romance of tiger and rose".. I think ELOD haters are deliberately dragging down the ratings.. minor things like lightings, poor costume and poor editing can be over looked when a plot has depth and intellectual writings with stellar cast compared to series which purely exists for "moe" contents with illogical themes
  3. So true , infact not just for ELOD but Vengo managed to set standards for ancient gods/powerful immortals character's in xianxia genre.. his body-language and expression were on spot. It would take years to beat this performance of his for sure..
  4. I also loved the mortal arc especially all the scenes involving SXR, XJ and QT , if the production had edited out all the unnecessary parts then the mortal realm would be a sweet-short arc of 4-5 episodes, but they ruined a decent paced arc by purposely dragging it out for no valid reason....
  5. I kind of liked this part in the book coz it's shows how clueless DJ is when it comes to emotional bonds. he was a survivor, a sole emperor, a war god, the best strategist in his whole lifetime so it's in his nature to choose quickest methods to solve any kind of problem and he did the same with solving the fate issue with FJ.. on top of this DH never knew "love" he doesn't know what is considered as normal behavior with his loved ones so this was like a trail for him to understand how different "feelings involved situations" are compared to his "war zone/political issues"... I love this trans
  6. If possible I want the whole pillow book to be translated by you, hehe.... I don't want to miss out on any left out parts in the hamster translation
  7. Even in my region ELOD isn't available on viki I'm sure most of the comments are from certain group who are taking out their personal grudges on ELOD
  8. Couldn't have said it better . DH does attract the worst types but he was able to make the best one to fall in love with him as well
  9. It really pissed me off, like for argument sake let's say TQ did plagiarised still the drama TMOPB stands on its own since director /screenwriter made 80% of improvs , the novel's only has BQ POV but the drama made peach blossom into a third person PoV with adding lot of made up stories / characters, so from that point alone TMOPB deserves 10/10 (even though I loathe butchering of Dongfeng parts) It sucks more that ElOD ended up becoming the scapegoat for these people even wen no one can dare to accuse plagiarization about Pillow book, this is the original book of TQ in every sense
  10. In general Chinese dramas Love's it's FL lead to be of naive type but most of the time it comes across as irritating than Adorable depending on the plot and the actress's potrayal of the characters.. Maybe that's why many neutral just assume ELOD is one of those cliche series? ELOD haters are not helping the case either. If only these people can watch ELOD with fresh set of mind by forgetting all those cringey drama they've seen so far then they'll see how brilliantly Reba played the FJ character. Her cuteness, naivety and pure Innocence was on point, none of FJ traits were overly
  11. Damn, u guys are making it literally impossible to get over ELOD/Pillow book (In a good way) i wish I can magically learn Chinese within a day so I can read all those left out juicy details
  12. Trust me some Chinese fans r not at all inferior to K-pop fans when it comes to craziness.. Any Chinese actor would be a lucky person if he /she gets a group of mature ppl with sensibility as their fans.. But there are some actors who take advantage of these crazy fans for their personal benefit where some choose to stay silent to escape all the drama..
  13. I was speechless when I saw the comment section of ELOD, Many were not considering to watch the series just because it wasn't the continuation of TMOPB, most of those were Drama only watchers.. so basically they have no idea abt TQ universe and how unique DH and FJ are as a couple in every sense.. On top of that TMOPB kindof took few original themes of Pillow book and systematically butchered it so those fans might not understand the depth of ELOD, they might even think that it has the same repetitive scenes (arcs) as TMOPB in a different order Another major problem is Yang Zi fan
  14. This!!! Many readers just focused on the "Crave your heart " part but forgot the real intention/context behind the request of FJ.. when ones craves his heart out at his dying moment, death will be made into remembrance, nothing can top this gesture in the sincerity/loyalty department.. one can say that this is the ULTIMATE GESTURE of showing ones loyalty/eternal love. That's why FJ made such extreme request not because she wanted DJ to litreally cut his heart out for her but to give an hint that she expects that kind of loyalty from him, but in the end DJ did it litreally to clear all of
  15. I genuinely thought they transferred that large waterfall to demon realm, if it still stays in heaven then what the point of XY specifically asking for it?? Only when it get transferred to demon realm, the Mirror can be boasted as one of the treasures of their clan..
  16. I think DH gave up the mirror to Demon clan (forgot the name) in exchange of keeping JH there forever.. so now the mirror is with JHs brother and that would be the last place DH will step on after all the crap Happened coz of JH..
  17. Suprisingly Japan does better job at animating Chinese series than it's own.. maybe it's the art or something but the quality of the anime and the characters look much better.. the animated version of Untamed set the bar too high and if they decide to do animated version of ELOD (Pillow book) they'll hit jackpot for sure..
  18. Maybe it's diffcult to pull it off with a wig, I mean we could already see VG neckline inside the wig. Also when they do the tie-up hair it sits perfectly, but when it's loose u need thick quantity with soft texture and Should cover the real Hair of the actors which is a very tough job for makeup artists..
  19. I love how xianxia ML can look feminine and masculine at the same time, it makes the whole package look outwordly!!
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