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  1. Regarding Songhwa's first love, here is her character description: From these lines, we can assume that eventhough Songhwa is comfortable with her single life and seems already moved on from her first love, but deep inside she still treasure "her first love" as precious memory & unforgettable experience. Now, let's take a look the theory about Jeongwon was Songhwa's first love. If it is true, then we can assume that it is Songhwa's one-side love, because based on Jeongwon's arc in Season 1, no girl in his 20s-40s that can shake off his dream of being priest until he me
  2. I agree with you. Surely I guess Season 2 will show some flashback as the background plot & characters' POV, but the main focus will still be in present timeline (2020/2021). Why did the writer bother to show cliffhanger in Season 1 (Junwan's present to Iksun is returned, Songhwa's answer for Ikjun's confession & Seokhyung hanging-feeling to his ex-wife), if the writer won't answer it on next season? If Season 2 show all story set in 1999, then the title should be changed to Reply 1999, instead of Hospital Playlist
  3. Well, my guess the reason is: 1. Jeongwon only knew one side story, e.g: Ikjun had crush to Songhwa or Songhwa had crush to Ikjun. He thought it was just one side love. 2. Or Jeongwon knew that both of them had crush to each other (and he also knew that Seokhyung involved in this triangle love), but Jeongwon thought that Ikjun & Songhwa already moved on. Like Dr. Bong said, Ikjun always dated in colleges, and Songhwa also dated her senior. Based on Jeongwon’s personality, eventhough he can sense something, he is not a type that want to interfere his friends’ privacy unless his friend
  4. I agree with @40somethingahjumma . In this season (at least), Songhwa's arc is about her role as mentor to her residents, and as emotional pillar to Lacking 5. Eventhough she is the center of triangle love between Ikjun & Chihong, she herself seems uncomfortable when both of them confessed to her. This is why as much as I love Iksong, I also prepare my heart if in the end they just become best friends, because 20 years is not short time, both of them had many chances in the past, and now they are in their 40s where first love is not meant everything to them (especially Songhwa). And s
  5. Yes! I can accept the possibility of Junwan/Jeongwon involve romantically with Seonghwa, if the stories of Junwan-Iksun & Jeongwon-Gyeowool are just one side love. But in Season 1, we have seen that both couples reciprocated their feeling of each other, so I don't see any narrative purpose if the writer will turn 180 degrees by making Songhwa involve with square-pentagon love with Junwan/Jeongwon. It will be just a mess and damage the characters of Junwan/Jeongwon.
  6. I think after Ep 12, it’s pretty clear that Ikjun is Songhwa’s first love, because she firmly rejected (without hesitation) both Seokhyung & Chihong’s confession, but she did not give the answer yet for Ikjun’s confession even though he had confessed three times. I guess the revelation of Songhwa’s POV (probably flashback) will be about why she didn’t act to show her crush to Ikjun, because it’s hard to believe that neither one of them try to confess their feelings in 20 years. Well, it’s understandable that Ikjun decided to not confess to Songhwa 20 years ago for the sake of his friends
  7. The thing I hope to see in Season 2 (mostly about lovelines): 1. Songhwa's POV! What is her answer for Ikjun's confession? I hope the writer won't drag it too long because IJ already confessed 3 times. Of course I will be happy if Shwa reciprocate IJ's feeling, but if writer choose different route: like Shwa do not have feeling (anymore) for IJ, I hope it will be revealed in S2 because I don't think my heart can handle seeing IJ's one side love for 3 season. And I prefer seeing character development than guessing what's in Shwa's mind . I'm also curios why Shwa never want to get married.
  8. Nah... Lee-Shin duo indeed have a thing about first love because all their dramas have first love theme It just depend on which first love is success, the guy or girl side. Reference to their previous work: Reply 1997 Siwon is Yoonjae's first love. Yoojung had a crush to Yoonjae, but she end up with Hakchan (Yoojung is Hakchan's first love). Reply 1994 Trash is Najung's first love. Samcheonpo & Yoonjin are first love of each other. Reply 1988 Deoksun is Taek's first love. Bora is Sunwoo's first love. Jungbong &
  9. I think they DO have more conversations in off scene, because it will be impossible for Jeongwon to let Gyeowool do her first surgery on his patient if they interactions are just "annyeong haseyo" . Like I said, this is writer's style to make plot jump and off-scene (subtle) developments for the sake of surprise element, so it's understandable that some viewers felt the flow is not too smooth and a bit abrupt, because viewers only see what shown on scenes. I shared the same sentiment about Junwan-Iksun build-up romance. But since this is just a little flaw of the writing/directing, I can
  10. Yes, I think this is my personal big issue with this drama. The unclear time set sometimes make the plot did not flow smoothly and I, as viewer, feel a bit hard to connect with the plot in narrative way (like Iksun's discharged after being hospitalized and Ikjun's divorce). But I respect this writer's style, and since she has created many amazing storylines and relatable characters in this drama, I can disregard this flaw . Personally, I think it will be a jerk move for Jeongwon's character and cruel treatment for Gyeowool's character, if in next season the writer make Je
  11. Yes, I agree with you. But I still feel it a bit rushed because until Ep 11 they showed Jeongwon still insisted to resign from his job and go to seminary. The flow will be more smooth & satisfying if they show the closure of his arc in 2 episode (Ep 11-12). But I think it's writer's style to make the plot jump here & there as a surprise element and sacrifice the character's clear development (like what she did for Junwan-Iksun). I see a post here asking how did Songhwa know about Jeongwon's feeling to Gyeowool. Well, maybe Jeongwon share to Songhwa about his feeling, or maybe Songhw
  12. WOW!!! Mama Rosa should throw a big party for Gyeowool!! She save her son from being a priest Though, an honest opinion, I felt a bit disappointed how the writer wrap up Jeongwon's priest arc. Somehow, it felt a bit rushed. As much I love WinterGarden, I prefer Jeongwon choose to stay not only because of Gyeowool, but also because he realized his true dream is a doctor. But it's okay that Lee Writer chose this route, at least she gave us the surprise gift of kissing scene *I really didn't expect that!!!* I also love the friendship dynamic of Songhwa-Jeongwon. From the start, I already hav
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