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  1. I already had a feeling this could be because of his successes in 2020... why suddenly they bombarded him with black rumors... so dirty. The Operation Sea 2? OMG I hope the rumor is true! I want to watch V to set high level standard of acting skill agaisnt that rotten fish's. IF in 2021 reba will shinning through YAMG and V is going to take the role in The Operation Red Sea 2 and boomba V get recognition again how misserable the fish would feel to be hit by the same people in 2 years? I think V's black rumors is totally FAKE! He has married and kids? I am married and
  2. Childish! They are busy insult and biting each other like a fool while our couple gg and mm maybe hugging each other in bed whole night, having their own personal life giggling and happy... I hope we GuangRe stay away from this fanwar, even if they stir us up, we better stay calm and peace.
  3. Sounds not right... is there any 'rumor' before that GR were real couple??? Very fishy, nothing to declare... no rumor about these two as real couple but this blogger seems try to 'cover' something by saying these two are just 'friends'... did something happen during the new year eve??? I wanna see the real pics! Were they caught while having romantic candle light dinner somewhere? Or maybe ? *just my imagination* Anyway, I dont mind the comment... it is not the first time... they are just bestfriends? OFC, it means they are really close, thats the goodnews. Learning from s
  4. Can she said she has boyfriend ma???? I'm afraid her fans will be freak out or even go to nearby hospital immediately. It's impossible for her to say she is in love, she is with someone, she likes someone, she has someone because it means she is ready for GX and ready to all consequences. Can you believe a pretty sexy beautiful success woman in her primetime (20-30 years old) for 10 years of her career always single??? Give me a break! Nah... she just can't say she is 'dating' or likes someone or seeing someone in front of her fans and public.... no actor actress can s
  5. Yes, you right. This account is very biased. I remember in YT before I liked to watch and read their news about ELOD, GG and MM but then oneday he wrote Vengo's name in the title but when I watched the video, it's totally about MM and the whale and not a bit about GG!!! I finally realized that this account is trying to mislead people and draw GG MM ELOD LD the whale fans to watch, for what? For fanwar! I had to make strong comment that time to remind everyone and eventually he deleted Vengo's name. Some people making news like 'seeling drugs'... first, draw attention of ELOD's fans and then sl
  6. I agree with @SnowBell14 this is GuangRe forum discussion but why I feel that someone trying to drag attention here... alice donuts the whale and so on. We already know that issue long time ago that Alice dislike GG... OK, whatever. Many of us still shipping these two because they have history, they give us warmth and we love their 'friendship', many reasons. To me, I will always support and love GR. GX is not a problem. Oneday, they have to GX anyway, time will tell. I only know GG loves her sincerely and thats enough as he is a real man. IMO MM is still young and
  7. After reading all the thread for few pages... I would like to congratulate ALICE for getting what they always wished for. IF, ONLY IF the rumor between R and the whale was true. Congratulation Alice, you finally succeed for not getting 'ugly old man' but got 'ugly ugly ugly RickRoll'D boy on earth' We here are giving her the best man on earth to be proud of, to love her sincerely, giving her someone who can protect and support her career and love her unconditionally eventhough he got hatreds from her fans (gosh I still remember in award yesterday how proud he was when
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