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  1. liu yuning looks so hot in that hanfuand reba clearly is so busy this and next year. she's like taking revenge for the 2019 absence
  2. so if we get 8 episodes on Monday, will we get episode 9 and 10 on Tuesday? i'm gonna subscribe if it's the case
  3. i love kim sohyun (the actress) and dilraba and kang hana and iu, i love kim soo hyun and yangyang and wulei and xukai (well, this is changeable because it depends on my mood lol) but if you asked me to go to China or SK just to meet them, nah thanks. I'm too lazy to do that :') let me admire them from a far. That's enough (~'o')~ Oh but i would like to meet the writer of penthouse. I have a lot of things to discuss with her
  4. Is she? So she can't die? Shanggu definitely can't die bcs her 'soul' tied to the realm. As long as the realm exist, she lives, doesn't she?
  5. Halo, everyone. I'm still on ep 21 but please spoil me when will houchi realize she is shanggu or when will shanggu comes back and kick everyone as* especially that brat 'sister' of her? I miss her TwT
  6. Actually there are 2 babies in the pic, NAG was holding SK, while she put SH in the stroller beside her. I'm pretty sure the twin are twin. JDT is evil who doesn't want to touch SSR's biological child. So there's no way he would take SH as his son while knowing he is the son of SSR's husband. There is a plot that buggering me tho. The real JDT said mr baek took his identity and SSR said when they got married JDT told her he graduated from a Japan university. But, weren't they betrothed by their parents since they were kids? And SSR canceled their engagement because she
  7. I'm sure lee dam will not lost her memory And finally! Sunbae will have more screen time next ep. He got like 10 seconds in this episode only even dam's squad got more than his
  8. the only thing i enjoy from this season is how they mock the police, justice, and law. korean drama always show the hidden truth in society, and in this drama you can bribe them if you have money and high position. so accurate.
  9. 1. I put my bet on eunbyul. Suryeon and yoonhe already felt the feeling of losing their child, soojin must feel it too! Or seokhoon, because after losing min seol a, now logan, and if next is seokhoon, suryeon might be the next te ka (moana, anyone?) and i pity whoever become the target of her wrath 2. Jdt may be the worst character in this drama, but i'm really wondering about his past and why he turned like that. Suryeon used to be a kind hearted and nice and all the good a queen should have, but the death of her biological daughter completely changed her. So, there
  10. the love triangle is pretty interesting, cute, and normal, but this drama isn't normal at all!!! i have to skip their scene because MM and DK offer more interesting plot and feeling. but i'll re-watch their scene after this finish because surely their cute love story will heal my broken heart IF the writer decides that sad-ending is the best ending for MM and DK
  11. i thought i'm the "ugly" character and when i take off my glasses and straightening my hair that will turn every men and they will think i'm the goddess. turn out i'm just the ahjumma with curly permed hair how about; - if you are a young pschyo girl who likes to bully your classmate, people still adore because, uh you have twin brother and your dad is freaking rich and a mom who adore you so much - staying in a rooftop house is so romantic. no worries about cables that run above your house or crazy hot summer btw, standing still in front of the car or truck t
  12. i read some comments from his fans said that kissing thing is policy from wulei. he has never done kissing before and his first kiss will be in his next movie
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