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  1. So this is how i'll describe the first picture to middle school kids; middle: the sharp nose husband right side: the charming wife left side: the wife's granny inlaw Does LMH exist on the second picture? I just spot KGE in it
  2. Can I just assume that Hi Bye Mama's daughter is just one of the wedding guest? After having so many rollercoaster emotion today, this straightforward assumption will help me sleep more soundly.LOL
  3. Woot! Woot! Royal Court Ladies!!!!! My heart's pounding like gonna explode just looking at those beautiful flowers Err.. wedding in RoK? Like seriously..?? Excuse my overthinking
  4. is there any KES drama which has happy ending..? sorry, i haven't completed all her masterpieces yet. Im just curious...
  5. actually i noticed the resemblance too not long ago. but too shy to brought this here, afraid of being extra delulu glad that someone noticed it too YESSS...MAMA & GoEUN look very much alike. The only 2 ladies LMH post wth him from behind on IG
  6. Do I hear wedding bells ringing...? KES-nim, we welcome with infinity-length of wide arms open for another 1st night of wedding couple deeper 'beheaded' session too oh my heart! the way they beheaded each other's tongue already shaken our universe roughly.
  7. Really??????? WHOAAAA... that's 99% matches KGE's personality we need the all time LMH fans like u to help us to better understand the situation now. Like me, some times i always like controlling myself for not shipping them beyond the boundries. u know, by the end of the day they are just actor n actress. But at certain points, there are some situation that make me think this is way tooooo real to be reel, coz they're human too Did LMH always laughing every single captured moment whenever he's wth his sparring partner on set before..?
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